You've Got Mail


Two continents. Two Alice's. Two forbidden loves. Alice Cullen lives in Texas, Alice Brandon lives in England. Each have their own forbidden romance. Two girls connected by more than just emails......

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1 - ENGLAND

You've Got Mail

A/N: Heyyy everyone! This is a story co-written by KittieKat121 (A.K.A Kitten) and Jalice2254 (A.K.A Pixie)'s a little hard to co-write a story because we live on different sides of the world, but we're managing ;) So KittieKat121 is writing the English chapters (Because I'm English...) and Jalice2254 is writing the Texas chapters (Because she's from Texas...) but we come up with ideas together and...well, hope you like it! Enjoy :)

2nd A/N: Hey! This story was originally posted on on the profile of KittieKat121. As I said above, it's co-written with the fanfiction writer Jalice2254. Please go ahead and check out both of our profiles for some great stories - if we do say so ourselves! ;)

Chapter 1


To: Alice Cullen

From: Alice Brandon

Time Sent: 10.07am

Subject: Reply when your stupid country wakes up ;)

I need your help and you're asleep, dammit! I hate time zones, officially. How are things over in Texas? You're peacfully sleeping whilst I'm sat in History having a mental breakdown. The hottest guy in the world just walked into my classroom and sat down. Next to me.

He must be like some Greek God, I swear. And oh my stars, he just answered a question and his voice! Swoon! He's so hot I'm literally melting. This is bad. I cannot get a crush on this guy! He's only just started at my school, but we'd all heard of the infamous Jasper Hale long before he transferred. He's got a reputation - and it's not a good one.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT, let me get involved with this guy Alice! Not that he'd ever be interested in me anyway; I'm sure he could have any girl he wanted he's so damn hot.

I know it's crazy o'clock over there, but reply ASAP? I'm in need of a reality check. Love you Pixie. Ttyl?

I slipped my phone back into my pocket and stared down at my textbook. I was supposed to be answering questions, but it was a little hard to do that with the Greek God sat next to me as a distraction. I had to keep sneaking glances at him to check that I hadn't just imagined up this perfect being beside me. He was tall - he easily stood a foot over my meagre 5' 3" - and lean but muscular. His honey blonde hair fell to just above his collar in that effortless just-rolled-out-of-bed look that would sure come in handy with my own hair in the mornings. And what made it even more annoying was that I didn't think he'd spent hours in front of a mirror perfecting that look like most of the boys at school...I think he genuinely rolled out of bed looking like that. Must be to do with being a God.

His stormy blue eyes suddenly met my dark brown orbs and I quickly looked away, but not before I saw the smirk that spread across his face. He'd caught me. Damn. "See something you like?"

I turned my head to look at him again and saw that the smirk was still in place. Somehow, it made him even hotter. Get a grip, Alice! I mentally slapped myself and ordered my lips to form a polite smile. "It's Jasper, right?"

"The one and only Jasper Hale." Jasper confirmed.

"I'm Alice." I told him, "Alice Brandon."

"Hello Alice, Alice Brandon." Jasper said.

"Funny." I commented as I rolled my eyes.

"So was there a reason you've been staring at me for the past half hour?" Jasper asked. He'd noticed all along? Well, he could have said something!

"I wasn't-" I began.

"It's okay." Jasper interrupted, with a wink, "I'm used to it."

"I wasn't staring at you." I protested, "Am I not allowed to look at you?"

"Look all you like, no objections here." Jasper said, the smirk reappearing. He was not making the whole do-not-get-a-crush-on-Jasper-Hale thing easier for me. Maybe I could just avoid him. Or join a convent and avoid men all together. Somehow I didn't think that was going to work. The bell announcing the end of the lesson made me jump and I realised that I hadn't said anything for almost a full minute. Jasper stood up to leave, but turned back before he disappeared into the crowd, "See ya Alice."

The last thing I saw was him winking at me before he was swallowed up by the mass of students trying to all squeeze through the door at once. Damn him and his God-like hotness. I decided to just forget about it and go to my next class. He made good eye candy, but he wasn't boyfriend material. He was notorious for heart-breaking as well as rule-breaking, and I could certainly see why. Half the girls in the classroom had been sneaking looks at him all lesson and the other half had just openly stared.

There was no avoiding it; Jasper Hale was hot. I wasn't going to let it get to me.


Five minutes. The clock seemed to be ticking slower and slower as it edged towards lunch. Tick tick tick. Bella was copying my homework in a mad rush before we had to hand it in at the end of the lesson, and I was trying to slyly check my phone for a reply from Alice. Pretending to use the calculator function on my phone when really checking my email seemed to be working for me this year.

