Fairy Tail X Soul Eater Crossover

Chapter 3

“That’s enough. Cut it out you fools.” A large, monstrous shadow loomed over the dangerous crowd of magic users who all seemed to freeze at the sound of his voice. Even the untameable blue haired meister stopped mid punch. “How many times do yous need to destroy our guild before you get sick of rebuilding it? Do yous even realise how much repairs cost? As if the magic council didn’t already hate us enough as it is yous even fight in front of the DMWA guests they sent to us, making a horrible first impression.” The frustrated authority figure quickly reduced in size to reveal its true identity of a short, elderly man.
“What was that about DMWA guests master?” A kind face barmaid asked as she poured him a drink.
“That’s the master of this guild? You’re all afraid of this old git? Well the great Black Star who shall surpass God has no fear,” The reckless youth yelled as he ran, fists raised towards his opponent. The more experienced man simply trapped his challenger in the death grip of a giant hand while he took the mug the barmaid offered him with his other hand without looking up from his drink.
“This is why you don’t mess with the master of the strongest guild in Fiore, isn’t that right gramps?” The loud mouthed fire mage gloated.
“Natsu I’m guessing this fight had something to do with you,” the tired man sighed causing the young dragon slayer to mutter about a “redheaded demon” earning a punch from a scarlet haired woman.
“Now would anyone else like to interrupt?” The masters voice boomed and the entire hall shook their heads in unison. “Good. Will the representatives from DWMA please step forward.”
“Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Death The Kid and these are my classmates/friends Liz, Patty, Soul, Maka and Tsubaki and you’ve already met Black Star.”
“My apologies please forgive my meister,” the shy weapon stepped forward and bowed respectfully.
“Well I can’t say no to such a pretty face,” the old master laughed and every female mage in the hall rolled their eyes as he released the gasping Black Star. “My names Makarov and I’m the third, fifth and seventh master of Fairy Tail. Now if I’m not mistaken they are the lines of Sanzu yes?” The young death god nodded. “So the rumours about the new shinigami are true. Well we’re honoured to have you here and will gladly help with your investigation.”
“Thank you for welcoming us so… Warmly. We are only here to make sure the integration of witches into human society is going smoothly so we will not disturb your work but would like to be allowed observe. If there is no complaints from you of course, master Makarov,” Death the Kid presented the request from the Magic Council.
“I see. Does anyone here have anything to say about this?” The master peeked over the documents he was given.
“We’ll show them what it means to be a member of Fairy Tail, master.” The crowd cheered.
“There you have it. My children will take care of you. So feel free to have a look around and ask any questions you have. Just don't let your guard down,” the master winked.

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