The last Black's/George Weasley


🔞⚠️Trigger warning⚠️🔞:talks about ⚠️🔞death, ⚠️rape and has mention of blood i warned you⚠️

July, 20 1990

Ten years later in the

Gaunt Manor

It was a normal day at the Gaunt Manor. They didn't think this day would be the worst. That was the day when she changed they changed everything changed.

Cygnus woke up early that day and decided to wake up his sister. He was about to wake her up but decided to pour water on her so she can wake up. He always liked to wake up people like that. When he poured water on her face she gasped and screamed "what the heck why did you wake me up like that." He started to cry of laughter "haha you should have seen your face".

"Kids its time for breakfast" called there mom. "Guys let's go eat I'm hungry" said Mattheo to his cousins. "Fine let's go I am actually pretty hungry" said Cassiopeia in agreement.

When they got in the kitchen their mom started to say "your cousins are coming today there names are Lyra and Aurora they both goes to a school named hogwarts." They all say at the same time "wow really how come we never heard about them." "Well I found out yesterday and I owled them to come with their mom to meet with us" their mom said. "Cool" they said in agreement.

"Mom how come we can't go to hogwarts" one of them asked. "Well because it is to dangerous for you all to go there. Have you heard about the chamber of secrets in the books" she said. "I read it once but I didn't understand" the youngest said.


You know that you all are related to Salazar Sytherin right" said ask all of them. "Yes" they answered in union. "Well if you go to that school you will hear a weird voice from one of the walls and since you all are parsel tongues it will make you go crazy " she said. "Ohh I understand" said the oldest.

After they ate they were getting ready to welcome their guests to their home. Then their was a knock on the door out side was a blonde woman and two black haired girls. The mom opened the door and let them inside. The girl said "hi I'm Aurora Marlene Black McKinnon and this is Lyra Vega Black McKinnon and my mom said you were my cousins."

The oldest shook her hand and said "nice to finally meet you I am Cygnus Regulus Black and this is my sister and cousin" he smiled. "Hi I am Cassiopeia Bellatrix Black Gaunt but you can call me Cassie for short nice to meet you I always wanted to play and talk with you all" cass said with a big smile and shook her hand. "H-i I'm Mattheo Marvolo Riddle Black nice to meet you" he said with a big smile and took her hand and kissed it like the gentleman he was.

The mom's told the to go to their room and play together. "Hey Marlene nice to see you again how have you been with the whole situation" Ana said. "I have been getting better how about you with all that has happened to you with the whole situation of you-know-who and the kid" she said. "Don't worry he doesn't know about him and my kids" she said. The conversation continued.

In the room Cassiopeia, Aurora, Lyra were playing with dolls and the boys were playing with cars. Cassiopeia was going to the kitchen to grab some snacks from kreature.

The mom's continued their conversation which was now about schools. "Yes Cassiopeia and Mattheo are going to Ilvermorny this year it's going to be there first year." Ana said proudly talking about them.

When Cassiopeia went inside the kitchen saw the mom's talking. She got the snacks from kreature then she heard a door open which was weird. The mom's didn't hear it. "Mom I heard the front door open" she said in a scared voice. The mom's looked at each other and said let me go check "kreature go to the kids room and tell them to stay there don't let them out if we are in danger go to the grimmauld 12 and apparate them there" Ana said in a calm voice.

Ana Delphini POV

"Cassie hunny please go hide" she said. Ana and Marlene took out their wands and looked at each other until one of them said "I'll go first and I will signal you to come okay." "Alright fine go but be careful you don't who is there" Marlene said.

One went to the living room and the other stayed in the kitchen. Ana had her wand in her hand gripping it tightly. When she got there she saw 3 death eaters in her living room she knew who they were. They were Peter, Greyback,and a man with the mask on she didn't know why they were here. She asked "what are you guys doing here" pointing her wand to them. They just smiled with a angry face "we just wanted to visit our old death eater friend."

"I don't want any to do with that anymore he died hes gone" she said. "Your their relative we just wanted to know if were the one who caused it" Peter said with a sneered face. "Why would I do that to my cousin my was part of family" she said. Suddenly Cassiopeia was hugging her mom.

Cassiopeia Pov

Then the mom with wide eyes knew that they would ask and torture her until they got answers. "Who is this little girl hugging you" Greyback said in a sinister smile. But she didn't answer she didn't want to tell them so she pushed her off and told her "Run to your room dont let him catch you". Cassiopeia let go of her mom and ran when she saw back she say Marlene and her mom being crucioled. All she heard was her mom and her aunt being tortured in front of her.

She say a man coming towards her and she started to run but she was not so fast. When Greyback caught her he picked her up and looked at her and said "look at this pretty girl what's your name" she started crying she was scared."answer my question and will let you go" he said in a angry voice that made he more scared. "Mmmy name is Cassiopeia" she said in a scared voice.

"I said your full name and your parents name and answer me" he said scratching her with a nail in her cheek. She started to cry more it felt like a stinging in her cheek. "CassiopeiaBellatrixBlackGaunt sir daughter of Regulus Arcturus Black and Ana Delphini Gaunt sir can you let me go now" in a scared voice she said.

The man made a phycopathic smile that made her stomach turn even more "no I won't you look to tasty right now how about let me take a bite out of you." She was scared more she didn't know who she's man was which made her stomach more upset.

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