There was no reply. Made sense, it was only 6.20 in the morning over there. With any luck, Alice would wake up soon and reply giving me the virtual slap that I needed. In the last 2 hours Jasper had only entered my mind once. Trouble was, he'd never left again.

"Alice?" Bella nudged my arm, ruining the swirly pattern I'd been absentmindedly drawing across my maths work.

"Hmm?" I asked looking away from my disappointingly empty inbox.

"You've been daydreaming for the last 2 hours." Bella said, nudging me again, "Who's the guy?"

"There's not a guy." I said, looking down at my phone again. There were some things I just couldn't tell Bella, no matter how much I loved her. She wouldn't understand. That's what Alice was for. She may live in a completely different continent, but she was my absolute best friend and I knew she'd be able to help.

"I think you're lying." Bella said, turning to poking me instead of nudging me. "If not a guy, then what have you been thinking about?"

"Just stuff," I said vaguely, "Exams are coming up, work's crazy, maths is the most boring subject in the world...why not daydream through it?"

Bella gave me a doubtful look, but she didn't press it. The bell rang and we gathered up our stuff and walked out of the classroom together. I made a quick stop at my locker before crashing in the form room. I finally got a reply from Alice.

To: Alice Brandon

From: Alice Cullen

Received: 12.45pm

Subject: RE: Reply when your stupid country wakes up ;)

I'm awake now, Kitten! Hating the time differences isn't exactly anything new, ya know... I hate them just as much as you! Things couldn't be any better!:) My sweet 16 is coming up in less than a month and I can hardly wait! Daddy says that on my birthday, we'll go look at cars! Eep, I can't wait!

Sounds like you're having LOADS of fun ;);) so what's he like?! Tell me EVERY THING, AliKat!

As much as he may be a "Greek god," Kitten, I bet his voice isn't as smexy as the ones around here... As far as bad boys go, you know what they say.."A girl dreams about a bad boy who is gentle only for her. A boy wants a good girl who is naughty only for him."

Now, Kitten, what kind of friend would I be if I let you get involved with this guy?! Not a good one, that's what!

Alice Brandon! Any guy would be lucky to have you! I've heard of his type; hell, I know someone just like him! But what if YOU'RE who he wants, hmm?! What would happen then?! I'll always give you a reality check, darlin'; you know that...All you have to do is ask!

Love you more, Kitten! And yes, you will definitely be talking to me later!:)

Oh, I loved my best friend! She told me just what I needed to hear. I grinned at my phone and wrote her a reply instantly.

To: Alice Cullen

From: Alice Brandon

Sent: 12.47pm

Subject: RE: Reply when your stupid country wakes up ;)

You're so lucky; I have to wait a whole other year until I'm 17 before I can drive. England sucks.

Jasper...I don't even know where to begin! He's gorgeous - longish blonde hair, dazzling blue eyes, and you just KNOW he's hiding a six pack under that school uniform...about a foot taller than me, naturally. :/ No, there is something about a Texas accent that just about kills me...but idk Pixie, his voice is pretty good competition!

And as for "A girl dreams about a bad boy who is gentle only for her. A boy wants a good girl who is naughty only for him."...I CAN'T be that girl! I actually want to make it through school and Jasper's already been held back two years - which is practically unheard of in England. Oh yeah, did I not mention? He's 18. Pixie, you've gotta help me. I can't stop thinking about him. This will pass right?

It's all irrelevant anyway. No matter what you say about guys being lucky to have me, there's no way someone like JASPER HALE would ever consider going out with me. I'm sure he's got plenty of girls that are his age and much hotter than me throwing themselves at him left and right.

It's fine; he wouldn't want to date me and I don't want to date him. But WHY did he have to be so freakin' hot? I can't get him out of my mind, Pix! It's not like I can avoid him when he's in half of my classes. Did I mention England sucks? You mind if I just move over there and hide out with you until I forget about him?

Love YOU more Pixie...;)

I hit send and started concentrating on what Bella had been talking about whilst I'd been writing my reply to Alice. Something about a house party that we'd already decided to skip.

I looked up as a girl I'd never seen before entered the classroom. She was tall, with perfect blonde curls cascading down her back and gorgeous blue eyes with a purple tint that made them look almost violet in colour. She was thin and had curves in all the right places and I couldn't see a single imperfection on her face or body. She made everyone else in the room look bland in comparison. She looked like she could be a lingerie model or a famous runway model.

