The last Black's/George Weasley


🔞⚠️Trigger Warning ⚠️🔞: mention curse words and rape and mention of blood I warned you

Cassiopeia Pov

The man started to take off my dress. I didn't want him to so I kept on screaming , squirming, and crying and saying "no please stop I don't want this"

"Mom noo" Cassie said as she saw her mom die. She was crying even more when he took of the dress she had on. He scratch her back, stomach ,and her thighs she didn't want this anymore. She wanted for the pain to stop he took off her underwear.

He grabbed her by the waist and her back touching his stomach. "So young and innocent to bad I'm going to ruin that" Greyback said with a sneered smile. "Please stop I don't want any more" she said Sreaming with tears.

Then Greyback pulled down his pants and with his cock he went inside of her. She felt like she was being torn in half I hurt so bad. He continued to go faster making her scream in pain more she hated it the feeling. He thrusted in which felt like hours he was bitting her shoulder and her arm. Which she screamed more when she heard a snap. When Greyback finished her up he thew he on the ground and said "not a virgin anymore are you" he said with a horrible smile.

She didn't know what was that sticky substance she had on her thighs. She felt disgusted all she wanted to do is forget this happened she felt like she couldn't move. She was crying until she fell asleep in her pool of her own blood and the werewolf's cum.

The cousin's Pov

"Kreature what is going on why are you locking our door were is Cassiopeia" said Cygnus with a worried expression. "Mistress Ana said to hide dangerous people are here Mistress Cassiopeia is with a other house elf we well leave the Grimmauld 12 if to dangerous" kreature said locking the door and with snap he was gone.

The kids was starting to worry because he said dangerous. Soon enough they heard a lot of screaming and in a snap he appeared with 2 more house elves. "Grab into one of the house elves hand and we will go to Grimmauld 12" kreature said grabbing Cygnus hand.

When they got in Grimmauld 12 they were staring to worry. Cassiopeia was not showing up. Cygnus asked "kreature where is Cassiopeia its been 10 minutes and she has not shown up yet" with worried faces. "Kreature will go back and see where is Cassiopeia and bring her back" kreature replied in a fast voice and in a snap he disappeared.

Aurora said "let ask for help I know a man his name is lupin I know were he lives." "Honey can you take Aurora to that man he might help us" Mattheo said. "Yes Master Mattheo where does he live" the house elve asked. "I'll tell you he lives in a cottage in the wood's area" she said and grabbed honey's arm and in a snap she was gone.

When she appeared there was a man with a scared face and shabby clothes. The man said "hi my name is Remus Lupin my God daughter said you guys needed help." "Yes sir and hi my name is Cygnus Regulus Black Gaunt my mom and my aunt and my sister are at the Gaunt Manor 10 minutes ago we heard screaming and our house elves appeared with us to here" Cygnus said with a worried voice.

Remus Pov

"Now now no need to worry I will check on them to make sure they are okay" Remus replied with a weak smile. When Remus appeared to the house it was silent but could hear a small kid crying.

When he went closer to the noise he saw with his two eyes his friends dead wife and a woman that looked familiar and then saw a small child naked with scratch marks and a bite on one of her arms. His eyes were getting glossy he felt bad for the kid and the women. He conjured a patronus and sent a message to the order.

They all appeared here Remus just said "my God daughter appeared to my cottage and said that her family was in danger when I got here this is what I found Marlene is dead and another woman and a child." They all ran to different places. Molly and Remus were next to the unconscious child with a pool of blood and then he remembered the kids were over their so he went back.

When he got to Grimmauld 12 the kids were sitting in the kitchen waiting. They all jumped from their seat."Cassiopeia is she okay and my mom is she okay what happened" the oldest asked. Remus could only respond with "tell your house elve to come back to the house its safe now".

The cousin's Pov

When the trio reached to the house there was a lot of people looking at them. One of the strangers said "who are you all and what are you guys names and parents names". The oldest responded for their cousins " hello sir my name is Cygnus Regulus Black Gaunt my parents are Regulus Arcturus Black and Ana Delphini Gaunt I am the oldest and go to Ilvermorny for my safety. This is my cousin Mattheo Marvolo Riddle Black their parents are Bellatrix Black and Tom Marvolo Riddle the parents don't now he exist he is 11 and will be going to Ilvermorny for our safety." The strangers were shocked and started at the kid like they were crazy until Lyra said who she was.

"Hi sir my name is Aurora Marlene Black McKinnon and this is my sister Lyra Vega Black McKinnon my parents are Sirius Orion Black and Marlene McKinnon I got to hogwarts it is my 5nd year and hers is 2nd year." Everyone was quiet until the oldest asked "have you people seen my sister or my mom the last time I saw her she was going to get a snack from the kitchen." Everyone didn't know what to say to him until a man wand a long beard said "your sister is in going to survive she is strong but your mom and Lyra's mom have died."

With the news trio was shocked and they all replied with "ohhh". Cygnus and Mattheo started to cry they didn't have anyone anymore they were just be themselves alone in this FUCKING world. Cygnus said "now everyone I now is dead or worse in Azkaban now were alone in this FUCKING World." Sreaming with angry crying face and a pained voice.

Everyone was quiet they all were shocked Remus was the only one to reply "hey it okay everything will get better" he said with a sad smile. Mattheo responded with "better sir his parents are dead both of them his sister is in horrible condition my only guardian is dead explain how will it get better sir everyone I once knew is either dead or in Azkaban."

Dumbledore responded "I'm sorry son but you just need to keep on living." Lyra asked Dumbledore "Headmaster are you going to separate us please don't we need each other." "Of course we will not separate you all but you guys need a guardian and they will need to go to hogwarts. " the Headmaster said. The oldest responded "sir we can't go to hogwarts it is to dangerous for us you know what blood we are" with a calm voice.

"Why is it to dangerous to go their" someone asked. Mattheo responded to the man "are you dumb last time one of are family members went and opened up the chamber of secrets and killed muggle borns" with a angry face. The man responded with "ohh I'm sorry I didn't know".

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