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Different But One


Meet Bright kapoor from Bihar and Win Shetty from Chennai, Indian boys love story. Enjoy FLUFF, ROMANCE AND ALOT MORE Top - Bright Bottom - Win This story is just fictional, any usage of character names and pictures belongs to the rightful owner

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Start It's 7 AM in the morning, Win Shetty is the name of the guy who is waiting for his bus to arrive, we are in same college, same department, and same class and I am still unknown to him, but him. He is more than 6 feet tall, sleek slender body figure, maybe built-in 6 pack abs, so white than any other girl or boy in our college, and the most beautiful and fragile looking person in IIM Mumbai.

People get in this college with the ability to solve any mathematical problem faster than 99.99%, out of India population and crack the CAT exam.

I am watching him since the college started, it's been already 1 week, senior had already name him "Win Shetty = best boy in fresher batch". I wonder how can a boy get this much attention from almost everyone in the college and of all than any other girls. No doubt there are girls, that can also give complex to many actress in our Bollywood industry but those are really nothing in front of him and I believe "People's getting wired these days".

We were in lunch area taking our lunch, and as usual the best boy definitely wanted a spot light from everyone, I saw from the corner of my eyes some kind of squabbling going on, I was standing right behind the best boy in line, and it happens out of all days today I don't know how for some reason, our orbit meets, my thoughts break when the ladle dump in yellow lentil harshly by the kitchen staff.

I heard Win saying "what is this? the serving staff answer him "it's sambar", the best boy immediately make a face and correct the kitchen staff, it definitely not a sambar, and ask what's this again pointing his fingers to other sour curry, the kitchen staff said it's an paneer matter, he scowl and said "where is paneer in this curry,". I was really enjoying the show but if he alone take this much time, me and behind me all the students will loose there time, and had to rush out lunch so to cut him short. I decided to help him.

I poke my index finger in the back of his shoulder, he turned and I imagined I saw a pretty pink dust on his White cheeks, as soon as it comes, it also dissapear from his cheeks, he raised his eyebrows on me, I said "this foods are disgusting ,you are absolutely right, but they always served this same food everyday please pick whatever you like or else we will get late for our next class ". He sigh but move forward after eating our food, we again lined up but this time I was standing in front of him, I took my gulab jamun, and start walking that's when I heard him again "I want one more?". I turned back and saw "the best boy" is asking for more like a kid ", gulab jamun is my favorite, I want one more pehleeesss ", but the kitchen staff was adamant on his words, "one student, one gulab jamun" without knowing I smiled on him and without knowing my hands betray me, I pass my dessert bowl to the baby who got super excited after taking my desert, but untill I realized both gulab jamun were gone.

So that's how we finished our lunch and the best boy finished both gulab jamun, we walk together to our classroom without any exchange of word's. He went back to his seat and I went back to mine. From behind my friend patt my shoulder and said "don't worry he will never date you, even if you give him 100 gulab jamun". And that's when I realized I was staring him and I immediately frown on my Asshole friend.

Short update let me know shall I continue, or stop already 🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

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