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Chenry Imagines


A series of random Chenry imagines ❤ If you're a chenry shipper and also wish chenry were endgame then this is the book for you. I'm gonna be writing about all the things we wish we saw between them but never did so buckle in and get ready 😏 There's gonna be some smut in here so kids stay out 😭 14+ only Best Ranking ❤ #1 Henry Danger ×2 # 1 Henlotte #5 Riele Downs #5 Blackwomanwhiteman #52 Chenry

Romance / Other
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•°• The Morning After •°•

{Imagine} Based on this gif, enjoy ❤

They woke up after a long night of trying to solve some case in the mancave. Somehow they'd ended up on the floor with Henry's arm draped around Charlotte's waist.

Henry opened his eyes first, feeling disorientated and like he'd been hit by a truck. He couldn't remember when they'd exactly fallen asleep or how, especially due to the fact the mancave floor was so hard and cold, but they somehow did.

He darted his eyes quickly to Charlotte and more importantly to his arm around her waist and his eyes widened.

He was about to let out his signature shriek but stopped himself.

Some may wonder why he was freaking out because he'd hugged and been close to her many times before, but never like this.

This was something different.

His eyes quickly moved from his arm around her waist to her head laying on his chest, the curls splayed out wildly.

A fond smile stretched out across his lips.

They looked so soft.

He had the urge to touch one and reached one hand to do so but stopped.

How would he explain this to Charlotte if she woke up?

At that thought he retracted his hand.

"She looks so beautiful when she sleeps" he thought to himself, a soft smile on his face.

"Why are you staring at me?" Charlotte's voice spoke.

Henry widened his eyes startled, then trying to get up, coughing and quickly removing his arm from her waist.

"Pfft what staring? I wasn't staring what do you mean ? Hahaha what are you talking about Charlotte"

"You were literally just staring at me and about to touch my hair"

"What are you talking about Charlotte I was just, uh just gonna pick some fluff out of your hair. There was a piece of fluff in your hair" he hoped and prayed she'd believe his little lie.

"Alright Hart. Anyway let's get up and go change, we have school soon" she got up dusting off her clothes and walked to the elevator. He stayed in position stunned.

Was she not fazed that they'd just practically been cuddling?

"Are you coming or not" she asked giving him the look.

"Yeah, yeah" he walked into the elevator and watched the doors close.


BTW I really didn't edit this when I wrote it so if there's some abbreviations, misspellings or non capitals that's why.

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