Being Different Year 4


Anne's looking forward to a danger free year at Hogwarts, butt that's never going to happen is it?

Sofia Corsi
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The Front Page

Anne looked around her childhood bedroom, she had lived in this room since she was one and a half, now everything was packed away in boxes and all that was left was bare furniture.

Sirius and Remus had sat her and Harry down on the first day of the holidays and explained how it was no longer safe for them to stay at Elm Grove.

“We’re worried the house isn’t secure enough,” began Sirius.

“But we’ve lived here twelve years!” protested Harry.

“We know that Harry, but it’s different now,” said Remus calmly.

“We are worried that the deatheaters that managed to avoid Azkaban are working together. Pettigrew, Malfoy and Greyback were,” explained Sirius.

“But they’ve been caught,” pointed out Anne.

“There may be more of them.”

“They probably didn’t want to put all their eggs in one basket,” muttered Sirius.

“Do you think they might be after us?” stuttered Anne.

“We don’t know,” said Remus, “they might be, or they might have other plans.”

“Such as?” asked Harry.

“Releasing the deatheaters from Azkaban?” suggested Sirius.

“Or trying to resurrect their master,” added Remus.

Anne and Harry drew in a collected breath.

“Now come on you two you’re bright you know he’s still alive,” said Sirius, “you’ve both fought him, you’ve faced him twice Harry!”

“So where are we going to live?” asked Harry.

“12 Grimmauld Place, my old house,” muttered Sirius darkly.

“But you hate that place! You’ve always said it was hell growing up in there!!” Harry shouted leaping up from the table.

“I know Harry, but it’s much better protected!” said Sirius.
Harry had already fled the kitchen and they could hear him stomping around upstairs.

“I’ll go and pack then,” muttered Anne following her brother upstairs.

That had been two days ago, the same day a reporter had come around from the Daily Prophet to interview Anne about Greyback’s attack.

Anne double-checked that she had packed everything, they were leaving for London straight after breakfast. It wasn’t as if they were never coming back to Elm Grove, they weren’t going to sell it or anything. She would come back someday she thought as she took once last look at the room, she had grown up in.

Anne levitated her boxes wandlessly down to the kitchen. She had figured out last year that the Ministry only picked up on underage magic if you were the only witch or wizard in your household. This was a bit unfair on the muggle-borns like Lisa and Hermione but there was nothing she could do about that.

Her bowl of fresh fruit was on the table. The kitchen and hallway were filled with dozens of cardboard boxes all labelled.

Remus was sat at the kitchen table stirring a cup of tea and munching on a piece of toast whilst he waited for his Daily Prophet to arrive.

“Morning Anne,” said Remus trying to cheer her up.

She gave him a meaningful look as she started on her fruit.

“It won’t be that bad, the house just needs a bit of cleaning up, the Tonk’s and the Weasley’s have agreed to help, I’m sure it won’t take all that long!”

Anne shrugged in response and continued to eat her breakfast in silence.

Remus sighed as he began stirring his tea again, then he noticed the owl arriving with the paper.

“Here we go,” muttered Remus as he looked at the front page of the Prophet.

“What now?” asked Sirius slightly exasperated as he and Harry came traipsing into the kitchen.

Remus showed them all the paper and there on the front page was Anne blinking confusedly at the camera, accompanied by photographs of Pettigrew, Lucius Malfoy and Greyback.

“Best get the worst over with,” she muttered abandoning her fruit to listen to Remus.

Remus cleared his throat and began to read the article to the family congregated around the breakfast table.


Three nights ago on the 31st of June, the werewolf Fenrir Greyback along with escaped convicted murderer and death eater Peter Pettigrew attacked Hogwarts School of Witchcraft of Wizardry.

Lucius Malfoy who was on the board of Governors at the school helped Pettigrew and Greyback in entering the castle and was caught guarding the entrance to the Ravenclaw Tower

Greyback and Pettigrew attacked Ravenclaw tower, it is believed they were trying to kill Anne Potter. Pettigrew had already betrayed Lily and James Potter to He Who Must Not Be Named. It is possible that Pettigrew with help from Greyback was trying to finish the job he started by killing off one more member of the Potter family.

Fortunately, though for Miss Potter, it seems she was forewarned of Greyback’s attack. According to an interview with Miss Potter, she had been having strange dreams about the wolf for the last year.

