Never Alone Again ✔️


Sequel to "I Still Fucking Love You" Win smiles because yeah, Bright had said forever, but that's no more and Win is okay because he will never drive alone past that street.

Romance / Drama
Jac 💕
Age Rating:

Win's P.O.V.

This story is a response to a prompt from AO3.

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Win runs out of his home to take a quick grocery run. He hears his five-year-old son run behind him.

"Dada! Where are you going?"

Win smiles and turns around. His precious little boy, Dome, is honestly the cutest little bean.

He bends low and says, "Dada is going to the store sweetie. I'll be back soon, run back inside. May is staying a few more minutes to babysit you until Papa comes home."

He sees Dome pout cutely and says, "but you just got home, can't I go with you?"

Win coos. His son is so adorable. He can't say no.

He agrees and says okay, let's go put your shoes on and I will tell May she can go home.

He watches his son give him a bright smile. He is truly the sun in his life, while his husband is his star.

Dome runs inside and grabs his shoes and puts them on. While Win lets May know she is done for the day and watches as she leaves.

He quickly writes a quick note to his husband Loom and picks Dome up and they leave for the store.

They arrive a few minutes later. Win quickly collects what they need and cashes out.

Once they make their way outside, Dome sees his favorite place, Margie Play Cafe. It's a cafe that Win doesn't go to too often with Dome, but May takes him in the daytime.

He knows it's Dome's favorite place because he talks about it all the time and it has a section for kids to play in.

"Dada, can we go to Mawgie pwace?"

Win smiles because they have time and Loom won't be home for another hour. He agrees.

He puts their groceries in the car, thankful that they have nothing that needs to be refrigerated and they head over and enter the store.

Win lets Dome free to go play while he joins the line to order some coffee for himself.

He is just about to order when he hears a voice behind him that he will never forget.

He freezes but doesn't turn around. He steps forward and orders his coffee. He notices the voice talking on the phone.
When the barista gets his order, he finally braves himself and turns around.

There he is. Bright Vachiravit Chivaree. He sees Bright looking at him.

He realizes it might have been because he just ordered and Bright heard his voice.

Win notices that Bright is still as gorgeous as ever, but he no longer feels the ache of Bright being missing from his life.

Win gives him a small polite smile and says, "Hello Bright."

Bright had already hung up and was just looking at him.

Bright is still looking at him, but before he can respond, Dome runs up to him.

"Dada, can you lift me up on the slide?"

Win smiles at his son and bends to pick him up.

He says, "Yes, I can sweetie. Hold on for two minutes, Dada is talking to an old...friend."

Win notices Bright looking at Dome, he seems a little shocked, but it's quickly masked well.

Bright gives him a small smile and says, "You look happy."

Win says, "I am happy. It's been ages. How are you, Bright?"

Bright looks at him and smiles and says, "I am well, I have just come back to Thailand. My husband has moved with me here."

Win is a little surprised.
He replies, "Congratulations and welcome back."

He knew that Bright and Nevvy broke up, but he didn't know Bright got married.

He stopped keeping up with what happened with Bright. It took him almost eight years to get over Bright.

Loom had been a surprise in his life. The man brought so much love and light back into his heart.

Win fell in love with him quickly and deeply.

They had met seven years ago. They were friends for a year before they dated for two years and then got married and waited a few months before they adopted Dome when he was one year old.

Since then, it's been four beautiful years of blissful marriage and Win couldn't be happier with his amazing family.

Meeting Loom was truly a blessing. It was the first time since Bright that anyone was able to tear down the walls around his heart.

He had already begun to slowly get over Bright, but still had so many walls up around his heart.

However, when Loom came, Win found himself letting his guard down so quickly.

It was so easy to love Loom. Win felt like he could breathe easy again around him.

Loom was also the exact opposite of Bright, so Win was confident in his feelings for Loom because he was so different from Bright.

Loom did not have a similar taste in music to Bright nor Win. He liked country music.

Win cackled the first time he heard Loom admit his love for Thai country music. It was so unexpected.

To Win, Thai country music was what old people listened to and his husband could listen to Thai country music for hours.

He loved roasting his husband's musical taste, but his husband would just smile at him affectionately and say, "Different strokes for different folks."

Win always laughed at that and would respond, "stop using American phrases."

However, they bonded over that as well over the years. They would bond over famous last words of celebrities and famous cultural phrases from all around the world.

Win smiles thinking about his husband again. It's so easy to do that. Win can no longer imagine a life without Loom.

Before he can say anything else they hear the barista at the counter call for the next person in line, while Win's drink order is also called out loud to let him know it's ready.

Win says, "Well, see you around I guess."

Bright gives a small smile nods at him and walks to order his drink.
Dome begins to grow patient in Win's arms so he quickly moves to grab his drink and then head to the playroom.

He wants his son to get rid of all his extra energy before going back home.

Win looks back at Bright and realizes that he has truly moved on.

He knows he will always care about Bright, but he is no longer in love with him.

It's actually funny because just last week he drove past Bright’s old street to visit his own parents with his family in tow and he realized that he will never drive past that street alone ever again.

It's been so many times that he drove past that same street and he didn't even think about Bright.

His new family was with him and new memories now fill those places that were once haunted with Bright’s laughter.

He can remember his own husband’s Thai country music being blasted as they drive to his parents, passing that street.

He can hear his son’s voice saying, “Dada, are we almost at grandma and grandpa’s?” when passing that street.

He can hear his husband crack another joke about his sister’s pregnancy story while passing that street.

However, the best memory was passing that street after picking Dome up from the adoption agency to take him to meet his grandparents for the first time.

Win smiles because yeah, Bright had said forever, but that’s no more and Win is okay because he will never drive alone past that street.

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Don't forget to read Bright's POV in the next chapter. 🥰

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