Being Different Year 7

They Are Coming

Anne was stood in her room trying to pull on a light gold floaty dress. It was such a beautiful colour at Tonk’s wedding that Fleur had decided to have the same colour for her bridesmaids. The only jewellery she was wearing was her protective charm bracelet from the Lovegood’s.

Fortunately, this dress did not have quite as many layers of tulle and petticoat as the one she had had to wear for Tonks. Fleur had asked her Ginny and Gabrielle to be her bridesmaids. There was also a concealed pocket in the dress where Anne had hidden her wand in case she needed in the middle of the wedding.

Anne then sat on her bed as Rachael did her hair.

“There’s just so much of it,” muttered Rachael as she brushed out the mass of think waist-length hair.

Fleur had got Anne some long lengths of ribbon for her hair which matched the gold in the dress.

Rachael separated her hair like she usually would if Anne was wearing her hair in a half up. She braided the other half, into a tight spiral at the top of Anne’s hair. Rachael braided the gold ribbons into the hair that was going in the spiral.

“You look so pretty!” exclaimed Olivia.

“Can’t I come?” she begged.

“I’m afraid not no Livi,” Anne said as Rachael did her make up.

“But I don’t want you to go,” said Olivia as she started to burst into tears.

“It’s ok Livi I’m still going to be here,” said Rachael.

Olivia knew that Anne wasn’t going to be coming back from the wedding, and she didn’t want Anne to go.

“Livi,” said Anne carefully turning to the little girl sitting next to her on the bed.

“You’re going to be ok Rachael’s going to look after you.”

“But what if I never see you again?” she sobbed.

“Come here,” said Anne pulling her in for a hug.

“Mind the hair,” mouthed Rachael.

“Olivia, you know you mean a lot to me.”

“Then promise me you’ll come back!”

“I promise, that I am going to do my best to come back for you someday.”

“Anne,” said Hermione poking her head around the door, “we’ve got to go.”

“Look after her,” said Anne passing Olivia to Rachael.

“Good luck!” called Rachael as they went down the stairs.

Sirius and Harry were already standing in the hallway in dressrobes waiting for them.

“You got everything?” asked Harry.

Hermione nodded and clutched firmly onto her handbag.

They stepped out on to the front steps of the house and Sirius side apparated with Harry whilst Hermione went with Anne to the Burrow.

The wedding didn’t start for a few hours but a lot of the Order where arriving early to help set up security for all the guests.

Not everyone was coming, some people like Julian had to stay at home with the kids. If too many members of the Order came it would look suspicious, so the Scamander’s weren’t coming, and neither were the Longbottom’s. Remus and Tonks were coming but they had left Teddy at the Finch Fletchley’s. None of the Hogwarts’s staff were coming, it would be far too suspicious if they showed up. Kingsley was working at the Ministry tonight, but Moody was coming.

They apparated about half a mile away from the Burrow. The four of them walked up the path to the house where the Delacour’s and the Weasley’s were waiting for them along with Mad Eye who had showed up early.

“Anne!” exclaimed as they came towards the house.

“Tu est tres belle!” she said having kissed her on both cheeks.

“Tu aussi,” said Anne.

“Don’t be so silly,” chuckled Fleur, Fleur wasn’t ready yet and was wearing a pair of jeans and t-shirt because she hadn’t done her hair or make up yet.

“Bonjour Anne,” said Gabrielle waving at Anne.

“Bonjour Gabrielle,” beamed Anne, “comment ca va?”

“Bien merci, et tu?”

“Bien aussi, t’aimes l’Angleterre?”

Gabrielle seemed to think for a moment.

“Oui, mais il ya trop de pleu.”

“C’est vraiment,” chuckled Anne.

“What are you two jabbering away about?” asked Harry with a confused look on his face.

“Gabrielle was telling me she likes England, but there is too much rain.”

“Come on Anne,” said Fleur ushering Anne upstairs, “we have to get ready.”

“One moment,” said Moody interrupting them.

“I need to talk to those three,” he said looking firmly at Harry, Hermione and Anne.

“Somebodies in trouble,” sang Fred and George.

Anne followed Moody nervously to the sitting room where he wanted to talk to them.

“Right,” said Moody sitting down.

“Rumour has it you three are planning on going on a little outing?”

“What are you talking about?” asked Harry chuckling.

“Don’t play the innocent with my ladey,” said Moody shaking his head.

“We all know you three won’t be going back to school in a month, that would be ruddy suicide.”

“You can’t stop us,” said Hermione firmly.

“Who said I was trying to?” asked Moody.

“Dumbledore left us a mission,” Harry explained.

“Do you need any help?”

“No,” said Harry, “we’re all sorted.”

“Good,” nodded Moody.

He reached behind the sofa and handed Harry a large parcel a bottle of sludge coloured liquid.

“Is this Polyjuice potion?” asked Harry.

“You’re going to bloody need it,” nodded Moody, “don’t worry I’ve got plenty more where that came from myself.”

“What’s this?” asked Hermione indicating the parcel.

“Think of it as a late birthday present,” he said indicating that Harry should open it.

“It’s a radio,” muttered Harry more confused than before.

“When Voldemort takes over, we’re going to be using radios to pass on messages” Moody explained.

“Not everything is short enough to be said on coins.”

Anne blushed slightly hiding behind some of her loose hair.

“Those coins are going to be very useful Anne,” said Moody, “I’m impressed, but we’ll be using the radios too.”

“Do you have ways of contacting anyway other than the coins?”

“The mirrors,” muttered Anne remembering the three mirrors in Hermione’s handbag.

“Good,” said Moody, “use them. Let us know you’re alive every now and again.”

“Is there anything else?” asked Harry.

“Don’t get yourselves killed,” said Moody, “we need you.”

Harry nodded before going to help set up in the garden.