“I always had dreams in the lead up to the full moon, I would know which location he was going to attack, the clue was sometimes a signpost. After the full moon there had always been an attack in that area.”

When our reporter asked Anne why she didn’t tell anyone about these visions she answered, “who would have believed me? I’m a thirteen-year-old girl, would you have believed me?”

Miss Potter continued by explaining a recurring dream that she had had over the last year, about a wolf attacking Hogwarts.

The night before the attack she realised that Greyback was coming for her and that he was going to attack Ravenclaw tower.

I asked Miss Potter about the rumour from earlier in the year that her worst fear was werewolves but despite this one of her guardians was still a werewolf Remus Lupin who had been a friend of Lily and James Potter.

“Firstly, those rumours were spread by Lucius Malfoy, who has just been caught helping Greyback attack innocent school children,” she began.

“Secondly those rumours are only half true, my boggart was Fenrir Greyback not just any werewolf. Uncle Remus is a kind gentle and understanding man, he would do anything to protect me and Harry, he would do anything to protect anyone!”

If Miss Potter’s worst fear really was Greyback, didn’t this make the fact that she knew he was going to attack even worse for her as she was expecting it?

“Of course, but that’s the thing about fears, you have to face them eventually.”

Fortunately for Anne and the rest of Ravenclaw house Anne was forewarned about Greyback and Pettigrew’s attack. By the time that Greyback and Pettigrew arrived most of the students were barricaded into their dorms, about two dozen students including Anne and her fellow third years were standing ready with their wands drawn.

“We had built another barricade over the entrance to the common room, we thought they would try to use the dorm. After about two hours we started to hear scrabbling and Pettigrew and Greyback tunnelled into the common room.

Pettigrew disarmed us and told me that I was foolish to have told my friends, it meant that more of us would die, when he only wanted me.

I managed to disarm Pettigrew wandlessly and the wands all flew back to their owners. We tied up Pettigrew and several of the older students guarded him with their wands. Then Greyback attacked, he had been waiting for an order from Pettigrew but now that he was powerless, Greyback did as he pleased.”

Greyback attacked the student standing nearest him, Miss Persephone Galentos (14) who is a friend and dorm mate of Miss Potter.

Miss Potter pulled out a sliver potions knife from her cloak pocket and charged at Greyback. She plunged the knife into Greyback’s heart and killed the werewolf.

By the time that the staff arrived, the students had taken down the barricade, Pettigrew was tied up and Greyback was dead.

Pettigrew and Malfoy were both arrested by ministry officials, they also removed Greyback’s body.

Pettigrew and Malfoy’s trials took place at the ministry yesterday. Malfoy was sentenced to life in Azkaban, for supporting He Who Must Not Be Named and helping Pettigrew and Greyback enter the castle. Pettigrew was sentenced to the dementors kiss which has already been administered.

At the end of our interview we asked Miss Potter about her opinion on werewolves in general.

“I don’t believe it is the werewolves in general who are dangerous,” she began, “but the people. Nobody is completely good or completely evil, the reason that there are so many werewolves today is because of Greyback, who was trying to build a werewolf army. It is not the creature that was dangerous but the person beneath.

Most werewolves protect themselves so that they won’t attack anyone during the full moon, my Uncle Remus for example locks himself in the basement during the full moons. Remus is not dangerous, but Greyback the man who turned him into a werewolf was dangerous.

The reason that werewolves have been receiving such a bad press recently is because of Greyback. Now that Greyback is gone I hope that people will realise that werewolves are not dangerous all of the time or monsters who deserved to be locked up or killed. Apart from one night a month, they are regular people like you and me.”

It is clear to us at the Prophet that the Wizarding World owes a lot to the young Potter twins Anne and Harry who are not yet fourteen. Harry, the Boy Who Lived defeated He Who Must Not Be Named at only fifteen months old, Anne managed to kill a werewolf which had been terrorizing the Wizarding community for decades.

Remus finished reading the article and looked across the table at Anne.

“I’m proud of you Anne, not just because you told the truth about the attacks, you were not afraid to express your own opinion. Those words on werewolf rights could do a lot to help us right now, especially coming from you.”

Anne blushed profusely, “thanks Remus,” she stammered.

“So Pettigrews dead then?” asked Harry.

“Not dead no,” struggled Remus, “he has lost his soul, but he is still alive.”

“Serves him right,” muttered Sirius.

Remus gave Sirius a significant look but didn’t say anything.

After breakfast, they loaded the boxes into the boot of the car. They had shrunk all of the boxes and trunks so that they could all fit in the boot of the car. Finally, they placed in Sirius’ broomstick and Harry’s Firebolt and then the two owl cages including Hedwig and Artemis, Anne’s pygmy puff who was also in her cage.

The four of them stood in the driveway and took one last look at the house. It was drizzling, a kind of miserable rain that wasn’t rainy properly but was still raining.

“We’ve got a lot of good memories here,” muttered Sirius.

“We’ll come back,” said Remus, “someday.”

The Weasleys had all walked over to check their flu address in London and wave them off.

“Dad just read us that article in the prophet,” said Bill.

“It sounds terrifying, I would have been so scared,” said Ginny, “Luna told me she was scared stiff, all she could hear from her dorm were strange noises and then one of the prefects came up and told them all it was safe to come out.”

“We thought it was wicked!” said Fred, George nodding profusely in agreement.

“We’re just glad you’re alright dear,” said Mrs Weasley giving Anne a hug.

“And that Greyback is longer a threat of course,” added Mr Weasley.

“We’ll see you guys at this address in a few hours,” said Sirius handing Arthur a slip of paper, “we’ve got to get there and open up the flu first. Heavens knows what kind of state the house will be in,” he muttered.

“Don’t worry Sirius,” reassured Mrs Weasley, “we’ll sort it, many hands make light work!”

“Anne,” checked Remus as they piled into the car, “you got Rose?”

Anne nodded holding up the little ragdoll which was now starting to become threadbare.

“Ok kiddo, let’s go,” said Sirius turning the key in the ignition.

Anne looked at the window as they drove away taking one last look at their wonderful house that they had become a family in. When they had first bought the house Lily and James had only been dead a few weeks and Sirius was still in Azkaban.

Sirius had taught them how to fly in that garden, Anne had never much enjoyed flying but she could fly perfectly reasonably when she had to. Remus had taught her and Harry how to read in that house.

Anne blinked for a moment and suddenly they had reached the main road and the house was no longer in view.

Tears started to run down Anne’s face as the rain drizzled against the car windows. She pulled Rose into a tight hug and started to cry quietly.

Remus turned around in his seat and saw Anne sobbing clinging onto her tiny little ragdoll, Harry was glaring stubbornly out the window looking at anything except for Remus and Sirius. He wished they hadn’t had to leave the house, but it didn’t have enough protection, anyone could find if they looked hard enough. At least Grimmauld Place was hidden from most people’s view.

After a while Anne stopped crying and dropped off to sleep in the back of the car. Anne had been sleeping a lot recently to make up for the restless sleep she had had over the last year because of the dreams about Greyback.

“Sirius, Remus?” said Harry softly not trying to wake up Anne
“Yes Harry?” asked Remus.

“Our ears are all yours prongslet.”

“I’m sorry if I’ve been a pain over the last few days. Its just I loved that house.”

“We all did Harry.”

“Still do,” agreed Sirius, “you sure you don’t want me to turn around Remus?” he asked eagerly.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” scolded Remus.

“Alright alright fine,” Sirius muttered, “the Hell Hole it is then.”

“But that’s part of the problem!” said Harry.

“What do you mean Harry?”

“Well whenever you mention the house Sirius, all you do is talk about how miserable you were or how it was a living hell on earth.”

“Well it was!” exclaimed Sirius.

Anne stirred slightly in her sleep and Sirius lowered his tone.

“To be fair though I think half of the problem was my parents, I hated them and the feeling was more than mutual.”

“Oh,” said Harry.

“It wont be as bad as you think,” said Remus, “and we’ve got the whole Summer to fix it up.”

After a few hours Sirius parked the car in a London road that looked more Muggle than any place Harry had ever seen. It was a street full of tall thin London town houses, there were families playing in the park opposite the houses and there was television blaring out of the open window of one of the houses.

“You sure we’ve got the right street?” asked Harry looking at the dilapidated houses with peeling paint. Many of the houses had now been turned into blocks of flats.

“I lived here for sixteen years Harry,” said Sirius getting out of the car and standing next to Harry, “this is the right address.”

Remus had been rousing Anne who had been sleeping lightly in the car.