"Who's that?" I asked, wondering why we had two new students starting at the same time.

"That's Jasper Hale's sister, Rosalie." Bella said, glancing at the girl, "She transferred here at the same time he did."

That made sense; she had a goddess like beauty that was similar to Jasper's. Of course I'd heard of Rosalie - she was almost as famous as her brother, and for very similar reasons - but I'd never seen what she looked like before. She was two years younger than him, so this was the year she was actually supposed to be in, but she could easily pass for eighteen. Hell, she could probably pass for twenty. Looking at her, she could be Jasper's twin sister.

"Is she in our tutor group?" I asked

"Looks like it." Bella said as Rosalie placed her designer handbag on a desk and sat down on the chair, kicking her high-heeled feet up and resting them on the table.

"She wasn't here in morning registration." I commented.

"I saw her and Jasper outside the head teacher's office this morning." Bella said, "Probably showing them around or something."

Or they'd managed to get themselves in trouble before they even started; I wouldn't put it past them. The pair were known for getting suspended and/or expelled from several schools for various things. If the gossip was to be believed they'd done everything from spiking teachers food to breaking in at night and super gluing all the doors shut. Just another reason why I shouldn't get involved with Jasper.

Apparently, my darling friend Alice had a different idea as another email came through on my phone.

To: Alice Brandon

From: Alice Cullen

Received: 12.52pm

Subject: RE: Reply when your stupid country wakes up ;)

He sounds hot, Kitten! And NO, his voice is in no way comparable to these Southern darlin's down here, lol...

You CAN be that girl and if it's the last thing I do, I will help you BE that girl! Who cares if he's been held back?! He could be dumber than a rock, as long as he's as hot as you say he is! And besides, age is just a number, babe! Who knows?! You probably can't quit thinking about him because you have a CRUSH on him...!

Yeah, well, you obviously need to go eat some chocolate to get your esteem going this morning... Screw left and right, babe! When I'm done with you, Alice Brandon, you will be throwing yourself STRAIGHT INTO his arms! You got me?!

He's hot for a reason...To find that one goody two-shoes to be his bad girl, obviously!:):) Take advantage of having him in your classes; draw attention, make him see you...ATTRACT HIM!

As much as I love you, Kitten, HELL NO you can't hide out with me! You are going to get yourself a piece of that fine specimen named Jasper Hale and YOU ARE GOING TO LIKE IT!

I can't say I love you until you've at least gotten that boy's attention... Sorry, babe!

I rolled my eyes and hit reply.

To: Alice Cullen

From: Alice Brandon

Time Sent: 12.55pm

Subject: RE: Reply when your stupid country wakes up ;)

ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKIN' MIND?! What happened to "what kind of friend would I be if I let you get involved with this guy?!" hmmm?!

Trouble is, I don't think he was held back because he's dumb. From what I saw in History, he's actually pretty clever. I don't think it helps that he's been in like six different schools in the past five months...and whether I CAN be that girl or not, I don't think I WANT to! I've heard about the long line of conquests that follows the name Jasper Hale and honestly, I don't think he's the kind of guy who stays in a relationship for more than one night, if you catch my drift.

I think we've established that I have a CRUSH on him, thank you Pixie...that's kind of the problem here! I also think that every other girl in the south of England has a crush on him.

I wouldn't call myself a goody two-shoes. I've been in my fair share of trouble, but Jasper's been in enough trouble to share out between the whole student-body and then some! I think it's a bad idea, Pix. I was counting on you to stop me doing this, but it looks like I'm just going to have to use my own will power. Problem; my will power runs away screaming "You're on your own, kid." whenever I look at those gorgeous blue eyes of his...

Listen though, babe, I've gotta go - I'm major swamped with work I've gotta do before this afternoon's lessons and I'm gunna see if I can sniff out some of that chocolate you talked about...;);) I'll talk to you later Pixie...have a good day! And FYI, I still love you even if you won't say it back you meanie...

I hit send and then dragged Bella off to the library in search of a textbook and then to the vending machine in search of chocolate (All that was left - as usual - was Nutri-grain bars so my need for chocolate went unsatisfied.) before heading back to the form room to do my work and hoping to God that Jasper wasn't in any of my lessons that afternoon, because I didn't know how long my will power could hold out...

A/N: Heyyy again! Hope you liked the first chapter and will continue reading!! Next chapter will be set in Texas, written by the amazing Jalice2254 about Alice Cullen, so stay tuned for that ;)

Just a side note, the time difference is that Texas is six hours behind England. (So at midnight in England, it's 6pm in Texas)

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