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Our little brats ||Katsuki||

Chapter 3

After waiting and waiting, the day had finally arrived. I was surrounded by all the girls, Momo, Mina, Ochaco and Jirou.

The jokes they made had me laughing but I couldn't help but cringe from my stomach churning. To think I was wishing for this day to come, now that it finally has I longed for more time to overcome how nervous I became.

"Come on, I always told you guys that they'd end up together." Jirou smirked, too cocky for her own good.

"And I always told you guys that Kyodenki would come true." I retorted, scoffing with the other girls when we saw her blush.

This was such a big day and nothing else could compete with it. None of my near death experiences could, none of the hardest fights I've nearly lost could...

Nothing... could.

"It's time." Momo alerted us, checking her phone for a split second. I shook my head with a whimper, tears welling up in my eyes.

The girls gave each other the classic 'aww isn't she so precious?' Smile to rub it in.

At last, my dad walked in which was their que to leave. He had his hair tied up in a messy bun, stubble shaved properly and in a neat black suit.

I burst out crying at the sight. If my dad looks clean and freshly shaved then it's obvious something could go wrong.

His lips arched up and he invited me into his arms. Without a second thought, I rushed in to them, crying on his shoulder.

"When you were a kid, you used to always tell me that you'd marry someone like me y'know..." He started, some kind of sadness laced in his tone. "I don't think Bakugo is quite like me"-

"Dad!" I groaned, laughing with him. This was a rare moment I'd treasure forever. My dad was genuinly smiling, with actual joy...

"Now let's go before he starts a fight with everyone." I took his arm with a chuckle, covering my face with my veil beforehand.

Bakugo and I didn't choose the traditional white wedding dress. We both decided on wearing each others favourite colours.

So he wore a black tuxedo but I never got to see him with it on and he never got to see what the dress looked like with me wearing it so we had to wait and see.

I was more nervous about what I seemed like in a huge red dress, I haven't gotten to wear one since forever.

Through my veil I could see him with his hair combed down. I stifled a laugh, knowing that the boys forced him to do it.

The guy who was reading out the vows was the person you'd least expect.

My dad let me go the moment I got the stairs, leaving both my stomach and heart to drop unnecessarily.

The vows began and I absentmindedly said 'I do' to everything, too focused on his gelled-down hair. His crimson eyes just barely blending in with the red veil I wore. His deep yet harsh voice tried to speak softly to the vows, causing me to eternally melt.

Without me realising, Midoriya was holding the silk pillow with the two rings on. I gently flinched when my hand was brought up, Katsuki gently pushing it down my ring finger.

Speechless, I did the same to him, glad the veil was covering my completely red face.

I knew everyone was watching and it made it even more nerve-wracking as I knew what was coming up. The veil I wore lifted up, only for me to lock eyes with Katsuki, whom had the appearance of a fallen angel.

I blinked, looking at smug Sero for him to announce it. He stumbled on his words, holding the book with the religious pose. "You may kiSs."

My throat immediatily formed a lump, keeping my eyes away from anyone but the man in front of me.

"Sh! He's about to publicly show affection!" I heard Mina whisper-shout, forcing my heart to bang against my chest, begging to leave.
Little chuckles erupted in the room from her stupid yet sly comment.

I shut my eyes tightly, preparing myself for what was to come. I knew he didn't like PDA, it mustn't be fun for him.

Surprisingly, when his lips landed on mine, they lingered for a couple of seconds before departing. So he didn't care, huh?"

Attempting to laugh, I accidentily whimpered, shyly turning to our clapping friends and family which- at this point I should just be calling them all family.

My dad crossed his arms with uncle Hiazashi winking at me by his side. I laughed, shaking my head at the banana-man.

"Teddybear.." he whispered, I hummed in response, not peeling my eyes off of my goofy friends.

"I love you." I smiled and pecked his cheek, "I love you too-" My voice shrunk, not used to displaying my romantic feelings.

Afterwards, we sat at the table listening to Kirishima, Sero, Denki and Izuku give a best mans speech despite the amount of times Katsuki told them to shut up.

I held his calloused hand, ignoring the goofs and glancing towards the girls taking turns to hold Ochaco's baby, Hiro.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Katsuki's groomed hair poofed up into his usual pomeranian cut. He growled in frustration.

I nudged him, "I love your explosion hair, keep it."

He gave me a soft grin, ignoring the children-like men on the stage, pushing each other.

Izuku had already left to go see Hiro, he truly loved his son. I already knew he was good with children but I didn't knew he had such a soft spot for them. To the extent his eyes were red from sleep deprivation.

When it was the 'dance' time both Katsuki and I refused, knowing we'd fuck it up. Mina continuesly dragged me out of my seat but Katsuki refused, knowing he'd embarass himself.

I giggled at his childish sulk. Sero and Denki were taunting him about it but I didn't mind, I left to go dance with Uncle Hizashi anyway. The man knew how to party more than any of us did so I was surprised he could slow dance.

Dad was fast asleep on the chair, snoring. I crept up on him and pinched his smooth cheek. Observing how his eyes fluttered open in the purest way possible.

"I love you, dad."

"I love you too kid but when is this over?" He yawned. Uncle Hizashi tutted and held my shoulder.

"Sleepin' at your daughters wedding? You truly haven't changed." He snickered, making dad glare at him. I giggled at the two men, they were too funny sometimes.

Cool aid man and catepillar...

"Hey kid." My dad called, I cocked my brows in response. He sat up properly, gazing up at me with dead serious eyes.

"You best not give me grandkids a few months after this." He glared and I understood what he meant. With a flustered expression, I waved my hands around frantically.

"Of course not!" I laughed nervously. Uncle Hizashi started groaning at the other mans words.

"But what if I want grandkids?!" He put his hand on his chest, offended.

I searched for words, not finding any fit for what he had stated. So instead I wondered around as the two men argued, finding Katsuki being pulled onto the dance floor by Kirishima and Izuku.

The angry man was barely resisting at this point, his surprisingly calm ruby orbs averting to meet mine. I blushed and nodded, letting him wait for me.

Scooping up my red dress, I carefully walked to the dance area, getting more embarassed as our friends howled in unison.

My arms slowly wrapped around his shoulders and I hid my face, timid from all the attention. Katsuki's warm hand held my waist, also trying to keep ourselves out of pictures.

"How we do move?" He whispered, glimpsing around to check if anyone was judging us.

I laughed and told him to just sway but it only made us seem more awkward.

"Wanna runaway?" He smirked and held his palm out. I returned his smug expression, taking his rough hand and lifting the dress out of the way.

Authors note:

Do you guys have any suggestions for a honey moon cos I have no idea where-

Like if were to choose I'd just pick a small trip with all my friends 👁👄👁

And no I'm not a child 🙄 I'M aLmOsT 16 mOM

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