Forbidden Desire


“I can take care of myself just fine.” I whisper deadly. “Noah I-” “No, you know what no. You can’t just say things that make me fall in love with you and then have you pretend it never happened; it’s not fair!” I say with tears in my eyes. “It’s not like that.” “Then what? What is it? Explain to me why you do those things,” I get closer to him “why do you pretend that you care, huh? Why do you caress me like I'm yours and at the end of the day… you just leave me like I'm nothing?” I look up at him. Now tears are falling from my eyes and tainting my cheeks. “Why?” I repeat. “Because-” “WHY!” “BECAUSE IF I KISSED YOU ,” He breathes."I don’t think I'd be able to stop.” He looks at me. “And I know that is wrong. I can’t have you,” He pulls me closer. “So I push you away. But I still… I still wonder what your lips taste like. I think about what you are doing throughout the day, if you are okay, if you ate… I worry about you. I can’t help but think what would happen if I lost you, so I’d rather push you away and be able to see you than pursue you and lose you completely.” He whispers against me. “But in reality sometimes I just want to feel you…” He leans in reducing our space completely “Is that so wrong?”

Humor / Romance
van goghiii
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Let's Begin

Some best friends do sleepovers the night before their first day of school, some just don’t meet up, some go out to eat, some keep it simple with just a facetime and a good cry but me and my best friend… We decided to vandalize my new neighbor. Well mostly I decided and dragged her with me. She calls herself a victim. I call myself one of a kind. Just girls being girls.

“We could get arrested for this.”

“I calculated that possibility before coming here and we’re good.” I replied while taking the toilet paper, a gay flag, silly string, fish harpoon and a Dorito bag.

“How big of a percent do we have of not getting caught?”

“About 65% more or less.” I commented absentmindedly.

“MORE OR LESS?!” Maxine almost screamed.

“Can you lower your voice?! You are lowering our chances here.” I hissed back at her.

“Sorry!” She replied at the same intensity. I was deciding what item to use but my train of thought was interrupted yet again.

“So what’s the plan?” Maxine inquired. “I thought of winging it a little.”

“What do you mean winging it a little?!”

“Shhh, relax okay I have it all under control.” I said while grabbing her shoulders in a way to help her relax. Not that it helped but I tried. She heavily sighs and rubs her temples.

“Okay okay but can you at least explain to me all ‘this’?” She said clearly gesturing at the great choice of items I bought for our little… adventure. Concerned or indifferent. I didn’t really know what was going through her head but this shouldn’t be new.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“I mean I understand the toilet paper and the string but c’mon a harpoon?”

“You never know.” She just looked at me with an unimpressed expression and raised the gay flag with her index and middle finger.

“One gotta represent.″I said, defensively. She proceeded to grab the Dorito bag and looked at me. I quickly snatched it from her hand and protected it with my hands.

“A bitch gets hungry, what can I say?”

“You are unbelievable.” She mumbled while directing her eyesight at the house in front of us.

“We are getting caught.” I scoffed.

“Can you relax? I said I have it under control.”

“That’s exactly why I’m worried!” She said in a threatening manner. I just rolled my eyes and proceeded to take the silly string can with my left hand and the toilet paper in my right.

“You are overreacting. Just watch.” I walked closer towards our targeted house and just as I was about to throw the toilet paper, the lights turned on. Fuck. As I was about to turn around the door to the house opened. I was so freaked out that I started screaming while spraying silly string on the person in front of me.

“What the fuck!?” A deep voice said. “Abort mission!” I roared to Max. She started screaming and out of reflex she shot the harpoon somewhere, I was too focused on escaping to notice.

“Hey wait!” The person said. Me and Max were on the run. Shit the doritos! I ran back to get my doritos. “Hey stop!” The dude started running towards me. I freaked out.

“Not today Satan!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I leaped towards Max to the car. She started the car and I jumped to the backseat with my feet still hanging from the window.

“GO! GO! GO!” “AAAAAAAHHHH!” Max flew through the streets. Hopefully he didn’t get a good look at us. I’m sure we are fine.

