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Phoenix: Blow a spark || ATEEZ


Born from the ashes, created by magic, but ruled by nature. These kids seem innocent at first, but when demonry takes on them, they're more dangerous than the world itself. Their most powerful weapon is also their greatest weakness. Let the fire burn them, and they'll disappear to what they came from. From ashes they came, to ashes they go. Living in the secrets, San and his friends find out that not only their kind of magic is ruling the world, but another one is too. It thrives them deeper, wanting to explore the new form of magic, but in blindness, they're not aware of how strongly the dark energy is messing up their minds, resulting in a much worse outcome, than what you ever would expect it to be. When you blow a spark, the magic will come to you. ____ It's about love, friendships, and the desire to dive deeper and explore a new world you never had believed yourself to see.

Fantasy / Mystery
Age Rating:


Welcome to one of my other crazy ideas!


In this story you’re about to get entangled with magic, myths and mystery, and I’m so excited for this!

This is probably a story I will only update when I have the time, but the idea was pleading me to write it down already and here I am, thinking that I as well just could publish what I already had written ^^

Before we start I just want to mention some things;

I like to call it that all the characters in my books are based on the idols and not the idols who are turned into a character as I would clearly never be able to describe anything as it is in real life. Keep that in mind, this is just fiction ><
And just to mention again, there’s a lot of facts in this story there’s not true, so don’t believe everything there’s written is proper facts.

This is a story based on my own ideas, so be aware of that I don’t tolerate plagiarism, thank you.

English isn’t my first language, so there will a hundred percent be grammatical errors, wrong spelling, and such. Although, I’ll try my best!

This story contains;

character death.. (?)
mild mature scenes

Another thing I thought was important is that I fully respect the term ‘magic’. I know for someone that this sounds weird if not crazy, but nevertheless, I believe in spiritual life and energies, which means also magic. Magic isn’t only about what we most of the time associate with when we hear the word. Magic is also about healing, meditating, mind working, nature, soul connecting, and more. It’s all about your body and mind’s health and balance. And I respect those people who practice all this way more than I do. I am no expert, so obviously there will be some parts in the story where I’ll be creative with how the magic works. That also means when we come to enchantings where someone has to say special sentences or words to bring the spell to work, I will not write the full enchanting down. Maybe I’m being a little superstitious, but you never know!

This book contains ships as well!:


(I can’t help it, but I love those ships)

Blow a spark © 2021 Leedorable

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