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Hello Lovelies, Hello World


AU where Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are Youtubers.

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Chapter 1

(Harry’s POV)


“Hello lovelies! Welcome back to my channel, beautiful people.” I speak to the camera. My setup is pretty simple and low-key. Just a simple ring light, a voice amplifier, and of course a camera. We are in the living room and all my equipment was standing on the coffee table.

Leaning back on my grey couch, I stare into the camera and smile. “I have a surprise for all of you,” I say to the imaginary people. Waiting a second before continuing to build the suspense, I pull my best friend Niall into the camera’s view. “We have Niall,” I exclaimed.

Niall is stumbling from the tug I gave his arm, over exaggerating as he falls to the ground. I hear a small oomph come from under me. Grabbing onto the coffee table, Niall pulls himself up off the floor and plops down next to me.

“Hello, you beautiful fu-” Niall starts, getting interrupted with my hand over his mouth. Giving him a cautious look, I remove my hand from his mouth, not before he licks my palm. I release a shriek as I feel his tongue make contact with my skin. Jumping up, I wipe my hand on my black skinny jeans. Sitting back down, I give Niall a small slap to his face.

“Ugh, that was so nasty and you know that we don’t swear here. This is a family show,” I scold. Niall rolls his eyes as I use the catchphrase that all the fans know.

“Or is it?” We both say at the same time, Niall doing it under his breath as opposed to me who yelled it so loud the entire apartment complex could probably hear.

Niall lets out a small sigh before returning to his focus to the camera. “We should probably start unless we want to be here all day,”

I nod and return my attention to the lens. “Today my beautiful subscribers, Niall and I will be putting makeup on each other while blindfolded. As you all know, we are not make up artists so this will be much worse than if a makeup artist would have done it.” I explain today’s video.

Niall reaches for the plastic bag on the glass table. Pulling out the various products that we got, he organizes them on the table. “Harry here did not have makeup so we will be using drugstore makeup and probably will end up getting rashes on our faces,” He chuckles. He was wrong though. I went through all the ingredients list on all the things I bought and checked if any of them were harmful to human skin or if it contained anything we were both allergic to.

“Niall if you don’t mind, you will go first because I want to get it over with,” I suggest.

The blonde boy starts to speak before I interrupt him again “You can’t say no. It’s my channel I get to decide,” I say more firmly.

Rolling his eyes for what seemed like the hundredth time today, Niall reaches for the mirror, showing me his face. I see my face give a confused look through the mirror. Why do I have to look in the mirror? We haven’t started yet, I thought to myself. My questions are answered as Niall speaks up.

“See that Haz. That’s you before I make you beautiful,” He jokes, giving me an evil look.


I’ve been sitting in the chair for ten minutes waiting for Niall to finish. The video of course won’t be this long. I’ll be cutting out the non interesting parts. Niall made me agree to a deal that I would have to wait until we both finished our makeovers before I looked into the mirror, and I would be lying if I said I was okay with it. Curiosity was killing me. And that evil look the Irish boy gave me before we started was enough to let me know that I would not be looking like a model.

Stepping back from me, Niall stuck his tongue out giving me a faux serious look. Giving me a satisfied smile, Niall turned to the camera to let them see his work. “Ta da, what do you guys think? Stunning isn’t he,” He teases.

“Oh but Niall the only problem now with you being done is it’s now your turn,” I say to him.

Turning to the camera giving them a smirk, “You guys ready to see the first pretty leprechaun.” Niall’s eyes grow big with fear as I approach him with a tear drop shaped sponge.

Though I have a sister, I don’t know a single thing about makeup. All I know was Niall was going to look like a hot mess by the end, minus the hot part. I grab the concealer and apply a cakey layer using the sponge. I used the color of concealer that was evidently a shade or two darker than the blonde boy’s original skin color.

Once I spread out the concealer, I grab something that is called bronzer and put it on Niall’s nose. I had successfully made his nose look like Michael Jackson. I let out a small giggle that makes Niall open his eyes to look at me. “Close your eyes, lad, I’m not done yet,” I order.

Putting the bronzer away, I grab a very dark color of blush and cover his cheeks with the blood red shade. Next I pick up a green lipstick and I smudge it all over his lips. I use a black mascara and draw a heart in the middle of his lips. I also use the mascara for his eyelashes but I make sure I make clumps at the tips. I take the eyeshadow palette and take the most highlighter looking shade of yellow to put on his eyelids. Grabbing the eyeliner, I drew a line as straight as me on both eyelids using my left hand to make it look shaky. Adding the final touch(red lipstick heart in the middle of his forehead), I tell Niall that I’m ready.

“Done Nialler.”

He opens his eyes, letting out a small snort as his eyes make contact with my face again. Flipping the mirrors wrong side over, I give Niall one and keep one for myself.

“On three we flip” I tell him. He nods.

“Three, two, one” We both say, turning the mirrors over at the same time. I have eyebrows drawn onto mine with the same green lipstick I used on Niall. I have mustard yellow and neon orange lips and eyelids. Instead of using bronzer or concealer I have blush all over making me look like a tomato with electric yellow stars on both of my cheeks. It was amazing(not in a good way a funny way).

We both burst out laughing. Niall’s throwing his head back while I’m doubled over laughing.

*Five Minutes Later*

We are both trying to catch our breath as we start to settle down. Mascara is streaming down both our faces due to the tears we spilled while giggling like maniacs. “Alright guys, I’ll see you all at the end of the week for my next video, but you already know the drill. Please subscribe and give me a like. Also I will be coming to VidCon this year, so if you’re going to be there stop by to say hi, I’ll be there for all of next week. That’s all. Signing off my lovelies, H” I say turning off the video.

“I’ll edit this later, I need to clean my face up.” I say to Niall.

“Alright, mate, I have to go, I have work later and I’ll need at least an hour to scrub this off.” Niall gives me a hug, grabs his bag and leaves.

Releasing a sigh, I lean back on my couch and close my eyes, drifting off to sleep without intention.

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