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The Untold Narrative of Early America


Hamilton x Harry Potter Crossover

Romance / Fantasy
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The Horrible Incident

Professor Snape told everyone to partner up with someone from a different house, so Annabel Hawthorne was partnered with Gregory Goyle and Hermione Granger was partnered with Draco Malfoy.

As Professor Snape went over the basic dueling tactics, Millicent Bulstrode and Gregory Goyle glanced at one another and slowly but effectively raised their wands together and pointed it at the unsuspecting muggleborn witch.

Hermione caught the simple glances and when she saw their actions, she forgot all about the class and ran across the room to save her best friend, and Draco ran after his partner because that's what she was, his partner. And he didn't want to lose house points, especially from his Godfather.

Professor Snape caught wind of the two sets of footsteps running across his classroom and he walked over to where his godson, Granger and Hawthorne were all huddled. Once within four feet of the small group, he glared and slowly asked them for their reasoning for interrupting his class.

"I'm not sure Professor, Hermione and Malfoy ran over here." Annabel responded.

He looked at them suspiciously and said, "Don't do it again, and Ten Points off of Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slytherin. I expect better of you Mr. Malfoy."

"Yes, Professor." Draco responded softly.

Before Professor Snape could walk away, everything happened so fast.

The spell castors, Bulstrode and Goyle, didn't comprehend that Malfoy and Professor Snape were still over by Hawthorne, but with Granger over there, they would kill two birds with one stone. They cast the spell, but know one heard the incantation over Hermione's scream.

"Watch out!" She screamed. But it was too late. All four of them. The three students and their Professor were engulfed in a bright, white light and they were suddenly gone within the blink of an eye.

Harry and Ron were in shock. Their best friend, Ron's love interest, and the brains of their trio, disappeared.

Luna turned even paler. Her best friend, her friendly bookworm and the smartest girl within Ravenclaw, disappeared.

Blaise, Pansy and Theodore were angry. Not only did they lose house points, but their ring leader, best friend and their head of house, disappeared as well.

No one knew what to do, but Blaise and Harry put Goyle and Bulstrode within a body bind curse, that held them their, until another Professor was notified.

Everyone couldn't think, speak or move. They stood there and looked on in a daze. The room was utterly silent, as it never had been before.
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