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Lust for Fred Weaslebe... or Love

Meeting the Weaslebes

When we arrived at Diagon Alley Draco and Narcissa were already waiting for us. They said they had just gotten butterbeer, one of Mrs. Malfoy’s favorite drinks, and were just about to head to the book shop to get all of Draco’s school books so we decided to tag along. When we got to the store Draco and I left our mums to get our books while they talked and looked around.

Draco: Well, well, well. If it isn’t the ugly, no good, filthy, Weaslebe twins.

They didn’t seem ugly to me, in fact, they were very handsome. A lot better than Drac that’s for sure.

Y/N: Malfoy shut it! Hello, I’m Y/N Lepoa and you are? * I already knew who

they were the famous Weasley twins. Known for their rebellious tricks and pranks.*

Fred: Hi! I’m Goerge.

George: And I’m Fred!

Y/N: Haha nice try *points at Fred* Your Fred *then points at Goerge* and you are Goerge.

Both: Bloody hell how did you know that?!

Y/N: Because I admire your love for pranks. I actually got expelled from Beaxbaton by successfully pulling one of your tricks on a teacher I hated. Now I will be attending Hogwarts.

Both: Wicked!

Draco: Anyway, we will be leaving now you filthy gingers.

Y/N: Whatever Coco. *I knew my little nickname would anger him* I was enjoying our conversation, but I do guess it is time to checkout. It was really nice talking to you guys.

Fred: And to you as well.

George: Bye! Hope to see you at Hogwarts.

Draco and I departed from the twins but I glimpsed back to see them one last time and noticed Fred was still looking at me. Of course, he would. I’m gorgeous, haha, but it really seemed he couldn’t get his eyes off me. I thought I might mess with him so I winked back toward him. He started blushing and turned away quickly. He was so cute! Wait. Did I just say that? I meant he was umm he was, oh nevermind.

Y/N: Draco? Why do you hate the Weasley twins and their gingerness so much? You can just dye your hair if you are that jealous.

Draco: *He scoffs* Not just the twins, all of them. My father hates them and they are also terribly poor.

Y/N: I’m not that wealthy.

Draco: But my father adores you and your mums.

I’m sorry for the short chapters I just am really bad at transitioning into new topics and I can get carried away with writing too so I try to limit myself. The next chapter will be out in a couple of minutes. I hope you are enjoying it! :)

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