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Nia Thomas the sister of dean Thomas transfers from beauxbatons to Hogwarts.. being sorted into Hufflepuff she was told to hate Slytherins. but what if she can't? she notices Blaise zabini and he notices her. what happens when they realize it's love will they have to hide it to not become social outcasts. (this is my first book sorry if its badly written or weirs I've never written smut or fanfic before) all characters belong to the harry potter franchise and j.k. rowling even though I don't support her) nia will also be a poc if you dont like that too bad ! also I'm thinking about making this a slow burn and I will use nsfw words haha anywaysss <3 love you babes byeee

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The day on the train

“Today! Today is the day!″ I jump out of bed and put on my slippers. I ran downstairs to greet my mother. “Hello dear you’re excited I see,” she says “of course I'm excited! today I transfer out of that bloody school and into Hogwarts with dean!” “language!″ Dean says coming down the stairs. “Goodmorning dean.” my mother says while going to make her another cup of tea. “Dean today is the day!” I say while going up to hug him “Woah watch it! I could have fallen over” he laughs and I laugh with him. “I wouldn’t be the first person you’ve fallen over” I laugh even harder. “And what do you mean by that Nia?” my mother says sternly. I stop laughing and swallow the lump in my throat “n-nothing mother” I say quietly. Dean gives me a death glare. My mother doesn’t know about dean and Seamus and we think it’s better that it stays that way. She’s not too fond of relationships, especially with Dean after his last girlfriend. “Umm, Nia don’t you need to change for your first day at Hogwarts, ” Dean says trying to change the subject “o-oh yeah I'll be back down for breakfast after I change” I nod towards my mother and run upstairs. “Where are my bloody robes?” I say to myself looking in the closet, “m-master they are here” Deborah our houself says. “Oh thank you thank you thank you, Deborah, always coming in handy when I need you most!” Deborah nods and walks out of my room, closing the door softly. I change into my robes, the skirt being a little short but thankfully my robe covers everything. I come back downstairs and sit at the table where my breakfast has already been served and I start eating. “So darling, are you ready? have all your things packed in your trunk?” my mother says while putting away the dishes. “Yea everything is packed and ready to go,” I say, finishing my last bite of eggs and putting my plate in the sink. “Well we should get going, ″ Dean says stuffing his face full of eggs and putting his plate in the sink. “Be safe, loves and apparate straight to kings cross station nowhere else got that?” “ yes mother!” Dean and I say in unison and we both go upstairs to grab our trunks. We both stand at the top of the stairs. My mother waves us goodbye and I put my hand on the portkey with Dean apparating to King Cross station. I look around in amazement. “Well come on let’s go we haven’t got all day,” Dean says running to platform 9 ¾. I run behind him, stopping when I see a boy. I didn’t get a good glimpse of him before he ran through the wall but I could tell just from his look he was bad news. I run through the wall and run onto the train looking for dean. I find him and seamus snogging in the only free compartment. I am not sitting next to that the whole ride so I go to find another compartment. there are none open so I go to the way back of the train and find him. I sit in the compartment across from him and close the glass door. he's sitting with two other people. one of them is a boy he's quite scrawny and has bleach blonde hair and he has a smug look on his and he's talking to a girl. the girl is very pretty but I can tell she is very flirty by the way she's touching on the blonde and there's him. he's just sitting with no emotion looking around until our eyes meet. I look away because eye contact makes me nervous and he chuckles to himself. "what are you laughing at Blaise" the blonde asks and the girl looks at me through the compartment glass. she whispers something in the blonde's ear and they laugh the blonde stands up and comes over to my compartment sitting across from me. "you must be Nia Thomas" he says with a smug tone. I look up at him " yea I am and you are?" I say confused about why he came to me "Malfoy. Draco Malfoy" he says putting his hand out to shake mine but I keep my hands on my lap. he tries to play it off and says" I just came to say that back here is for Slytherins and pure-bloods only," he says looking me up and down. I stand up and say "and? you expect me to move because you said so I don't think so." he stands there shocked and I sit back down. he walks back to his compartment with Blaise and pansy snickering inside and tries to hide his anger but it shows. I smile proudly to myself.
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