We arrived in front of my house in utter silence. “That was … close.” I smile trying to release the tension. But I only receive a glare. “I’m never accompanying you to do one of your stunts again.”

“Oh c’mon tomorrow it’s our first day of school we both needed it to destress a little. Plus it was harmless.”

“No no you needed it not me. What if someone finds out? We can get in trouble, you know?” I just roll my eyes.

“Again with this shit… It was harmless. The dude just moved in this week. I’m sure he took it as a welcoming gift.” “Noah.” She said warningly. “Max.” I copied her. “Chill. See you tomorrow?” I smiled. “See you tomorrow.” She mumbled. I stepped out of the car and went inside. Tch, ‘someone is going to find out’ ha! I want to see that happen. And so I went to sleep.

Next day at school I strutted through the gates of hell without a care in the world till I reached my locker. As I was opening it it got slammed close yet again. I just stare at the long black haired tired girl in front of me. “How’d ya sleep partner?” I flash a smile. She just grumbles at me. “I love you too.” As if on cue the bell rings and we head to our first class, math. Lovely, I know.

We get to class and some kids are bickering as always. We sit down and I lay my head on the desk as I proceed to close my eyes. The creaking sound of the door reopening is heard and everyone shuts up. The clicking footsteps of what I assume to be Mrs.Pot’s shoes is the only thing disrupting the silence.

“Good morning class,” That voice... I raised my head almost instantly “I’m going to be your new teacher…” No fucking way. “... you may address me as Prof. Kim.” A deep voice proceeded to say. “Let’s begin.”

There was a dark-haired tall man standing in front of the class. He looked quite younger than most teachers in our school. Which surprised me. What captivated my sight was that this man had undeniably broad shoulders. But his voice… his voice was too similar to the one I heard yesterday. And that, that worried me.

I was too lost in thought that I didn’t realize he was already taking attendance.

“Maxine Richards.”


“Jeon Jungkook”


“Noelle De-”

“Here!” I hastily said. He stopped his actions completely and looked my way. The glare I was currently receiving was enough to cause an unusual shiver down my spine.

“May it be the last time you interrupt me in my class in such an ill-mannered way Ms. De la Cruz.” The roughness in his voice was crystal clear. He didn’t take his eyes off me until he started naming other student names. I let go of a breath I didn’t know I was taking. I need to get myself together. I don’t know why I’m getting so fidgety.

“Pssst, Noah.” I glance at my right and there is Max. “Are you alright? You look tense.” she gently says.

I just look at her and say “I think that’s the dude.” Her eyes go wide. “W-what dude?”

“The one from... yesterday.”

“Noelle!” She hisssed.

“I know, I know but it’s just a hunch.” I try to reassure her.

“Noah I told you we were gonna get caught!”

“Relax. I’m probably wrong.”

“Let’s hope that you are.”

“Ms. De la Cruz and Ms. Richards, please share with everyone what conversation you were having that is worth interrupting my class.” He said coldly as he leaned over his desk putting his hands over the surface of the wooden material.

“Sorry, Professor. It won’t happen again.” Maxine responded.

“No it won’t.” He stated.

The class continued. He talked about Pre-calc or something. I honestly couldn’t care less. After the little incidents that took place he never looked my way which I am thankful for. The tense atmosphere was almost palpable and I was just waiting for the bell to ring, saving me from this misery.

‘RIIIINGGG’Thank you Lord Jesus Amen.

Everyone hurried out of the classroom while I was still packing my bag.Geez get a grip people. Must be Taco Tuesday.Even Max flew out of the classroom already. Just as I’m about to leave the classroom the teacher speaks and leaves me perplexed.

“You look different when you are not trying to vandalize a house.” Fuck.

I turn around and he is already looking directly at me. “Almost fooled me.” Kill me now.

“Professor I-”

“You are dismissed.” And he shuts the door on my face.

What the flying fuck am I gonna do now? The simple thought of it made me tired. What if he presses charges? Can he really do that?! This is just the first day dammit.

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