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The last Black's/George Weasley


Cassiopeia Bellatrix Black Gaunt Daughter of regulus black When her uncle escapes Azkaban her cousin Lyra is scared that he is coming for her. Why did her uncle chose Potter's instead of blood family? Why is he after the chosen one and not them?Will they become death eaters? This a messy plot i will try to post once a week or twice. Don't stan the woman who shall not be named and this a George Weasley and Theodore Nott fanfic ooop love triangle. Events of Prisoner Of Azkaban to The Deathly hollows pt2 Started January 31, 2021 Ended....... I am very new to this app

Fantasy / Drama
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In the Black Manor

" Kreature can you show me the cave where he tortured you" said Regulus. Kreature looked at him he was hesitant telling him. He didn't want to see his master die and leave behind his kids and his wife."Yes Master I will take you there " kreature replied. "But first let me tell her it's time and say goodbye to my family " Regulus said. "Yes Master'

Once he saw his kids and wife. He was sad that was going to be the last time he might see them. He began to kiss and hug his wife and told her it was time. Then he look at his kids a 3 year old boy ,1 year old boy ,and a 6 month old baby girl. Regulus said "take care of your little sister for me and protect each other, be there for each other don't let them know you are alive."

The boy simply nodded he couldn't say anything or else he would cry 'us Black's are not supposed to show emotion' he remembered what he was told he was not supposed to show anything. The only thing Cygnus could do is hug him like it was the last time he would see him. He didn't know it was the last time they would see each other.

His cousin Mattheo was standing there crying because his only father figure was going to sacrifice himself for them."I'm going to miss you uncle regulus I don't want them to find me." He was hugging his uncle and his cousin with tears in his eyes.

"Dont worry matt they won't know who you are" said Regulus. He just simply nodded "I--I Love you all" he said smiling.

Regulus took the baby for his wife's arms and hugged her and kissed her cheeks. Cassiopeia started smiling and giggling at him. She didn't know that was the last time they were going to see each other. That broke Regulus heart she didn't know what was about to happen. He was trying to hold his the tears but he couldn't he cried witch he rarely ever did.

"Take care of the kids and don't let them find you" Regulus said. "Don't worry he is not going to find out about them" Ana said with small smile and with tears in her eyes. "Dad" the little girl said and she started to cry. He always smiled when they told him that. He started to cry more but that was enough. He needed to go now.

The last words he said to his family was "I love you dont ever forget that take care of each other if you see my brother Sirius tell him I did something good " and with that he grabbed kreature's arm and in a snap they were gone. The last time he saw his kids even if he didn't see them grow up. He did something good and for there safety.

Regulus and kreature appeared in the mountain there was a cave on the side of it. "Is it here where the dark lord took you "said Regulus "yes Master kreature was tortured in side of their" said kreature looked up at his master.

They went inside of the cave where there was a boat and a lake. He looked and saw something in the middle of the cave. "Kreature is it in the middle if the cave and do we use the boat to cross" he asked. Kreature simply nodded he didn't want to see his master in pain or hurt. "Thanks kreature common get in side of the boat with me" he said looking terrified but trying to remain calm. Kreature again nodded "okay master but don't put your had in the water".

When they got in the middle of the cave they saw a bowl which contained a potion and inside there was a locket. "T-t-the dark lord m-m-made me drink that" kreature said. "Okay kreature thanks ignore what I say and make me drink all of that and when finished with it you take the locket at leave me here and destroy it if you can't when one of my kids turn 18 you will tell them what they need to do. " Regulus said with a pained look of sorrow. "Yes Master" her replied.

Regulus began to drink the potion which pained him he didn't want it any more. "Master just a few more and you will finish it you are so close" kreature said grabbing more of the potion. "Okay kreature I can handle it" he replied weakly.

When he finished the potion kreature quickly grabbed the locket and put the other one in their. "Kreature leave me here to die return with the locket to the manor and destroy it " Regulus said in a weak voice but tried to keep it strong. "No master I can't leave you to die here" kreature replied with a tear streaming in his face.

"Please do as I say goodbye take care of my kids tell them how much I loved them I can't use magic in the cave it has incantations and chams thank you for being a good friend to me even when I was alone." He said sitting on the rock. With that kreature looked up at him one last time and with a snap he was back it the manor with the locket.

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