“Where’s number twelve then?” asked Harry looking from eleven to thirteen.

Anne nodded in agreement.

“Think about the address,” said Sirius.

Harry and Anne thought hard about number twelve Grimauld Place, and instantly a house began to squeeze itself out from between numbers eleven and thirteen one brick at a time.

Harry and Anne stood on the pavement gobsmacked. Sirius walked up the steps to the front door whilst Remus grabbed a box out of the boot.

“Ye gods it worse than I thought!” yelled Sirius as he was hit with a cloud of dust as he opened the front door, “I wonder if that house elf is still even alive, Kreacher!!” he called clearly.


An ancient wizened looking old house elf appeared in the hallway.

“Ah so master has returned at last,” said the house elf.

“If you haven’t been cleaning in the five years since my mother died,” began Sirius, “what have you been doing exactly?”

“Not now Sirius,” said Remus gently carrying a large number of shrunken cardboard boxes, “let’s get the kids inside.”

Anne and Harry walked up the steps into the house nervously. The hallway was full of dark objects including a stuffed trolls leg umbrella stand. There was also a hideous portrait of a an old woman.

When Sirius came into the house carrying several shrunken trunks the portrait began to scream at him.

“How dare you come here! How dare you befoul the house of your ancestors with filthy half breed and blood traitor scum!”

“Hello Mother,” Sirius said to the portrait, “believe me,” he said talking to the portrait and Kreacher, “if there had been anywhere else, I would have gone there, but there isn’t, and I have to protect my family.”

“They aren’t family,” said Mrs. Black sneering at the twins and Remus, “they aren’t Blacks!”

“They are my family,” said Sirius firmly, “this is my house and we are moving in whether you like it or not!”

Harry started applauding his godfather but stopped very soon seeing the glare he was receiving from the portrait.

“Why don’t you lot go check the condition of the rooms whilst I open up the flu,” said Sirius once they had loaded all the luggage in the hallway.

Harry and Anne rushed upstairs to check the bedrooms whilst Remus checked the downstairs rooms.

Most of the rooms were covered in inches of dust, when they arrived on the third floor there were only three bedrooms, the master bedroom, and two others which both had signs on the door.

One had Sirius’ name on the door and looked like it hadn’t been entered in years, probably not since Sirius left nearly twenty years ago. Harry went to check the master bedroom whilst Anne went into the bedroom marked Regulus Arcturus Black.

It was now clear to Anne what Kreacher had been doing for five years, keeping his old masters and their perfect son Regulus’ rooms in pristine shape. There was not a speck of dust in the room and the sheets looked like they had only been changed yesterday.

There was not a thing out of place all the books were organized neatly on their shelves.

There was a collage of newspaper clippings on Lord Voldemort which made Anne feel slightly sick to the stomach, so she decided to try to ignore it.

She was more drawn to a large locket which was on Regulus’ desk, it seemed very powerful, it was almost calling out to her. But why would a teenage boy have had a locket like this she wondered.

She walked over to the desk and picked up the locket.

“What are you doing with Master Regulus’ locket?” asked Kreacher in an accusatory tone. He had just appeared next to Anne out of nowhere.

Anne took another look at the locket and recognised Slytherins signature mark a snake.

“Snakes aren’t in the Black family crest, they are in the Slytherin, why did Regulus have this locket?”

Kreacher looked at Anne confused.

Anne took another look at the locket and then to the newspaper clippings. Suddenly something clicked. Regulus had been a death eater, in their second year Voldemort had revealed himself as the heir of Slytherin.

“Has this locket got something to do with Voldemort? Is this why Regulus disappeared?”
Sirius had never told her much about his younger brother, only that he had been his parents favourite child, joined the death eaters and eventually disappeared.

“How do you know?” stuttered Kreacher.

At this moment they were interrupted by Harry coming into the room.

“I’m telling you, we could really use Dobby at a time like this, this house is in a right state!”


“Harry Potter called Dobby sir?” asked Dobby appearing suddenly in Regulus’ bedroom.

“What the!” shouted Harry.

Sirius came up at this moment to find a very strange scene.

The twins were standing in Regulus’ room, Harry was being hugged by a house elf whilst Kreacher was staring in shock at Anne who was holding an locket that he had never seen before.

“What is going on here?”

“Dobby is a free elf, Harry Potter called for Dobby and Dobby came.”

