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Our little brats ||Katsuki||


What would Katsuki Bakugo do if he had a child? Also this is a sequel to 'Dumbass' but you don't need to read it to enjoy this. I try to update as often as I can

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

"And lastly we have a live interview with the pro hero couple, Dynamight and Raven." The presener said.

The screen flipped and the audience cheered aggressively as a familiar angry blond man and bubbly ebony-haired girl looked weirdly into the camera.

"Now shall we begin?" The interviewer said, doing the plastic smile all celebrities make.

Raven nodded excitedly, linking her arm with Dynamight.

"So, you two are almost always together, even when you fight, are you going to get married?"

"Not yet." The blonde accidentily said. He realised it after the audience whistled, making his face go red with an embarassed frown. His girlfriend laughed at him.

"How do you two stay together even through the worst fights- I mean you almost lose each other on a daily basis?"

Swallowing a lump in her throat, Raven stole a glimpse at her boyfriend, he had his arms crossed and he refused to look at anyone. 'Shy as always...'

"Well we know we have each others back, sometimes this lil guy decides to keep me away so that I don't get hurt"-

"Yeah, because you don't think properly when you fight." Dynamight scoffed at the memories, the amount of times she came close to death by acting too selflessly.

"I do! You just act like you're my damn father sometimes!"

"I'm not your father but I'm your boyfriend I have a right to worry about your dumb ass!"

Looking around, lost for words, the interviewer stayed silent as the editors of the show told her to let it happen since it could be 'spicy drama'


*Karasu's POV*

I sat in the passengers seat with a glare stiffened on my face. I hated it when he brought up crap like that. As if he doesn't throw himself in danger too.

The door opened up and I heard him buckle his seat belt, getting ready to go home.

He grunted as he reversed the car out of the gas station. "You've been ignoring me since yesterday's interview, are you still that mad?"

I tsked and continted to focus out of my window, leaning away from him. We usually visit Midoriya and Ochaco on Sundays since Ochaco had a baby boy not too long ago. He's a year old at the moment.

"Look... I'm sorry I won't bring it up again..." He sighed, focusing on the road. "You always say that, how many times do I gotta tell you I hate being yelled at?" I stubbornly replied, probably annoying him even more.

Suddenly I felt bad for him, he's just worried about me I shouldn't be so mean about it especially since the first time he saw me close to death was when we were students. "I'm sorry too..." I held out my hand, batting my eyes jokingly.

Although we do fight, we make up a lot of the time. It's just how relationships usually work. He shot me an exhausted look before taking my hand in his.

Finally we got on the road close to the couples house, exciting me. I always looked forward to seeing their baby, he was a ball of sunshine and it made me jealous of them.

"I still can't believe they had a kid at nineteen..." I mumbled, catching Katsuki's attention.

"They must be living it out before bed time if you get what I mean"-

"Bleugh, gross!" I fake-gagged at Katsuki who wore a mischevious grin. "What's so gross about that?" He shot me a knowing smile.

I blushed and looked away, only feeding into his cockiness. "Not so gross now, eh teddybear?" He laughed like a maniac.

The moment he parked I exited the car and rushed to the front door, waiting for him to ring the doorbell.

He caught up with me, holding out his hand. I took it and waited for him to click on it. He understood and groaned. Katsuki always acts like it's such a pain to visit them but I know he likes it.

Not even a second after, the door opened with Midoriya grinning at us with his dark eyebags. He developed those when they had their kid, apparently kicks and screams all night.

"You guys!" Katsuki and I gave each other weirded out glances. Midoriya seemed insane and barely sleeps from what I know.

A carbon copy of dad.

"Hey! Midoriya, where are they?" Ochaco said from inside.

"Oh yeah!" He clumsily opened the door, slightly trembling.

"Hope you guys are okay, Izuku looks like you gave birth to a dragon." I chuckled, walking in too find Mina and Kirishima cooing at the cute child.

He had Ochaco's brown hair but Izuku's wild curls. Probably the most adorable mix ever.

"AH! Hiro!" I fangirled at the giggling boy. He loved it when Kirishima would put him on his lap. Ochaco told me previously that she just invites Kirishima when the baby seemed glum.

"Katsuki isn't he just the cutest?" I held the boy in my arms, his green eyes twinkling just like his fathera.

"Tch, I bet we could make a cuter child- WAIT"-

Mina and Kirishima burst out laughing. "Not here bro, there's a kid." He teased the angry man.

"Shut up damn it." Katsuki crossed his arms over his chest.


Later that night we got back to our house, I was in bed with Katsuki protectively holding my waist as he always does.

The thought of having kids lingered in my mind but I didn't want to tire Katsuki the way Midoriya was. Saving the world as the number 1 hero and having to take care of a child was a difficult job. And Ochaco still hasn't gone back to work from how sore her body is.

I didn't want to give up on being hero just yet.

"What's wrong, teddybear?" He kissed my cheek, making me face him. "You usually never shut up at night."

"I was just thinking about... kids..."

"Kids?" His eyes slightly widened, giving me the 'you aren't pregnant, are you?' Look.

"Yeah... but we're still too young, right? I mean we aren't even married yet..."

He scoffed and held my cheek with his calloused hand, warming me up both emotionally and physically. "I could change that." He playfully smirked.

I slapped his arm slightly and tsked at him. "Don't joke around like that." I warned.

"No seriously." He pulled me closer so that my body would be against his. "Let's get married, I want us to be the first"-

"Bro not everything is a competition, do you really want to marry for that reason?" I sighed, cocking an eyebrow at his childish words.

"No of course not, I really do love you."

My heart fluttered and I bit the inside of my cheek to keep myself from suffocating him in my arms.

"Good, for a second you sounded like Endeavor." I giggled at the gagging noise he made.

"I know he's a better person now but no fucking way!" He tightened his arms around me, "I would never hurt you like that. If someone ever did then I'd"-

I pecked his lip and pinched his still chubby cheek. Some things never change.

"Before you say anything else yes I will marry you."

His confused expression changed into a loving one, his shimmering eyes instantly becoming ten times as beautiful. "Good." He leaned into my palm as I caressed the scar on his cheek, reminding me of the agonising days of UA high.

"I've got you, you know?" He said, knowing exactly what I was remembering. That's what I loved so much about him, it's like we could read each others minds sometimes.

"I really thought I lost you that day." He mumbled, eyes becoming dull at the traumatising memory. Visions of my body going limp at the moment the ambulance had come, not waking up for another month, all that agony shown in his eyes.

I wriggled myself higher than him on the matress so that I could hold him to my chest. "It's okay now... I'm alive-... somehow."

I giggled as I could feel him lift my tank top until under my chest, kissing the scars I got from the incident.

"I got myself a strong woman"-

"Katsuki~ don't be cheesy!" I giggled as he pecked it again. "You know I'm ticklish there! Stop!"


If you guys didn't read the last book called 'dumbass' then it's ok. The things they're referencing will be explained if you ask me in the comments.

For now enjoy this book where a bebe Bakugo will be born💃💋

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