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13 Reasons


[BASED ON THE NETFLIX SERIES 13 REASONS WHY] Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook were living happily together in their cute little relationship. But what Jungkook didn't know is that Taehyung was suffering with depression. So one night, while Jungkook was sleeping, Taehyung packed a suitcase, grabbed his keys, left his phone on the nightstand, kissed Jungkook on the forehead, and walked out. But he left one important thing. A BOX OF 13 TAPES. What's on the tapes?  Why did Taehyung really leave? Will he ever come back? FIND OUT IN :13 REASONS

Romance / Mystery
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“Hey babe. Its me Taehyung and Welcome to the first tape. If you found these tapes. I have already left. There are 13 reasons to why I left. I left the first tape in the kitchen so you could easily find it but the other ones aren’t so easy to find. I left a map with the tapes. Use the map to find the coordinates. I will say them at the end of every tape. Good luck Babe also you can get the rest of the gang to help you. The first coordinates are: 37.5512° N, 126.9882° E"

Welcome to 13 REASONS

The next chapter will be the characters.

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