All my love, All my life


You enetered into a new school Karasuno you didn´t know that the person waiting for you there was a old friend

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Chapter 1

My life was never easy, my mom died when I was 4, my dad was an alcoholic and left me and my older brother when I was 12 and he was 16. But there was always one person who could make me smile any day, and that person was Tobio Kageyama.

¨n/n time to wake up your gonna be late for your first day at Karasuno!¨ i heard my brother shout all the way from the kitchen. my brother had been working non-stop for the past week so it was pretty unusual for me to wake up to his voice.
i stumbled on all my shoes that I have left on my floor but refused to pick up. i walked to the bathroom which was a long way from my room i looked at myself in the mirror in disgust ¨ew gross¨, i sighed and began to take off my clothes as i walked into the shower. i turned on the water to hot and soaked my hair first i used a new shampoo that supposedly got your hair to be ¨gorgeous and curly¨"i didn´t believe in that shit but i didn´t really give a damn anymore. i scrubbed my hair as i massaged my scalp i used my body wash to scrub my body, i didn´t have that type of body to be proud of but i didn´t think much of it.
i got out of the shower as i wrapped a towel around my body i went out of the bathroom running as the cold morning air hit my freshly soaked skin. I put on my panties and bra, and wore skinny black jeans with a white blouse and my white tennis shoes. I brushed my wavy and did some light makeup, i heard as my brother yelled from the kitchen ¨n/n hurry up ukai is gonna be here any minute¨!! I yelled ¨okay okay im coming lemme just get my bag¨. i grabbed my backpack and rushed down the stairs i almost fell on my missing shoe that i have been looking for for more than 3 days. ¨oh dang there it is¨. my brother sighed and handed me my lunch ¨here take it¨
¨thanks¨ i gave my brother a side hug and grabbed a banana from the counter. i sprinted as i heard ukai honking in the car. ¨geez im here im here¨ i sighed as i got in the car. ¨good morning to you too n/n ¨ he said sarcastically as he ruffled my hair. ukai offered to drive me to school everyday since he works their as the boy volleyball manager, we have known ukai since my brother applied for a job at his convenience store, since that day on he always spent his weekends with us and holidays we didn´t mind it because we thought of him as family.
¨we´re here ¨ he said as he sighed. ¨you don´t seem amused¨ i said teasing. ¨can´t the same for you either¨. he smiled as he got out of the car. everyone stared at me whispering ¨is she new here¨? ¨damn shes hot¨ people kept eyeing me from head to toe i glared at them and they looked away scared. i chuckled as ukai looked at me shaking his head. ¨so do you need me to drive you back¨? he asked. ¨no i can manage¨ i said looking around the giant ass school.
he ruffled my hair as he waved goodbye and left me in the middle of the hallway. i looked around trying to find my way around the school. i bumped into a surprisingly small orange haired boy. ¨sorry!!¨, he said shouting. ¨no need to yell¨, i said with my eyes widened. he looked at me and asked ¨are you new here? i haven´t seen you around¨.. i looked at him and nodded. ¨are you lost¨, he asked, i slightly smiled and said ¨yep¨. He chuckled and took my schedule from my hand, he looked at it and said ¨oh.. mrs. shapens´s class?¨ he looked at me and then back at the schedule.
¨is there something wrong¨ i asked. ¨no no but shes really strict and rude¨ he handed me my schedule and gave me directions. i thanked him and turned around trying to follow the directions he pointed out. i ended up again lost, the bell rang and i knew i screwed up. i starting speed walking and bumped into another person this time the boy was extremely rude. ¨watch where your going dumbass¨, he whispered ´shortie´. i looked at him and the said ¨sorry mr. beanpole¨, he turned around glaring at me. i looked him in the eye and said ¨you were the one that started with names¨ he sighed and continued to walk. ¨rude ¨ i turned around trying to find the class again.

when i finally found it the teacher looked at me glaring, i felt a thump in my neck i swallowed it and she looked at the class. ¨sit¨. she said as she pointed to a seat, i looked at her and then the class, i took a seat next to a green haired boy.

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