Mystery Girl


Y/n just another person in the messed up world we live in. Unbeknown to them, they are the final piece of the puzzle. Nick fury needs you, but you don't know why, why are you so important, you are just ordinary, right? I guess you are a little different but no powers, you can have powers, you would know by now, right? The Avengers find you under Fury's command. But they all look so familiar, like you have seen them before. Then it hits you, the dream. That odd dream you had, Its almost as if you have Deja-vu but you know you don't, you write all your dreams down even the slightly terrifying ones.

Romance / Fantasy
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Authors Note

Hi, This is my first book and I don't know how long it will be, I'm going to be making this story and Avengers fanfic, If you have a preference on who the love interest should be out of the avengers please comment and ill write them in.

I'm going to be using Y/n and trying to be using they/them pronouns to try and be more inclusive but if I make a mistake I'm sorry.

I think most of my chapters are going to be short because I will be writing on top of schoolwork and my personal life.
I will not be writing smut as I'm a young teenager who doesn't feel comfortable writing about that but I probably will be writing fluff, mostly kissing and cuddles/hugs. I'm sorry if this is bad I haven't planned any thing so far and am making it up as I go.
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