Happiness ✅ (Book 1,2,3 & 4)


Highlight: Arranged Marriage / Indian Wedding Two families Teepakorn's and Guntithanon's arranging their son's marriage, and two soulmate meeting full on Bollywood style and yes Top is Daddy Tine and Bottom is Baby Sarawat its just FLUFF and cliche ROMANCE, no heavy drama, little bit of angst, lot's of SMUT and Light BDSM with HAPPY Ending because why not also first time writing please don't attack I want to bring Sarawat and Tine to India in this story Please don't ask me why that's because you already know🔥 All characters belong to respective original author and if I share any pictures that belongs to the rightful owner.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

At Teepakorn house:

It's Saturday and Tine's mom Maya is asking her son when he will reach home to get ready for his big day. All family member in the house is very excited and getting ready to go to Guntithanon house for engagement. They met Sarawat family last month at common friend wedding. And both mom's seems to just click and both mother's want to get their son's married.

Last month at Wedding:

When both families got introduce to each other, Tine and Sarawat just exchange hello at the wedding. The families sat together for dinner at wedding. Tine and Sarawat was not ready to start the conversation as both of them were bit shy to each other but they were glancing each other every now and then which they wouldn't able to hide from their mom's and the way Tine was looking Sarawat and admiring his handsome features that's when tine mom Maya find out that may be this boy can make her son agree to marriage so Tine mom just ask Sarawat mom Uma what she think of Sarawat marriage that's when Uma said she is also looking for a handsome and loyal boy who can love and cherish her son and then Maya ask Sarawat mom what she think about Tine and she was more than happy to make him her son in law who is not only handsome but good at heart too because she already like Tine at first glance.

Both mom start talking to each other son's and they were just happy to know that the boys are very thoughtful of their family and respect elders and also good at heart although Sarawat father Mr.Ram Guntithanon ask Tine what he do and how his business going he find out that Tine is very ambitious , whereas Mr Anshuman Teepakorn was very friendly with Sarawat and asking him about his future plans as he has recently graduated and also looking for job.

Maya and Uma exchange numbers and details so that they can contact about what their son's and family think about their son's marriage proposal . Next day both Mom decide to ask their family about marriage proposal at the breakfast table and inform each other accordingly.

When tine and all family came for breakfast that's when Maya ask tine how he find Sarawat , upon hearing his name tine chock on his coffee and got attentive why his mother asking him about that beautiful boy who he seems to find like an angel on the earth (he is already head over heels) he just replied casually that he is good and cute then Maya ask him if he is interested in knowing more about the boy only if he like to get settled in life and if he would be interested in getting married to him. Tine ask his mom some time to think as he doesn't want to rush in taking this important decision of life but somewhere derp down he was very happy to hear his mom matchmaking them.

At Guntithanon house when everyone was eating their breakfast Uma brought the topic about marriage proposal from Teepakorn family for Sarawat and the family seems very happy with the News and Sarawat also ask his mom sometime to think .

Both Tine and Sarawat were thinking about last night event at their respective bedroom when they were exchanging glances they didn't think that their mother were planning their marriage otherwise at least they would have try making little bit of conversation just to know what other person think now they are just confused as hell and nervous what the other person decision will be.

Please let me know shall I continue or already stop 😅🙏❤️

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