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The Year: 2420 Genre: Dystopian/Romance/Some Angst? Women went on strike due to inequality and refused to reproduce. Over time, that decision caused the population to drop a great amount. Riots were happening left and right, and many, many deaths occurred. Now there is an extremely unfair system that picks a group of men and women at random to have children to boost the population. There is no way to escape the system, or is there? WARNING: There are going to be chapters with touchy subjects that could possibly trigger people, and there will be smut so please read at your own risk

Romance / Erotica
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Year 2025

The once peaceful protests slowly turned into violent and destructive riots over the years.

Women all over the world were sick and tired of being looked down on and not being treated the same as men. Having to pay more money than necessary even though they can't control what their bodies go through.

Everything started off so simple and easy with posters and mini campaigns to bring awareness to the inequality. However, no one really cared enough to make any changes. The peaceful protests turned to billions of women going on strike and refusing to reproduce.

Over time the population went from 7.5 billion people to just under 100 million. In the whole world.

It would have been thought that women would run the world. But things didn't go that way. Everything went south along the way. No one knows where it started, but men managed to take control and were in complete charge.

Sadly it became the norm for a mass group of men and women to be chosen at random every two years to be impregnated, whether they like it or not. They have no choice. The population needed to be rebuilt, and with no cooperation from the women's side, the men had to make it happen by force.

Because of the lack of people and not having enough women who are of a reasonable age to have a child, girls as young as 16 are chosen. Sometimes the people being paired had the option to be together and took it, other times people just got to business and left it at that, going their separate ways once finished.

Rape and sexual assault were no longer illegal due to the fact that reproducing was "more important". Abortions were illegal. Condoms were rare, and so was birth control.

Some women have found ways out of going through these forced pairings. However, they were all caught within a week and suffered the consequences. What were they? No one knows or has lived to tell.
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