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Mated with a human


Alec is the most vicious wearwolf alpha and everybody fears him he is 20 years old and he doesn’t want a mate but when he accidentally bump in to the innocent girl at the street he is taken by her pureness and how beautiful she is , he’s wolf ( spirit) howls and run around MATE MATE MATE but Alec doesn’t want a mate will he give up or is he’s trauma from when he’s a child win ? Who knows This is my first story so be patient with me here ;)

Jolayne Avdullaj
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Chapter one

Chantelle’s POV: My name is chantelle I’m 20 years old and I live by my self my parents left me at a church when I was born because I was born a girl and not a boy .
I work at a perfume store and I love it , my life not so much everyone I come close to is always leaving me I had some good friends when I was going in school but they all just moved away and never contacted me again why ? Well maybe because I was poor , I have always have to work very hard for what I want most of my friends were rich and got everything they ever wanted.

Alec POV : I’m the most vicious wearwolf alpha and I love it I had a rough childhood nothing I will think about now , my best friend and my beta Alexander has found he’s mate alisa I’m very happy for him but somehow I never want to find mine I don’t want a mate father always said having a mate will make you weak , and im actually scared to have a mte with one strike she can kill me and i will let her.
siting in my office I hear a knock I’m looking thru some paper and say come in without looking up it’s my beta Alexander I ask him to sit and ask what do you want ? He smiles and says nothing what are you doooiiing in a irritated voice I look up at my beta and giving him a look like “ don’t mess with me brother “ I already have a headeach dont make it worse Alexander smiles and says come we can go to a pub relax Alec thinking no I have to much work , Alexander said come on my brother one hour
Alec said fiiiinee one hour.

Writers : I hope this is gonna be great and you will love it comment what you think :) will update around 2-3 times a week
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