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The Untold Narrative of Early America

Albany, New York 1778

John Bradford - Severus Snape
Elizabeth Grant - Annabel Hawthorne
Frederick Westbrook - Draco Malfoy
Margaret Coldwell - Hermione Granger

Elizabeth Grant walked through the streets of Albany with her friend, Margaret Coldwell. They playfully glared at the men and soldiers who wanted their affections, and continued on their way towards the tailor. It was early November and winter was just around the corner, and Autumn would soon be over. There was a little dusting of snow, sitting, on the ground, and the air was cold, but not cold enough that you needed multiple layers.

Elizabeth and Margaret both needed dresses for an upcoming ball. Philip Schuyler and his wife Catherine Van Rensselaer, were the hosts and they had been invited, especially since they were both friends with their daughters; Angelica, Eliza and Margarita, otherwise known as Peggy.

As they gracefully walked through the snow, they spotted two soldiers walking on the other side of the street. The one soldier was tall, with long black hair that was tied up from his face, with a slightly hooked nose, and he walked with a scowl on his face. The other soldier was slightly shorter, with light blond hair, and he glared towards other men as he walked along side of the older soldier.

The older soldier caught Elizabeth's attention, he wasn't society's standard of attractive, but to her, he was beautiful.

"Who are they?" Margaret questioned.

"I...am not sure, but it seems clear to me that they are soldiers."

Margaret was focusing on the younger soldier and she automatically fell for him. She was the outgoing friend, and she wanted to talk with him, just to get to know him. She noticed that Elizabeth had her eyes on the older soldier, and she leaned towards her friends ear and whispered, "You are attracted to him, the older one, correct?"

Elizabeth whipped her head around and whispered back. "I have no idea what you're talking about. But it seems to me that you have taken a fancy to the younger soldier."

Margaret giggled and then responded. "Don't try to turn this conversation around Beth, answer the question. Although I will admit, you are quite right. I have taken a fancy to him."

Suddenly, the older soldier turned and nudged his companion and they were looking towards the two flustered women. The older soldier's scowl lightened as he stared back at Elizabeth, and his companions glare completely went away as he eyed Margaret. Both women's eyes widened and they turned their heads away, and blushed fiercely. The soldiers tipped their hats, and continued on their walk.

As Elizabeth and Margaret recovered from the heat of the moment, they continued walking down into town.

"That answers my question." Margaret said.

"What are you going on about Meg?"

"You do fancy the older soldier."

All Elizabeth could do was put her head down and blush. She heard Margaret giggle and she slowly felt her lips turn up.

"We need to quicken our pace if we are going to make it on time." Elizabeth said.

They headed down the street in the hopes of making it on time so they could have one of the fanciest dresses at the ball. But they didn't know that the two soldiers were still watching them as they blushed and rushed away.

"Who are they?" Questioned the younger soldier.

"I am not sure Frederick, but we need to make haste."

"John, at least admit to me that you like the one who was wearing dark blue. I saw you looking at her."

"Yes, and I saw you looking at the one who was in dark purple. Now let's go."

"So you do fancy her?" Frederick, the younger soldier asked.

John huffed and responded, "Yes, I do fancy her, but I would preferably like to get to know her first, before I make any decisions on my future. Which is what you should do."

Frederick and John continued on in silence for several minutes, until they reached the tavern. Once inside, Frederick greeted another war hero. "Hamilton."

Hamilton looked up from his writing and smiled. "Westbrook." Then his eyes darted over towards the other soldier. "Hello John."

"Alexander." John smiled softly. "Where is everyone else? Or is it just you?"

Alexander Hamilton smiled and responded, "It's just me. Would you two care to join me?"

"That would be great." Frederick responded.

The two soldiers sat around Hamilton and they began to talk.

"Is their anyone that you fancy lately?" Alexander questioned.

"Actually yes, and that goes for both of us. We came across these two ladies on our way over here. They took a fancy to us and we took a fancy to them. But we'll probably never see them again." Frederick said.

Alexander looked up at his friends and smiled. "You know, I was invited to the Schuyler Ball at the end of this month, I could possibly talk to Philip himself and get you invitations. Then you can forget about the ladies you saw and start fresh."

"You would do that?" John questioned.

"Of course, what are friends for."

The two soldiers agreed and they soon had beer all around them as they talked over the past few months, that they have been apart.

But neither of the soldiers realized that their fancy would turn into love so soon, and they would fall hard.
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