Being Different Year 7

Creoso i Grymru

“Where are we?” stammered Harry.

Anne was still hyperventilating, she had just been seconds away from being kidnapped by a deatheater, if Fred hadn’t been there, the deatheater might have been able to pull her away from Remus.

“Lampeter,” said Hermione as she riffled in her handbag, “I hope.”

She pulled a torch out of her handbag and turned it on.

She shined her torch on a sign which read, Creoso i Ceredigion and a second sign right next to it which read Creoso i Lampeter.

“What?” whispered Harry.

Hermione shined her torch slightly lower and read the same signs in English. Welcome to Ceredigion and Welcome to Lampeter.

“Thank god for that,” muttered Hermione.

“Harry, take your dress robe off, it will just look like your wearing a nice pair of trousers and a shirt with a tie.”

Harry nodded and took off his robe from other his shirt and trousers and passed it to Hermione.

“You ok sis?” asked Harry.

There was no answer but a lot of hyperventilating.

“It’s ok sis, you’re alright now, we’re safe,” Harry assured her.

“We need to find the war memorial,” said Hermione, “Charlie’s meeting us there.”

Hermione shone her torch around, and they eventually found the road to the town centre and before long they found themselves in front of a stone war memorial.

“Hermione, Anne’s really not doing to well,” Harry muttered.

“I know Harry,” Hermione said looking around frantically, “but we need to wait for Charlie.”

They stood waiting by the war memorial for at least ten minutes before Charlie showed up who was looking everywhere for Harry, Anne and Hermione hoping he was in the right place.

“Thank Merlin!” muttered Charlie as he came running over to them.

“I was about to give up,” said Charlie.

“Come on Annie,” said Harry putting an arm around her waist, “you need to get some sleep.”

“Hmm,” she muttered only half hearing him as Harry led her away.

“We should find somewhere to set up for the night,” said Hermione, “we’ll move on in the morning.”

They eventually found an empty field just outside the town to set up the tent and Hermione and Charlie placed the wards whilst Harry put up the tent.

“We should be safe here tonight,” said Charlie as they finished.

Harry led Anne into the tent and tucked her into one of the four beds.

“I’ll take first guard duty,” said Charlie once he had changed into jeans and a jumper.

“Coins,” Anne muttered.

“She’s right,” said Hermione, “we should check them.”

Hermione pulled the bag of coins out of the bag and saw that several of them were glowing.

“There’s one from someone called Legolas telling us to be careful, the ministries been taken over.”

Harry nodded; they already knew that.

“There’s another message from Romulus.”

“Remus,” Anne muttered.

“Right, well Remus sent us a message saying, ‘everyone safe, call you later.’

“The deatheaters are probably interrogating them or something,” muttered Harry.

“I’m gonna go tell Charlie everyone’s ok, I’ll be back in a minute.”

Anne nodded slightly as Harry left the tent.

Harry came back a moment later and sat down on Anne’s bed.

“Go get some sleep Hermione,” Harry said.

“You sure?” asked Hermione.

“Yeah, we’ve had a long day.”

“Ok,” said Hermione as she went to change into the pyjamas.

“You ok Sis?”

Anne shook her head slightly.

“Everyone’s alright and Remus is going to call us, I promise.”

“There was a deatheater,” Anne stammered.

“What?” asked Harry shocked.

“He tried to grab my wrist and drag me away from Remus.”

Harry’s mouth dropped open slightly.

“If Fred didn’t use a stinging hex I might not even be here,” she sobbed finally bursting into tears.

“Come here sis,” said Harry opening his arms wide.

“It’s ok,” he whispered as she cried into him, “its ok.”

“I want Remus and Irwin,” she stammered.

“Remus is calling later, Irwin’s probably asleep.”

“You should get some sleep too Annie,” he said gently.

“Remus,” she muttered.

“He’s fine, he’s calling in a bit.”

“Try this,” said Hermione, passing Harry a bottle of calming draught.

“Come on sis,” Harry coaxed, “you’ll feel better.”

Anne grimaced slightly as she downed the potion. Hermione passed her a pair of pyjamas and Anne got changed.

Harry tucked Anne into bed and kept an eye on her as she got to sleep.

As the sun started to rise in the morning Hermione took over from Charlie on guard duty.

Finally, at seven o’clock in the morning Anne’s mirror started to ring.

“Guys!” