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Succubus Y/N x MHA Characters smut


This is basically all about y/n being a succubus and having sex wit mha characters i dunno, read it if u want

Erotica / Fantasy
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Bakugou x Succubus


It’s Halloween and I’m in the mood for a hero’s dick. I get up from my bed and teleport to UA. Huh..I didn’t think my powers would teleport me here. *sniffs* What is that?! I follow the lustful smell and enter a bedroom that had a small purple guy sleeping in the bed. “Yeah, he is not my type,” I step back from the door, slowly closing it. As I turn around I bump into a rather muscular blond ash boy and we both end up falling. “Hey! Watch where you’re going extra,” he yelled at me. I didn’t pay much attention to his yelling but I did cover his mouth so nobody woke up from how loud he was being. “You’re cute when you’re mad,” I giggle. The tip of my tail traces his face as I watch his expression change. “G-get off of me dumbass,” he says while the tip of my tail traces over his lips. “Get off,” he yelled as he pushed me off him. I stand up and so does he. “What’s your name,” I ask, stepping towards him with a smirk on my lips. “Tsk. Katsuki Bakugou,” he mumbles, shoving past me. “Katsuki! I like that name. So Katsuki I’m assuming that a cute devil like yourself has a girl,” I say walking beside him. “No. Now go away extra,” he picks up his pace and I continue to follow him. “Nah I’m good! So where is your room,” I ask looking around the hall. He doesn’t say anything and soon enough we arrive at his dorm. “Go to your room will you,” he says while opening his door. I push him into his room as soon as he enters and hop onto him. “HEY! What the hell are you do-” I cut him off with a kiss and he deepens it. “Dumbass, what do you think you’re doing huh,” he asks while kissing my neck. He starts walking towards his bed and lays me down on it. “Shh Katsuki, just fuck me already,” I say smirking. I feel his hand run up my skirt and swiftly pull down my panties. He takes off his shirt and soon we were both naked and his large dick was slamming into me. I kept moaning out his name, so loud to the point where a group of people were knocking on the door asking if everything was alright and the next thing I know the door slowly opens while I moan out Bakugou’s name through my orgasm. I feel his cum shoot through me and hear a few camera shutters. “G-GET OUT OF HERE DUMBASSES,” I hear Bakugou yell out and then hear the group of people shut the door and run away. I lay back in his bed while he pulls out of me and sits back, leaning against his wall. I whine feeling empty and go over to him and grab his dick in my hand, slowly pumping it in my hand. I smile as I hear him groan and tilt his head back. I kitty lick the tip of his dick and start to lick up and down his length. I put my mouth around his dick and start to suck him off. I felt him twitch a bit in my mouth and he pulls out of my mouth. “I don’t want to cum again just yet princess,” he says and grabs me so that I’m straddling his lap. I could feel his hands grip my ass and move to the base of my tail all the way up to the tip and then feel a sharp pain on my ass. He starts to grip my ass again and then lifts me up a bit and puts me at the tip of his dick. His hands gripped my waist tight as he slammed me down and lifted me back up just to slam back into me. “Mmm..You’re still so tight baby,” He whispers to me and gives me a kiss, still slamming into me but faster. “B-bakug-saw s-slow d-d-doowwnnn,” I moan out, holding onto his shoulders for support. He only went faster and I felt my eyes roll to the back of my skull. I let out a long and loud moan as he continually hit my g-spot. “What’s the matter bear? Can’t handle me anymore,” he laughed and that snapped me out of it. I look at him and start to buck my hips and kiss his neck. I left a few hickeys here and there and soon I felt a familiar knot in my stomach. “Katsuki~ I-I’m gonna ccuuumm,” I moan out. “Wait for me princess,” he thrusts a few more and then tries to pull out but I tell him no and he tells me to cum. I let go and once again feel his sperm shoot through me. I lean on him as I come down from my high. I feel him kiss me on my forehead and then ask me, “Why’d you want me to cum inside you so badly?” “Oh. Well..It’s apart of my quirk,” I say and he continues asking me questions, like what’s my quirk, why was my kiss so hot and felt so good. After answering most of his questions we took a shower and I wore a t-shirt and a pair of sweats of his. After he got dressed he laid back in his bed and I laid down beside him. I don’t know why but something about him just fantasists me. I continue to stare at him and as soon as he looks at me I hide my face in his sheets. “What’s the matter teddy bear? Am I making you shy or something,” he asks me pulling his sheets away from my face. “Y-yes,” I say, hiding my face in his chest again as I feel my face go red. Just hearing him turns me on. I lift my head up and go to give him a kiss but he stops me. “No. Right now I want sleep and unless you can remove the aphrodisiacs from your saliva then you can’t kiss me bear,” he says with a sigh. I nod and go to leave his bed but he pulled me back into his arms. “Where are you going teddy bear? I want to sleep, of course, but I want you still here dumbass,” he said smiling and gives me a small kiss on the cheek. I smile to myself, knowing I wanted to stay in the first place. I fell asleep in his arms and woke up earlier than I had wanted to.

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