Melonee has achieved in gaining a place in the top rank at BigHit, School of Spies and Secret Agents. Here she joins Sicarius, the most elite group in the school. With her training coming to an end, will she be able to make it out alive and graduate? BTS FF

Adventure / Romance
Age Rating:

~ 1 : Mɪssɪᴏɴ Gᴏɴᴇ Wʀᴏɴɢ ~

~ Mᴇʟᴏɴᴇᴇ’s POV ~

𝕄y hair lies like a second skin over my cheeks and my training uniform now clings to my back. Salty droplets flow down my face like the summer rain, dripping onto the concrete as I try to regain my breath.

“I - thought - you - said - no one - was - home”, I hiss in between breaths.

While I’m trying to put out the fire in my cheeks, my partner looks handsome, even when sweating. His light brown skin glistens in the silvery moonlight like polished stone. Then again, Park Jimin has always been a work of art with his sharp jawline, full lips and sparkling brown eyes that disappear when he smiles or laughs.

He's not smiling now.

"The calendar said there wasn't meant to be anyone home!"

"Was it his handwriting?"

My reply is only the leaves softly whispering in the breeze.


I watch Jimin frustratingly run his hand through his messy blonde hair.

"I don't think so", he whispers.

Well shit.

"It's okay", I attempt weakly, "We'll figure something out..."

A small sigh escapes my lips as I roll my head up to the dark sky. Stars shine as sugar spilt over black marble, glistening in the sun. I've always seen the night sky as a fresh gift given anew. It's such a welcoming sight, appearing like magic at each sunset, promising to return as it fades in dawn's first light.

My eyes dart over the sparkling constellations, in hopes they will reveal to me how to solve this issue or provide a plan of some sort. Of course that is wistful thinking as the twinkling lights do nothing but wink back at me.

"Have the stars told you anything yet?", Jimin follows my gaze.

"Well Astrid has always told me that the stars hold the wisdom of the world", I mutter, "But I can't seem to-"

I'm cut off by a flurry of loud footsteps echoing through the air. Our heads both snap in the direction of the steep hill we had just fled from.

A tall dark hooded figure is literally naruto running down it and heading right towards us. In the silvery moonlight, something glints in his hand. I squint, trying to identify exactly what the object is.

"Shit!", Jimin curses beside me, "They have a gun! RUN!"

He grabs my arm, yanking me along with him. Soon we are sprinting down the abandoned streets as fast as our legs can carry us.



It's as though there are invisible loud speakers floating above us. Voices boom out through the cracks of the dilapidated buildings.

We have no time to ponder whose those voices belong to or where they are coming from as the pair of footsteps behind us are getting closer each second.



That answers that.

Suddenly flashes of green, blue, pink and purple streak across the sky like lightning. A loud static sound followed by a deafening high pitched shrill pierces through the air.

I almost stumble to the ground, my eardrums bleeding at the unpleasant screech. Jimin snakes his arm around my waist to steady me.

"What's happening?", I splutter, eyes widening at the colourful flashes around us.

"This place is glitching", Jimin replies, "And by the sounds of it, something has happened in the control room"

A loud gun shot echoes through the night.

"Split up!", Jimin yells.

Adrenaline rushes through my system, my heart on the verge of exploding. I make a sharp right turn down a dimly lit street.

Street lamps flicker as my feet pound the cracked pavement . The glitches are more frequent now, not only limited to appearing in the sky but everywhere.

The air is now buzzing around me, exactly like tv static. It's like I'm in a video game except I'm only limited to one life with no revival switch.

I look over my shoulder to thankfully find that I am not the one who is being chased. I let out a relieved sigh, coming to a halt.

This is not how I imagined spending my Friday evening to be. Maybe watching 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' for the millionth time, eating caramel popcorn and lounging in my favourite pajamas?

Not this.

I wince in annoyance at the white noise. I can't think properly, a very big problem indeed as I need to come up with a solid enough plan pronto. I rub my temple, trying to make the fuzziness disappear.

Is it my imagination or is the buzzing getting louder?

Once I establish that my brain is as good as cotton wool, I decide to continue down the street. I can't afford to let my guard down just yet. The street is a river of abandoned cars, rusting under the dim amber glow of the streetlights. Newspapers tumble around the asphalt as if caught in invisible laundry machines.

It's quiet and eerie but not in any way unsettling.

At the end of the street squats a small convenience store. It's hanging sign is no longer legible to the human eye, now just a rotting blank piece of wood. I try to peer into the window but there is a thick blanket of dust blocking my view. My curiosity gets the better of me and I push at the sun worn door. The rusted hinges squeal in defiance as it opens. The tinkle of an old store bell makes me jump in surprise as I cautiously enter.

Rusted skeletons of shelving are all that seems to remain inside. Mold has attacked the walls and ceiling. I wrinkle my nose at the very strong pungent of must and decay lingering in the air. I turn on my heel and towards the exit as there is nothing of interest here.

Just as I approach the door I'm suddenly flung up into the air and right through the window. It's as if I have invisible rope attached to my waist and someone is violently yanking me back.

What the hell???

There is an explosion of glass shards as I'm thrown out into the street. I close my eyes, bracing myself for the impact.

It comes and it fucking hurts.

I think I hear my spine crack along with several other bones.

"Melonee! Melonee!?"

I feel a warm hand place itself on my cheek.

"Don't worry. Jin Oppa is here. Jin will take care of you"

I slowly open my eyes to find a tall beautiful brunette worriedly hovering over me.


"Jin oppa", the eldest corrects me unhelpfully.

"I-I think I just broke my back and several other bones", I grunt.

"Try take it easy. That means don't move", Jin grabs my arm, stopping me as I try to sit up, "You just got thrown through a window, it's going to hurt"

"So I just lie here then until Prince Charming comes", I frown.

"Uh yes, that's me", Jin wiggles his eyebrows causing me to strain a small smile.

"Where's Jimin? Is he ok?"

"No need to worry about me Marshmallow", another male voice chirps from behind Jin, "I'm perfectly fine!"

Jimin peeks over his hyung's unusually wide shoulders, sending me his signature heartwarming smile. He does look perfectly fine minus the fact that he is coated in a fine layer of dust. Let's face it, the boy could be wearing a bin and still look absolutely flawless.

"Sorry we took so long", Jin sends me an apologetic smile, "Namjoon and I were trying to figure out how to work the control panel"

"Boomers", Jimin mutters behind him.

"Yah! Have you seen how many different switches, knobs and buttons there are? Anyone would be confused!"

The two boys are too busy bickering to notice me scrambling to my feet. I wince as a sharp pain shoots through my spine.

"Yah! I told you not to move!", Jin barks when he finally notices me straightening to my full height.


I ignore him, letting my eyes adjust to the surroundings. They don't have to adjust to much, only four blank white walls and an iron door. The only decoration are large black surveillance cameras that hang from every corner of the room.

"How did you get us out of there, Hyung?", I hear Jimin ask behind me, "I thought we were meant to complete the task in order to escape"

"Yeah about that..."

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