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What Is Love? | HuskerDust


Being gay in the mafia isn't the best decision. Especially when your abusive, homophobic father finds out. In an attempt to save his skin, Anthony hides away in a small town in New Orleans, far away from New York. Unfortunately, he gets tangled up in a web and now works for a cannibalistic killer with a future soldier by his side. How the fuck did he get into this mess?

Other / Mystery
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In this AU, they’re all human, alive, and in the same era. However, their deaths will be as accurate to their time as possible (eg. Alastor dying in 1933, Angel in 1947, Husker in the 1950′s), yet their ages may not be accurate as the only estimation I have about the ages they’ve died aren’t much to go off of.

Considering this takes place in the 1920′s - the 1950′s, racism and homophobia will be a heavy topic. While I do not approve of the slang, it’s necessary for the era. I will be censoring words such as the N-word that will be spoken by background characters for the sake of not promoting it but it will be used.

Slang that may be used:
.Pansy - homo/gay
.N***** - used to described a person of color (will be censored)
.Big Cheese - the Boss
.Rat - inform
.Craps - card game
.Dick - detective
.Gat - gun
.Fog - to shoot
.Duck soup - piece of cake
.Horse Jizz - 1/2 milk 1/2 beer, extremely disgusting drink
.Carry a Torch - suffer from unrequited love
.Do the dance - to be hanged
.Copper - policeman
.Daisy - none too masculine
.Dope fiend - Drug addict
.Elephant ears - Police
.Slave - used as a way to humiliate a POC

Triggers for the story:
.Inappropriate language
.Homophobia and racism
.Drug abuse
.Non Con mentions
.Unrequited love mentions
.Alastor is AroAce
.Death threats
.Sex jokes
.Child abuse

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