“That’s very nice Dobby,” said Sirius absentmindedly, he was more confused by the way that Kreacher was looking at Anne.

“I think from what Kreacher just said this locket belonged to Regulus, and its why he died.”

“Kreacher said nothing!!” squeaked Kreacher.

“I asked you if it had something to do with Voldemort or why Regulus disappeared and you answered, ‘how do you know?’” she explained.

Kreachers jaw dropped and then he burst into tears and crumpled onto the floor.

“I promised not to tell anyone,” he sobbed.

Sirius had left the room muttering something about contacting Dumbledore. Harry and Dobby left with him.

“Kreacher listen to me,” said Anne gently kneeling down to join him on the floor, “you didn’t tell me, I guessed.”

“I promised not to tell the family,” he continued.

“Am I a member of the Black family?”

Kreacher looked at Anne uncertain for a moment, “no,” he admitted.

“Exactly, now we don’t know what this is but it looks like it could be a dark object, I was drawn to it when I came into the room.”

“Master Regulus told Kreacher to destroy it,” said Kreacher for some reason he seemed to like Anne, it was probably because she was the first person to talk to him like a human being since Regulus had died sixteen years ago.

“Sirius is looking for Dumbledore, he is a very powerful wizard, he could try and destroy it for you, but you will have to tell him everything you know about it, could you do that for me?”

Kreacher looked at her uncertain, “he will destroy it?”

Anne nodded.

“Ok then,” said Kreacher as he stopped crying.

Anne got up off the floor and held out a hand to Kreacher to help him off the floor.

They walked back downstairs together Kreacher clinging firmly onto the locket.

“I’ve called the Weasleys,” said Remus as they arrived in the old kitchen, “they’re not coming till tomorrow now, Albus will be here in a few minutes.”

Harry was talking to Dobby on the other side of the kitchen table.

“So you’ve been looking for work since the Malfoys freed you?”

“Yes Harry Potter sir.”

“But you can’t find any because you want paying?”

“Yes Harry Potter, I want paying and being able to wear my own clothes, Dobby likes clothes!”

“Kreacher,” asked Anne gently, “I know you’re not a very young house elf, would you like Dobby to help you look after the house?”

Kreacher looked outraged.

“You could be his boss, tell him what to do,” added Sirius.

Kreacher considered this for a moment.
“I’d still be in charge?”

“Yes Kreacher of course,” said Anne.

“It is a very large house….” Kreacher muttered.

“How much would you like to be paid?” asked Remus.

“One Galleon a week sir.”

“But that’s nothing!” protested Harry.

“How about two Galleons a week?” suggested Remus, “and you can have weekends off.”

Dobby looked astounded at their generosity, “Dobby likes work, two days off a week is too much.”

“One day a week?”

Dobby nodded.

“Welcome to the family,” said Sirius shaking his hand.

“Thank you, sirs, and miss!” exclaimed Dobby, “thank you very much!!”

A few minutes later Dumbledore arrived via the flu.

“Hello Harry, Anne, I need to talk to your uncles and Kreacher in private for a moment.”

“But I found the locket!” protested Anne, “sorry sir,” she muttered.

“No you are quite right, you can stay Anne and Harry too, I know anything that you know Anne you will probably tell your brother,” smiled Dumbledore.

Anne sat back down next to Kreacher and Kreacher told them all about the locket and the cave.

“So that’s why Regulus disappeared?” asked Sirius slowly.

Kreacher nodded, he was in floods of tears again.

“So the locket has to be destroyed?” asked Remus.

“I think I know what it is, that locket is a horcrux.”

Remus and Sirius looked shocked.

“You cant be serious,” said Sirius, “even Voldemort wouldn’t have..”

“Ah yes Sirius but we have already destroyed one piece of Voldemort’s soul, the diary a little over a year ago?”

“Contained Voldemort’s soul?” said Harry.

Dumbledore nodded.

“We can’t fully destroy Voldemort until we have destroyed all the horcruxes.”

“How many are there?” asked Remus.

“That I don’t know, I’m still trying to find out, there is a possibility that one of the horcruxes is an item from Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, this locket was Slytherins and I know one of the others was Hufflepuffs.”

“Gryffindors sword isn’t a horcrux is it?” asked Harry nervously.

“No,” said Dumbledore smiling slightly, “the sword is not a horcrux.”

