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Will Izzy get heart broken by Jeon Jungkook ? Read to find out babes.

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Chapter 1

Name: Izzabella Kim

Age: 16

Info: There is a boy have liked for like ever and his name is Jeon Jungkook he always is rejecting me but I never give up my parents are on a long business trip!

Friends: Kim Jisoo Son Mya Lee Olivia

Everyone thinks I am a nerd...I mean I kinda am but they don’t like me for that.I live with my Eunnies. Or: Js:“Yah wake up we have school you two!”

I get up then Olivia follows. Mya: Jisoo: I go do my routine.Or: Or: Hair: I grabbed my things then a banana milk.

Js:"Girl again with the Jungkook?"

Mya:"Yeah like come on."

Izzy:"Shh let's go."

I smile we go to the lobby then the car.

We got to school.

We were in the hall way then I heard lots of girls cheering and I knew it was Jungkook and his friends.

Izzy:"I'll be back girls."

I smile.

Js:"Girl your gonna get embarrassed stay here."


Izzy:"I'm fine."

I go through the crowd.

Izzy:"Hey Jungkook I brought you this."

I hand him the banana milk.

He smiles then signals me to move out the way I do so then he throws the milk across the hall then walks away with everyone.

People were laughing.


I first go and put my things away.

Js:"You good?"

I fake a smile.

Izzy:"Yeah no prob"

I go over and grab the Janitors mops and stuff and start wiping it.

Then girls come by.

Girl:"Oops sorry loser."

She pours the milk on the ground.

Everyone laughs even Jungkook.

I just wipe everything up.

Olivia:"SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!"

They walk to me and help.

Then we all get up.

Izzy:"Thanks guys."

We go to class.

TIME SKIP it was lunch.

I bring lunch to Jungkook.

Izzy:"Hey Jungkook I brought you lunch."

I smile.

Jk:"Bell...just go away I have my own."

I nod then walk away.

I sit down and stare at him.

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