Emotions Are For Children


Enter Mitsuki Hernandez Male 19 Brazilian American Deep Blue Hair (natural color) reaches bottom of ears with a faded under cut 5.6 3 piercings on each ear Slightly curvy body but toned muscles Slightly feminine features Round face and pouty lips Enter Aiden King Male 21 Caucasian, African American Short Black curly hair 6.1 Muscular Handsome drop dead face What happens when these to people collide? Will Mitsuki be the one to calm the storm known as Aiden or will Aiden be the one to show Mitsuki that somethings are worth fighting for? Will secrets be revealed? Will mysteries be uncovered and solved? Will weights be lifted? And the most important question.... Will they survive it all?

Fantasy / Erotica
Age Rating:

Your Nothing



Thats my dad. He hates me.....probably because I'm the reason mom died....it was when she gave birth to me and her body just couldn't handle the birth because she was already sick....sooo he blames me for her death even though he loved me as a kid but then when I was 13 I came out...as gay and um....yeah. Anyways I'm Mitsuki but most people call me Suki and I've got a couple secrets besides being gay. Let's get back to the present.
Im walking down the street with my bag containing clothes for a week, my phone charger, toothnrush and toothpaste, deodorant, a pair of sneakers, my wallet which has about 300 dollars inside, my dads debit and credit card (which I stole), I'm wear black tinted glasses, a red hoodie, and black ripped jeans with black sneakers and then I'm attacked by a paper...oh its just a flyer.

"Hmmm someones looking for a petsitter"

'Dad kicked me out so I could use a job and this guys offering housing' I think to myself.

I pull out my phone and my airpods and dial the number on the flyer.


"Hello" says a husky and deep masculine voice on the other end of the line.


"Um do I know you" he says questioningly

"No not exactly im calling about the petsitting job on the flyer"

"Oh yes well this isn't really the best time."

"Thats fine how about we meet up for coffee in about 2 hours" I say without leaving much room for disagreement.

"That will do how about we meet at Starbucks also I'm Aiden" he says with a smile in his voice.

"I'll be there and my name is Mitsuki" I say smiling softly.

After a short goodbye and hanging up the phone I wander around the park before heading towards Starbucks.


"Hello how may I help you" says the waitress behind the counter.

"Um ill take a Verry Berry Hibiscus Refresher please."

"Alright can I take a name"

"Mitsuki" I say with a smile.

"Mitsuki?" Says a familiar husky deep voice.

I turn around but before I can speak my voice is caught in my throught once I lay eyes on the Greek God that called my name.
Beautiful piercing blue eyes matched with a muscular build. I slowly open and close my mouth like a fish out of water.

"I'm Aiden"
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