“Maybe I could ask Helena if she knows anything when we get back to school,” suggested Anne.

“Helena?” asked Dumbledore curiously.

“Helena, the Grey Lady? She’s Rowena Ravenclaws daughter.”

“That is a good idea Anne, for now though I need to destroy the locket.”

Dumbledore went over to the fireplace taking the locket with him.

“Kreacher,” suggested Remus, “why don’t you show Dobby and the twins around the house?”

“You could try and pick some bedrooms whilst you’re at it,” agreed Sirius.

Kreacher showed them proudly round the house, it was almost like he was being a tour guide.

The kitchen was in the basement, the first and second floor contained the family rooms, the sitting room, the drawing room, the library, things like that. Then there was three floors of bedrooms, the first of these contained the master bedroom and Sirius and Regulus’ old rooms. The fourth and fifth floor had three more bedrooms each and a bathroom on each floor. Then there was just the attic.

They knew that Sirius would want his old bedroom back, Harry found that he quite liked Regulus’ old room, it needed redecorating as it was currently covered in Slytherin banners but the room was a good size and it looked out over the muggle street. Also it was right next door to Sirius’ room.

They decided to leave Sirius’ parents room as a guest room for now.

Anne found a room that she quite liked on the fifth floor, there were only two bedrooms on this floor, instead of a third bedroom there was a small library. Most of these books looked ancient but less dark than the books in the main library downstairs.

Anne’s room was painted an eggshell blue and had a large desk which had a small bookcase over it. There was a large canopy bed with light blue curtains.

“This room has not been used in many years,” explained Kreacher, “it was used as a guest room but originally belonged to one of Sirius’ aunts, she loved books, but she unfortunately died very young, she was only sixteen.”

The room was covered in inches of dust, but Anne could tell that underneath all of that dust that the room was actually very pretty. It even had a window seat looking out over the muggle street below.

“If you and Remus move in up here,” laughed Harry, “we may never see you again, you’ve even got your own private library!”

The two-house elves and the twins headed back down to the kitchen now that they had had the tour of the house and chosen bedrooms. When they arrived in the kitchen the locket was placed in the middle of the table, it had a large hole in it but other than that, it looked exactly the same.

Sirius picked up the locket and passed it to Kreacher.

“It has been destroyed?” he asked looking at the locket.

“Yes, you can keep it if you want, Regulus would have wanted you to.”

“Thank you Master,” said Kreacher stroking the locket.

It was slightly creepy thought Sirius but he didn’t say anything.

Remus checked his watch, “would you look at the time! Its half past five!”

“Why don’t we go some food, there’ll be a takeaway nearby,” Sirius suggested to Harry.

“I think,” suggested Remus, “we should start off by cleaning the bedrooms and bathrooms we will be using, as well as the kitchen, we will be needing those more immediately.”

Kreacher nodded firmly.

“We don’t have to start till tomorrow though, we can sleep in the sitting room tonight.”

“Actually, Harrys room is already clean, the decorations need changing though.”

“Well that is easily sorted!” said Remus heading up the stairs.

He went into Regulus old room and took down the Slytherin banner and the collage of Voldemort and placed them in the attic.

Anne showed him the other bedroom on the fifth floor on the way back down from the attic.

“I’ll have to go through all these books before you can read any,” said Remus as he looked around the small library, “you promise?”

Anne faltered for a moment, “I promise.”

“That’s my girl,” he said proudly, “now come on I bet Harry and Sirius have come back with some food by now.”

When they arrived in the kitchen Harry and Sirius had brought home a stack of five pizzas.

“We weren’t sure which toppings you two wanted,” said Harry pulling a pizza of the top of the pile and passing it to Dobby and Kreacher, “so we got you plain cheese.”

“Don’t worry Anne, we got you a fork,” laughed Sirius passing her a plastic fork they had got at the pizza place.

Dobby and Kreacher looked confused at the strange cardboard box containing the triangles of bread, tomato sauce, and cheese.

Then they saw Harry, Sirius and Remus picking up slices from their pizzas and cautiously tried this themselves.

Once they had gotten other the initial shock off eating out of a cardboard box, and being invited to eat with the family, Dobby and Kreacher found they quite liked the pizza.

After dinner Harry and Anne headed up to bed, it had been a long day. As Anne’s room wasn’t clean yet, but Harry’s room had a double bed they shared a room for just one night.

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