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Chenry Imagines

•°• Sick Part 1 •°•

Inspired by Sick and Wired ❤


Henry blew his nose into the tissue for the 100th time that day. His head falling back onto the pillow and erupting in a coughing fit. He'd been bunged up and sick for the past 5 days and it hadn't gone away.

Ray had constantly been calling asking when he was going to come back to work as he desperately needed Kid Danger to help him fight crime, but even if Henry tried he couldn't get himself out of bed. He'd lift his head and it would spin and fall right back on his pillow. Charlotte and Jasper had visited him a few times over the past few days which would make it slightly better but once they left he was back to being bored again. He wasn't used to staying in bed all day and not being active. He was Kid Danger, his whole life was fighting crime and doing crazy stunts.

He sighed looking at the video Charlotte had sent him of Ray going up the tube upside down as they all laughed. He wished he was there to see that.

He swiped a tissue under his nose, sniffing and locked his phone. He wished this cold would just go away so his life could go back to normal and he didn't have to be stuck in this stupid bed. He never thought he'd ever hate staying in bed but this made him do just that. Closing his eyes and turning towards the wall he tried to get some rest.

"Hey Hen, how ya feelin?" came Charlotte's voice.

He instantly turned over which caused his head to bang but never the less he was excited to see Charlotte here.

"Hi Char, what are you doing here?" he said in a nasally voice.

"Well since you're still sick I thought you could do with some cheering up so I brought some things that might cheer you up" she stated, laying out things on the platform by his staircase.

"I brought some water, orange juice, honey and lemon, your favourite movies and some snacks"

This made him smile.

"Thanks Char I really appreciate that."

"Nahhh don't mention it" she waved him off.

"Soo, how are things at the man cave... Anyone miss me..?"

"It's been hardly bearable without you there. Ray, Schwoz and jasper have been driving me nuts. Ray keeps going on about how he doesn't think you're sick, Schwoz is just being his usual wacky self and because you're gone that's really annoying Ray so they've been arguing more, and Jasper keeps whining about how he wants you back there because it's apparently not the same with just me to talk to" she says pouring some honey and lemon from the flask into a cup.

"So basically chaos without me. Ahh as I expected. See Charlotte I'm the gluee you all need me to funct-" he couldn't finish the sentence due to him going into a coughing fit.

Charlotte scrunched her eyebrows in concern and walked towards his bed with the mug of honey and lemon, placing it on his bedside table and rubbing his back.

"Yeah the glue alright. Once this has cooled down drink this. It should help, but for now drink some water you look super dehydrated" she handed him a bottle of water.

He took it from her, opening the cap and took a swig.

"Yeah thanks Char, you're honestly the best"

"I know. Now you wanna watch a movie?"

"Yeah sure, what did you bring?"

"Your favourite movies obviously. I've got the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games or Star Wars"

"Let's go with Harry Potter" he croaked, picking up the mug of honey and lemon and blowing it.

"Kay" she said picking up the DVD, putting it in the player and turning on the TV.

She passed him a bag of popcorn, some M&Ms and Sourpatch kids and took some for herself.

Settling down into a bean bag chair next to his bed they munched on snacks and watched the entire Harry Potter series until it was around 10 or 11 at night.

The film had just finished, the room now filled with darkness, only the TV light to slightly brighten the room.

Charlotte took a glance at Henry and noticed his eyes were closed, the snack bags laying next to him.

She smiled softly. He looked so cute.

She got up putting the excess snacks back into the carrier bag she'd brought them in and dusting off her clothes. She turned off the TV, ejecting the movie from the player making the room go into darkness.

Stumbling through the dark room in search of the lamp she flipped the switch and walked over to Henry.

"Hen, hey Hen I'm leaving now" she whispered to him, lightly shaking his shoulders.

He groaned and slowly cracked open one eye.

"What time is it?" He asked in a raspy voice.

Whoa why did that give her butterflies. Focus Charlotte.

"It's half 10, I'm leaving now I just wanted to tell you before I go"

"But Char you can't leave now, have you seen the time, it's too late" he mumbled sleepily.

He was being so cute, it was adorable.

"Of course I've seen the time Henry I just told you it. My mom's expecting me home, I've gotta get going"

"No Char stay please it's too late for you to be going out there now" both his eyes open now he stared at her in the dim light of his lamp.

"Henry there's nowhere for me even TO stay. And I'll be fine don't worry"

"You can just sleep in here with me I'll just move over a bit and you'll fit right in"

She tried not to smile at how cute he was being.

"Henry you're sick and if I sleep in your bed with you I'll get sick so I can't. I'll just get a cab home or something"

At that she started to walk away from his bed but before she could he grabbed her wrist.

"Char, please." he looked at her pleadingly.

She bit the corner of her lip, contemplating staying because she didn't really wanna be getting in a cab at this time especially because the street lights outside Henry's house were dim.

He saw she was contemplating it so continued talking.

"Plus I don't wanna be alone tonight. Will you stay with me?" he coughed for extra effect and played with her fingers.

She was in two minds whether to stay because on one hand he was sick and she hated getting sick and knew she would if she shared the bed with him but on the other hand she also didn't wanna go out this late as well.

She stared down into his pleading eyes and at his now pouty lips.

Ugh, she could never resist when he made that face towards her.

"Please Char"

She weighed up her options and realised she was probably gonna catch the illness sooner or later by even being around him so reluctantly decided to stay.

