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Hello Lovelies, Hello World

Chapter 2

(Louis POV)


Huge smile on my face, I turn on the camera in my hand. “Hello world, welcome back to my channel. Today’s video will be a bit shorter than my others but remember quality over quantity,” I laugh at the cheesy saying before continuing.

“So I’ve been planning to do this video for a while but as we know online shipping is shit. Basically in today’s video I will be going around my friends houses and throwing weighted blankets on them.” I explain.

Grabbing the grey blanket from the floor, I try to lift it up for the camera to see. I struggle to keep it up long enough for the camera to get a shot of it before I am forced to drop it to the floor. “As you can see that is a real weighted blanket. Unless you really think I’m so weak that I can’t lift a simple piece of fabric, then you can see that this is real, so let’s get started.”

Turning off the camera, I grab the blanket, my keys, my wallet and the camera and make my way to my driveway. Unlocking my white Toyota Camry, I put the things in the passenger as I start to drive.


Arriving at one of my stops of the day, I turn off the ignition and hop out of the car, my camera in hand and blanket tucked in my under arm. I fumble around the dirt in the flower plant looking for the spare keys. After playing in the dirt a while, I find the spare and plunge it into the keyhole. Hearing the satisfying click of the lock, I wipe the dirt off my hands and step inside.

The house was huge, nothing like my simple flat. It had two sets of stairs leading to the second floor where all the rooms were. Like who needs two stairs, not me that for sure. I didn’t like having too big of a home. It makes me feel more alone then I actually was.

Zayn didn’t mind of course. He was quite a showy guy. Always like, ‘I’m so hot, man. Girls must fancy me.’ He wasn’t wrong of course. Wherever we were, girls are constantly throwing themselves his way. Whether it was for his looks, his money, or his fame, or all sometimes, girls were always chasing after him.

I felt bad for him and even more I felt bad for his girlfriend, Gigi. She was such a sweetheart she really didn’t deserve people going after her man. Gigi helped Zayn through tough times and our group was always thanking her. The girl was a saint.

I snap out of my thoughts, realizing the longer I stand around the more likely Zayn is going to catch me. Tip toeing up the stairs, I wait for my best friend to walk past the stairs.

It feels like hours before I hear steps nearing my spot. Lookin through the railing I find the perfect moment and pull out my camera. “Alright guys, my time to shine has come.” I whisper.

“There’s Zayn and here’s the blankets,” I flip the camera showing them both the raven-haired boy and the blanket that weighs a ton.

“Gee, why is the door open? Did we invite someone over?” He calls out for his girlfriend. I stifle a laugh as I realize that I kept the door open when I walked in. Ehh, at least now he knows not to let just anyone know where his spare keys are kept. Especially his Youtuber best friend that can’t help playing a prank.

I see Zayn walking to the staircase and I know it’s my time to strike. Lifting the blanket, I watch as it goes over the railing and straight onto Zayn. The brown haired boy crashes to the ground with the great umph and I can’t help but let out a loud laugh.

“Did I forget to mention that Louis’ over, babe,” I hear a voice laugh from behind me. Turning around I realize it’s none other than Gigi who has been standing there the entire time. I almost crap my pants as I see her towering over me with silly string in her hand. Though I would never admit it, Gigi is taller than me, and the fact that she boxes is a huge reason why I don’t play any pranks on her.

I lift my hands up in surrender.“Gigi, please. Gee, come one we’re friends, right? Come on, don’t I just take a shower today.” I beg. She gives me her model smile and continues to walk over to me. Using my butt to slide across the marble floor, I feel my back hit a pair of legs knowing this is where it was going to end. Lifting my head to look up, I see freaking Liam Payne tower over me, holding another can of silly string. Knowing there’s nothing my begging can do now, I close my eyes and let them go at me.

Curling up into the ball on the floor, I could feel the semi-wet semi-sticky texture land on my skin and of course my hair. Seriously, I said I just showered and they got it right in my hair. I let out ridiculous shrieks and screaming for Zayn to come save me. But he didn’t come. When the cans are finally out, I open my eyes to see Zayn just chilling with his own camera with a smug smile drawn on his face.

“How did you know?” I whine to the three people standing in front of me.

“Someone forgot that they share the same Amazon account as me,” Liam says sing-songy and a grin evident on his face. They are all smiling like the Cheshire cat.

“How did you guys pull this off?” I ask, confused how they pranked the prank masta from doncasta.

“That was all Zaynie,” Gigi beams. Of course it was Zayn. He is my partner in crime for most of my pranks, it makes sense that he would be able to think of a brilliant plan.

“It was easy really. Once Liam told me what he thought you were up to, I quickly crafted a plan. I knew once you got it you would prank us straight away because you really aren’t that patient. We all agreed that I was the bait because you always want to out best me as the best prankster in the group, even though we all know that we are better as a team. Gig and I offered Liam to stay in the guest room until you broke in. And you thankfully are as predictable as normal so it was actually quite easy,” Zayn explains smugly.

I pout at all of them and cross my arms. “Since all my best friends decided it would be funny to gang up on me, I won’t be talking to you,” I huff. They all give each other an evil look that I know the meaning to before the two boys attack my side with tickles while Gigi holds the camera.

“You have to say ‘I promise to never prank you guys again’ if you want us to stop,” Gigi commands. Not wanting to have my viewers see me a giggley mess, I try my hardest to let the words out.

“I-i prom-mise t-to neve-er prank yo-you guys ag-again,” I say in between laughs.

“Good, now boys get off of him,” Gigi orders. Staying true to their words, the two boys got off of me giving me a chance to breathe.

Once Gigi, Liam, and Zayn go down to the kitchen, I add a little something to their promise. “I promise to never prank them again for a week.” I say, looking at the imaginary camera like I’m in the office.


I sat on the island in my kitchen, having finished editing the footage that we all collectively got at Zayn’s house. It normally didn’t take me long to edit a video, but it took me a bit longer this time because Zayn was hovering over me to make sure I didn’t delete any of the footage they got. I had to drive all the way home in order to finally get some peace and quiet.

Once I was done uploading this one, I went straight to the comment section.

My favorite part of what I do is looking at the comments once I upload a video. Not only was it a confidence boost but a lot of them made me laugh. And this one was no different.

‘OMG I screamed when I saw he posted’

‘His smile brings happiness to my day’

‘Louis feel free to call me if you need a new group of friends you want to prank’

‘Living for this friends group’

‘He looks good even with the silly string’

‘His giggles were to funny, the only person who screams like that is my little sister’

‘I’m surprised he didn’t let out a butt load of swears at them. Knowing this man I wouldn’t be too surprised.’

’And here we have a video that should have been called ‘Zayn Malik looking like a god feat. his best friend’ ″ I let out a loud laugh at that one. The minute Gigi see’s that she’ll be all over that girl. Not really though Gigi wasn’t one to get too jealous. But I was glad that I decided to wait until I was home to upload the video. If I was still at their house both of them would have attacked me.

Shutting down my computer, I finish packing for VidCon and prepare for my sister staying over tomorrow for them to come with me to VidCon

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