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Little Mochi | Kookmin |

Chapter One: Roommates

Highschool is where it all began. Two strangers meeting in a dance class, getting to know one another. Slowly a friendship is made between those two people. Jimin was a senior while Jungkook was a sophomore in school. Both became really good friends in their dance class and their friendship stayed together. Now a few years later, Jungkook being twenty and Jimin twenty-two, are roommates.

The two lived in a medium sized home. Comfortable for the both of them. Wasn't too small or big. And the perfect size for company or even a party. Jimin remained a dancer as well as a singer. He wasn't popstar famous, but he was well known around Seoul and a few other towns. Even online where he first started doing singer covers and writing things of his own.

Jungkook on the other hand, danced from time to time. Even sang a bit when Jimin wanted to do a duet when nobody could meet up at their house. He worked at a popular cafe as a side manager. Getting there from working hard and since highschool. It was a nice pay. Enough for bills, necessary items and extra spend money for entertainment.

Jimin earned money from covers or own written songs he uploaded online. He also made choreography at a dance studio he went to. Making a small pay from that. But, enough to pay half of the bills and other things to live.

Each male paid half of the bills along with needed things. Entertainment was on whoever wanted to go someplace with the other person. It was an easy live for these two. Everything went smoothly and they barely argued about things. And rarely kept secrets.

Except one secret Jimin had. He was a little and didn't want Jungkook to find out in case he thought it was weird and ended up kicking him out. He kept this secret since he was in school. Jimin doesn't remember when he first began slipping into the younger head space. It just happened when he was at the store and saw puppy plushies along with a whole bunch of cute things, wanting them all.

He did his research as he got older, wanting to know why this happened. It wasn't planned at all. Until he found out the repeated past trauma he went through and having to grow up quickly from being a child makes him slip. But he found out slipping makes him happy and comfortable. Helping him with panic, fear and anxiety that crawls over him.

He kept it a secret to protect himself. Even forced himself out of little space when in public or at home when Jungkook came home. Again, keeping it a secret from the younger boy. Sometimes a stuffed animal would pop in around the house when Jimin would slip out of little space as Jungkook came through the door.

He would see it and Jimin would pick it up saying a friend and their kid came over. Accidentally leaving the stuffed animal at the house. Lying through his teeth. Each time, which was only a few, Jungkook would believe him and everything would be okay in the end.

Little Jimin and Big Jimin were two very different people. Two separate minds combined into one body wasn't always easy. Jimin would hold himself back when he wanted to slip when Jungkook was home. If the younger biy mentioned something cute he saw, Little Jimin wanted out so he could see and experience the cute thing.

But when Jungkook would leave, Little Jimin slipped out and stayed out for a while. Staying with his blanket, stuffed toy or even pacifier. All these stayed hidden, locked away in a box in Jimins bedroom.

This secret is staying a secret. Jimins words, nobody else's.


((A/N; A little short for the first chapter But I promise they'll get longer! I needed a basic introduction and start and this is what I got.

Hope it wasn't bad!

Also, please vote and leave comments! It keeps me motivated 🥺

Enjoy reading 💜))

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