"Alright" she sighed.

"Yes" he cheered, causing him to go into another coughing fit and lay his head back down.

She poured him another mug of honey and lemon and handed him some water and a paracetamol.

"Thanks Char you're the best"

"I've been told" she rolled her eyes playfully.

He sipped the water and took the pain killer.

As he did so she looked down at her clothes and realised it was far from sleeping attire. She was wearing some jeans and a cropped hoodie. It would be awkward to ask Henry for some clothes, even though they were best friends some things she'd still struggle to ask him.

She looked up from her clothes to see Henry looking at her.


"You were just standing there staring at your clothes."

"Was I? I just thought I saw a stain or something on my shirt" she tried laughing it off.

"Char, if you need to borrow some clothes to sleep in just ask."

She laughed at his statement.

"What are you talking about Henry I don't need to borrow clothes to sleep in I'm perfectly fine as I am"

He gave her a "seriously" look.

"You look uncomfortable, now go change, there's a shirt and some pyjama bottoms in my drawer" he gestured to his drawer, turning over in his bed so his back was facing her.

She nodded and went to his drawer, grabbed a pair of bottoms and a t shirt, scurrying out the room towards the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom she locked the door and stripped of her clothes and changing into his. The shirt was baggy on her and she was practically drowning in the trousers. Even so she looked in the mirror admiring herself. She brushed her hand along the clothes. Whilst doing so noticing they smelt like him. It was comforting to her and caused her to sigh .

Snapping out of the spell the smell of his clothes had put her in, she examined her hair. She couldn't leave it like this otherwise it'd be frizzy and tangled in the morning. So she attempted to tie her hair up the best she could without a brush. It was now in a puff on her head, messily done yes but it'll do.

Before going back to his room she used the tiny bottle of mouthwash she had carried in her pocket for emergencies and used the toilet. After washing her hands and gathering up her clothes she exited out the bathroom and bumped into Henry's mom.

"Oh Charlotte you're staying the night I see" she said glancing down at Henry's clothes.

"Yeah, Henry convinced me to" Charlotte laughed awkwardly, playing with the string of her hoodie.

"Ah well it's nice to see you taking care of him when he's sick. I know he's been bored to death being cooped up in his room alone" she smiled.

"Hahaha yeah, I just thought I'd cheer him up" she smiled awkwardly.

"You're really a great friend to him Charlotte."

"Thank you Mrs Hart" she said shyly, looking down.

"Ah well, I'll let you get back to Henry's room anyway. I bet he's been waiting for you. Goodnight Charlotte" she said, making her way into her own room and closing the door.

Charlotte stood there for a second staring at the space she was in previously. She thought Siren would've had a problem with her staying especially while he's sick. But no.

She brushed it off and continued her journey to Henry's room, opening the door and closing it behind her.

He stirred slightly in his sleep, turning over to glance at her and smiling slightly.

"You're back. I thought you'd run off" he chuckled lightly.

"Nah I was just talking to your mom" she said, placing her clothes on a chair in his room.

"Mmm what did she say?" he mumbled his eyes drooping slightly.

"She was just asking if I was staying the night and telling me what a good friend I am to you"

"Hmm, I see. Well she's not wrong" he mumbled, yawning.

"Mmm" Charlotte hummed in response to Henry's statement.

"Anyway, come sleep its nearly 12" he said, pulling back the covers slightly and scooting over.

She stared at the spot beside him before slowly walking over and standing by the bed.

Henry noticed her reluctance to get in and spoke again.

"Char come on. We're best friends, you don't need to be scared of sleeping next to me"

She hesitated slightly before saying "Okay.." and sitting down slowly and pulling her feet under the covers before she realised she forgot to turn off the lamp.

"Wait the lamp" she said getting up and going to turn it off. She then once again stumbled through the darkness and felt around for the bed. She finally felt it but didn't know where to put her feet to get in so Henry reached out his hand and grabbed her arm pulling her in and pulling the covers over both of them.

She could feel his body heat next to her and the sound of his breathing making her feel slightly nervous. She'd never slept in a bed with him before, so being this close was so different.

"See nothing to worry about" he mumbled, his hand seemingly brushing away a curl that had escaped her puff.

She felt the light touch of his fingertips brush her face at this simple action which made her shiver.

"Are you cold?" he asked, referencing her shivering.

"No I'm fine I just-" before she could finish her sentence he'd wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her even closer.

Now both forgetting about his sickness.

He rubbed circles on her waist causing butterflies to run through her stomach.

Henry was never this affectionate with her what had changed?

"Henry what are you-"

"Shhh, go to sleep Char" he mumbled whilst still rubbing her waist.

She closed her eyes trying to and almost slipping into a slumber before she heard him say.

"Thank you for today, I really appreciated it. It's nice having someone here and not being alone"

"No problem Henry, you know I'm always here for you" she muttered into the darkness, now facing away from him.

"You look amazing in my clothes by the way" she heard the smirk in his voice. Good old Henry even when he's sick he still knows how to be slick.

"Thanks" she muttered not knowing much else to say.

"Mmm" he hummed.

Assuming that was the end of the conversation she started to relax and almost fell asleep again before she heard.

"I love you Charlotte"

Her heart fluttered but she tried not to physically react.

"I love you too Henry" she muttered, but by then he'd already fallen asleep.

So she did the same.

And although he'd fell asleep he still heard her words and even in his exhausted state a smile still curled on his lips.

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