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Yoonmin Oneshots


I wrote this when i was like 14 so beware. Just drabbles of yoongi and jimin getting it on. sometimes angsty, sometimes steamy or just straight up fluff.

Romance / Drama
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What made you think that (Fluff)

“Yoongi Hyung lets do something! I’m bored.” Jimin whined to his boyfriend who was currently half asleep trying to get Jimin off of him.

“Jimin let me sleep. I worked a lot last night.” Yoongi mumbled. He curled up in his blanket leaving Jimin pouting on his knees beside him on the bed. Yoongi was currently on his side facing away from Jimin.

“But hyuuunnggg~” Jimin softly whined in Yoongi’s ear as he hugged Yoongi’s side. He put his head in the crook of his neck breathing deeply and sighing loudly when Yoongi didn’t even budge.

“Hyung.” Jimin said more promptly. He tried, again tried, to roll to Yoongi’s front forgetting about how small Yoongi’s bed was.
As he rolled over Yoongi’s side to his grin he ended up hitting the ground with a thud.

“Owww!” Jimin whined as he rubbed his head from hitting the desk.

Yoongi snorted.

“You dork. Why would you do that.” By now Yoongi wa editing up on the bed watching Jimin sitting on the floor rubbing his head.
“Hey! I just wanted your attention! Plus you know you love me.” Jimin kept rubbing his head.

Yoongi smirked, “what gave you that idea?” Of course he was just joking but he temporarily forgot how Jimin took things too seriously.

He layed on the bed closing his eyes and humming softly.
Jimin looked up at Yoongi, the hurt evident of his face.
He sniffed a couple of time, bringing his legs up to his face, quickly wiping his tears seeing Yoongi look towards him.

“Are you crying?” He was propped up on his elbows as he looked at Jimin’s eyes that were still watery.

“N-no.” He stuttered out. He brought his sleeve to his eyes and wiped his face before any stray tears came down.

Yoongi sighed. He got off the bed kneeling in front of Jimin who had his head hanging. He grabbed Jimin’s shoulders.

“Baby, you know I love you right?” Yoongi softly spoke to the younger. Jimin just kept looking down.

“Baby look at me.” Jimin shook his head.

Yoongi grabbed his chin forcing him to meet his eyes.

Yoongi just looked into his eyes, almost stern. It made Jimin gulp and a bit scared too.

He started to slowly lean in, stopping when he was just centimeters away from Jimin’s lips. Jimin’s eyes were fluttered closed. He could feel Yoongi’s breath hitting his lips as he waiting for them to meet.

Yoongi kisses his forehead.
He kissed his cheek.
He kissed his other cheek.
He kissed his nose.

He slowly moved closer to Jimin’s lips. He softly pressed his to Jimin’s. He could taste the slight bit of salt on his lips as he moved them. His hands moved from Jimin’s shoulders to his hair knowing how much the younger loved it when the older played with his hair while kissing.

Jimin wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s neck bringing their lips closer. He tilted his head to get a better angle while gasping slightly from Yoongi’s hands in his hair.

They broke the kiss, their hands in the same place, gasping for air. They put their foreheads together as Yoongi just stared at his partner who had his eyes closed.

“I will always love you.” He pecked Jimin one more time before standing up, pulling Jimin to him by the waist am their bodies collided.

“Well you wanted to do something and know I have an idea of what we can do.”

He smirked at Jimin before going over and closing the door.

(Let your imaginations run wild)

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