Lust for Fred Weaslebe... or Love


You were a bad guy in just about everyone's eyes and were even family friends with the Slytherin prince himself, but something about how daring he was made you fall for the Weasley. SMUT (but not all of it come on he's a Weasley) Most of these characters are owned by the Harry Potter franchise and I only added a few new characters into the story. Also, the story may be a little (okay a lot) off of the actual timeline because I wanted to focus more on the two main characters so if your looking for accuracy then this is not the Wattpad for you. Thanks!

Fantasy / Romance
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It was my first year coming to Hogwarts, but I would be a 6th year because I left Beauxbatons. One of my mums had gotten a job as a death eater and wanted me to move schools to get more insight on the chosen one, a boy named Harry Potter that was struck by Lord Voldy’s wand but survived. I would too probably become a death eater because my dreams to be a famous quidditch seeker were unrealistic to my parents. I really was amazing and had great talent though. At Beauxbatons I was the seeker and best player on the team and I intend to make the team at Hogwarts as well. Okay, I wasn’t fully honest before, yes my mum did get a new job, but I was also expelled from that prissy, do good, all-girls school. Yuck! Just about everything in that school disgusted me from their obnoxious baby blue uniforms, perfect students, and all the evil ‘young ladies’. Don’t get me wrong I had two best friends, I wasn’t a total loser, Lila and Lena. They were twins, but everyone else was mean spoiled brats that were so annoying! It made me feel so suffocated being there that I didn’t regret pulling my best prank yet on my least favorite teacher leading me to get expelled. Today my other mum was taking me school shopping with one of her new best friends, Narcissa Malfoy. Over the summer my parents made me spend a lot of time with the Malfoys and their son. When I first met Draco he seemed so annoying, he introduced himself by saying,

Draco: Hello, I’m Draco, Draco Malfoy.

I mean gross! Just say, “Hey I’m Draco you can call me Drac or Co. Nice to meet you.” Every week we met with the Malfoys so I did eventually warm to him, but he was still annoying. If you had put ponytails on him he would have fit in just fine at Beauxbatons. His mother and father loved me right away, but I’m not too fond of Lucius. I really don’t think that anyone is, not even his wife!

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