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Our little brats ||Katsuki||

Chapter 2

For the next few weeks, I'd be walking around with a ring on my finger as Katsuki's fiance.

I couldn't wait to get married, it was supposed to happen next month and neither could Katsuki. We told each other not to worry if we ever faced pregnancy and that we could make a descision upfront.

After patrol, I walked back home with him, exhausted from all that walking around. We thankfully didn't encounter any villains today.

The moment we got home he went to go take a shower as he always does. I started on the food so he could eat when he got out.

I left to go take a bath, not peeling my eyes off of the ring on my finger. At first when we started dating, I assumed I'd have to propose to him first, surprisingly he was the one to do it.

Which still left me shocked but somewhat excited about everything.

When I got out I saw the food untouched, a poker expression popping onto my face.

Checking the room, I saw him reading a book in bed, glasses on as if he were already a dad.

"Katsuki~" I crawled into his arms, alerting him that I was in the room.

"Hey." He kissed my forehead, proceeding to read again. I frowned and got off soundlessly, checking what he was reading but his palm was purposely covering the title. My curiosity helplessly grew.

From the corner of my eye I could see that he was squinting at me, as if to tell me not to annoy him. But that's my job.

I got back on him, wrapping my arms around his torso. "Can we go eat?"

"Mhm, I'll come down in a bit." He hummed, closing the book after seeing me try to read the paragraphs.

"What are you reading?" I fiddled with the white shirt he wore.

"Nothing important"-

"Come on you can tell me~" I whined, trying to reach the book he held away from me. "No way."

"No! Let me see what's so important!" I failed to reach it by jumping, resorting to the last and violent option.

The moment Katsuki could see what I was about to do he shook his head with terror in his eyes. "Teddybear, don't- I SAID NO!" He burst out in furious giggles, dropping the book and covering his body to stop me from tickling.

I snatched the red book and ran in the other room, flipping it around to see the title, "parenting 101"

He pounced on me, grabbing the book back with a glare. I laughed hysterically, leaning on the wall for support before crumbling down on my knees.

"I-" I wheezed, trying to stop myself at the thought of him being embarassed. He hated that feeling but I couldn't help myself.

I stole a glimpse of him, he stood there with scarlet cheeks and a deep frown, pretending to be mad at me.

"Baby I'm sorry"-

"No." He tried walking way angrily but I clung onto him, that had no effect as he continued to look away from me.

My cheeks filled up with air as I tried keeping the laughter in. "You were wearing your dad glasses and everything!" I continued to chortle stupidly. He groaned and peeled my arms off of him.

"I'm joking! Sorry!" I gripped onto his arm. "But that's too cute of you." I whiped my tears, cuddling his waist.

"You're hella annoying, you know that?" He glowered down at me, ruffling my hair.

"Whatever, let's go eat okay?" I dragged him downstairs with me. It wasn't a good idea to piss him off when he's embarassed, he usually ends up leaving for an hour walk and I didn't want that.

Playing with my chopsticks, I watched his chubby cheeks as he munched on the rice cutely.

However he quickly caught on that I was staring and furrowed his eyebrows, rolling his eyes at me.

"Sorry! I'm not smiling because of the book-" he squinted his eye in question. I nodded hastily.

"You're just so cute!" I held my face in my palms, my heart exploding just from the sight of him.

"You always say that." He couldn't help himself but smile like a shy fangirl. I yawned and told him that I'd be ahead of him to go to bed.

Before I could leave to my room, he caught my wrist, "Wait no- you promised to have a damn movie night with me!"

My gaze averted to the top left. "Ah yes... that... we can do it in our bedroom." I said, stretching with my whale yawn. At least that's what Katsuki called it. When I'm really tired I tend to bend backwards, it always scared him but I'm just flexible.

"Okay, I'll be there in a bit." He got up and pecked my lips, taking the dishes to the sink.

I smiled and went ahead, brushing my teeth then curling myself into a blanket burrito.

The lights were completely off, leaving the TV to shine a dim light on the bed. My palm slithered down to the scars on my stomach, proud of myself for making it out alive of there.

Sure it happened four years ago but it still kept me up at night. The only thing keeping me sane was the heavy weight Katsuki put on me when we cuddled.

That man will flop ontop of you and call it affection.

Still I enjoyed being suffocated by him.

At last the door creaked open with my favourite idiot of all time peeking in.

"If you hog the blankets again I'll leave your ass cheeks red."

I stuck my tongue out and wrapped the blankets around me tighter. "I'll make yours bruise so don't even." I smirked, keeping our eyes locked as he crawled on.

However, I uncovered my self and laid on top of him so the both of us could be in a blankie burrito.

"There, happy?" I said, holding his arms as they wrapped around my stomach.

"Yes." He proudly stated, resting his chin on my head as the documentary/horror film started.

I had no idea what his obsession was with them all. It was just movies on missing people and how they're bAsEd oN A tRuE sTorY.

And anyway, he always falls asleep before I do, leaving me to feel terrified.

Authors note:

WheN wILL tHiS bItCH geT PrEgGo

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