Hermione and Anne headed upstairs where the other girls were getting ready.

“Should we do Ginny and Gabrielle’s hair the same?” asked Hermione.

“Oui,” nodded Fleur as she did her make up at the mirror.

Hermione did Ginny’s whilst Anne did Gabrielle’s

Gabrielle was jabbering away in French to Anne as she did her hair.

Before long they were all pulling on the dresses and Hermione was helping Fleur place the tiara in her hair.

“We ready?” asked Monsieur Delacour poking his head around the door.

“Oui Papa,” nodded Fleur getting up from the dressing table.

Hermione raced down the stairs so she could get her seat as she was not part of the bridal party.

Ginny, Gabrielle and Anne straightened out the skirts on the dresses and headed out to the marque. Gabrielle was handed a flower basket and went in front of her father and older sister.

Gabrielle scattered golden flowers down the aisle and Fleur and Monsieur Delacour walked up the aisle after her, followed by Ginny and Anne.

When they reached the front of the marque, Ginny and Gabrielle went to go sit down, Charlie was Bill’s best man and Anne was Fleurs maid of honour, so she had to stay standing to support Fleur.

The ceremony was beautiful. At the end Fleur and Bill joined hands and the officiant bound them together for life.

Within seconds waiters with goblets of champagne began to appear throughout the tent.

“Congratulations,” said Anne to Bill and Fleur who were still standing next to her.

“Thanks Anne,” said Bill as they both gave her a hug.

“You look beautiful sweetheart,” beamed Remus as he came over to her.

“Thanks,” Anne muttered pulling at a strand of her hair.

“Honest question Anne,” asked Tonks, “how bad do I look?”

Tonks was now five months pregnant and was starting to show, there was a clear baby bump showing under her dress robes.

“You look beautiful Dora!” beamed Anne giving her a hug.

“Well I’m afraid I’m not up for much dancing tonight,” said Tonks, “so I’m going to have to lend you Remus, he loves dancing at weddings.”

Remus chuckled slightly, he loved dancing, he always had done, but as Tonks was five months gone it probably wasn’t the best idea.

Remus settled Tonks at a table with a jug of pumpkin juice and hit the floor with Anne.

“Come on sweetheart,” he chuckled as they finished playing the opening waltz.

“You ready?” asked Remus.

Anne nodded beaming at him.

Remus had taught Anne how to dance properly and always loved weddings because it gave him a chance to show off his tricks on the dance floor. Usually he and Tonks did all the dips and tricks, but Tonks was pregnant.

Before long everyone kept on clamouring to have a turn at dancing with Remus, but Remus wasn’t having any of it. He didn’t get to see enough of his Anne at the moment anyway and was making the most of it.

After dancing for a few hours Remus and Anne went to go check on Tonks who had been watching them.

“You two enjoying yourselves?” she beamed as they came over.

“Hmm,” nodded Anne sitting down next to her.

She was boiling, Remus was a very enthusiastic dancer and she desperately needed a drink.

“I’ll go get you two some drinks,” chuckled Remus going over to find a fresh jug of water.

“Where does he get all the energy from?” asked Anne.

Remus had just finished twirling and lifting her around the dance floor for an hour straight.

“I have no idea,” said Tonks, “but he’s got good stamina, which is great in the bedroom.”

“Oh my God,” muttered Anne slamming her head into hands, “I did not need to hear that!”

“Not need to hear what?” asked Remus as he came back over with the iced water.

“Oh nothing,” smirked Tonks, “just girl talk.”

Remus shrugged and poured Tonks and Anne a tall glass of water each.

“I want you to drink all of that Dora,” said Remus firmly as he handed it to Tonks.

“Yes, alright Remus,” muttered Tonks as she sipped at the water.

“You ready to go again?” asked Remus as Anne finished her water.

“Sure,” chuckled Anne.

Remus started twirling her around the floor again. He was in the middle of lifting her in the air when Anne’s charm bracelet began to burn.

She suddenly clammed up in the middle of the lift.

“Annie?” asked Remus putting her back down noticing something was wrong.

“Sweetheart?” he asked nervously.

She pointed towards her wrist and Remus noticed that the warning charm was glowing bright red. They were in some very serious danger.

Remus started searching around the tent frantically for Harry. Harry had spent the whole evening with Ginny, they had spent most of it dancing, but some of the time they were kissing in dark corners of the marque trying to hide from Ginny’s Great Aunty Muriel.

He spotted Harry on the other side of the marque, his arm around Ginny’s waist and talking to Victor Krum.

Anne had gone into shut down and Remus started pulling her towards where Harry was standing with Ginny.

They didn’t make it that far however when a Lynx patronus landed in the middle of the dance floor right in front of them.

The patronus opened its mouth and Kingsley’s voice came bellowing out of it.

“The Ministry has fallen. Scrimgeour is dead. They are coming.”

The patronus disappeared just as suddenly as it had appeared, and the room was full of screaming people. There were cracks of people dissaparating left right and centre, but there was also people in black hoods apparating in.

Clearly the Weasley’s wards hadn’t been good enough, the deatheaters were here.

“Come on,” Remus yelled pulling her towards Harry as quickly as he could.

Anne was hyperventilating, there were too many people screaming.

A deatheater in a black hood grabbed hold of Anne’s other wrist and tried to pull her away from Remus.

“Get away from her!” yelled Fred casting a stinging jinx on the deatheaters hand, releasing Anne’s wrist.

“Harry,” said Remus giving him Anne’s wrist, “look after her.”

Harry nodded nervously.

“Go,” Remus prompted having given them both a quick hug.

Hermione took hold of Harry and Anne’s hands as another deatheater walked over towards them.

Anne was spinning and the next thing she knew she was somewhere she didn’t know and it was pitch black.

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