The last Black's/George Weasley

Before you read this

I will have Trigger Warnings ⚠️ up on the chapters when needed.

This story will say curse words and R rated language.

If want to comment put nice things and correct my spelling mistakes.

I am not good in English because it is not my 1st language. Correct me if I am wrong. My 1st language is Spanish i have been studying English for 8 years now.

There might be lgbtq representation and couples

I don't support Jk Rolling. I support lgbtq rights and BLM and more. Never will support Trump and racist, white supremacist, war criminals that have been in the office.

Hope yall like my story it is my first time writing one. Love you all!!

I have Never seen two pretty best friends one of them always has to be ugly:)

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