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Last Gift - Terushima Yuuji X OC X Yamaguchi Tadashi


[COMPLETED] ‼️TW: Death and heavy angst‼️ is it possible to love two people at once¿ ___________________________________ {This book is NOT about polygamous relationship} [Story belongs to me but characters from Haikyuu belongs to Haruichi Furudate and art to respective owners. Please let me know the artists so I can credit them.] // I don't usually proofread my works. Please let me know if you find any errors \\

Romance / Drama
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“HONEY COME HERE”, Aoi called the girl in the room beside, her hands colder than any winter she’d felt.

“It’ll be alright”, Tadashi said gently holding her, helping her warm her.

“I-I hope she doesn’t take it b-badly”, Aoi said knowing the said girl in question.

“When has our daughter ever taken things to heart?“, Tadashi giggled, trying to lighten the mood.

“T-This is different...“, Aoi said softly.

“Yoooo! What happened?“, a girl said entering the room enthusiastically. She read the room and knew it was something serious by the look on her parents’ face.

“Mama?“, a green-haired boy with freckles came, rubbing his eyes.

“Mama needs to talk to onee-chan dear. You go sleep in the room, okay?“, Aoi said placing a soft kiss on his head. He looked at her one time with his beaming blue eyes before nodding and going back to sleep in his room.

“What’s with you two being serious?“, Yua laughed uncomfortably, addressing the elephant in the room.

“I-We want to talk about s-something”, Aoi said softly, a rare side to her.

“Hmm?“, Yua said raising her eyebrows, then the colour on her face instantly draining, “IT WAS JUST ONCE MOM I SWEAR”


“What?“, both Aoi and Tadashi said in unison.

“Oh-“, Yua realized it wasn’t what she thought it was. “Nevermind”

“No, tell us what you did”, Tadashi looked at her with suspicious eyes.

“I-Uncle Kei took me bought me first row tickets to the concert last week and took me there too...“, she murmured silently.

“Ugh, Tsukki never fails to pamper you”, Tadashi huffed for a while before realising that it wasn’t the main point of discussion. “Yua, while it may be a lot to take in, can you listen to what we have to say?”

“I’m all ears as long as you don’t say I’m being kicked out of the house”, she laughed.

“So...“, Aoi starts taking a deep breath in. It was one of the toughest decisions she had ever made. Aoi was a strong headed girl, always chasing what she wanted, not looking back at all. She was also clumsy and goofy when she needed to be, a girl anyone would fall for...especially him.

She tried to compose herself as she begun speaking. Tadashi continuosly held her hand, reassuring her that he was there, like he had always been.

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