Fairy Tail X Soul Eater Crossover

Chapter 2

The gang from Shibusen stared at the chaos they had just entered. This was not what any of them had expected from the most dangerous witches coven. All the magic users they had met, while a little crazy and itching to curse humans, all had integrity. These people on the other hand seemed like animals with no shame.
The large hall had been torn to shreds by the bar fight. Drinks were sent flying and all around them was a web of punching fists and kicking legs.
“Um Kidd are you sure that old guy brought us to the right place?” the short brunette asked, dodging a flying plate.
“Yeah cause the witches we normally deal with at least have some class,” the white haired musician laughed as a large muscular man got a pie to the face by an angry brunette woman with glasses.
“It feels like we’re back on the streets!” the youngest Thompson giggled and hopped on the spot in excitement, ready for a fight.
“Maybe we should come back when they all get over their little hissy fits. I am not breaking another nail this week” the older weapon said nonchalantly, putting a hand on her sisters shoulder in a effort to calm her thirst for violence.
“This sure doesn’t make witches integrating into society look like its a good idea…” the young death god sighed brushing his hand through his hair.
“Lucy you’re finally here! Quick give me a lend of Taurus’s axe I wanna teach Erza a lesson” a pink haired boy yelled as he pushed past the group of meisters and weapons to reach a blonde girl who had just arrived.
As he ran past his shoulder bumped off a certain loud mouth troublemaker, “who the hell do you think you are? What makes you think you’re bad enough to touch the great Black Star? You looking for a fight?”
The young mage laughed and gave him a toothy grin “I’ve never seen you around before and I don’t know what your problem is but if you’re itching for a fight so much then you came to the right place. I’m getting fired up.”
As he spoke the air around him started to get hotter and a flame grew from his fist. The other DWMA students took a step back, not sure of who they were more worried about, but Black Star stood his ground. Maybe he had finally found a worthy opponent. It had been a while since anyone had proven a challenge for him. His weapon jumped in front of her meister, ready to transform and protect him. “No Tsubaki you sit this one out. Let’s see what this guys really made of.” A hungry smile was painted across his face as he prepared for what should be an interesting battle.
The two fighters became a blur of fists and flames. Their brawl eventually made its way to to the other bickering mages and joined the chaos. The group lost sight of their friend and collectively sighed.
“You know we shouldve seen this coming” Soul chuckled.
“Your first time here? I know its a bit daunting and well scary at first but trust me this is best guild and everyone’s really nice….. Once you get to know them” the blonde named Lucy approached the shaken group.
“Yeah it is slightly…..” Maka drifted off.
“Insane” Liz scoffed.
“Not like we’re not used to insane” Soul smiled.

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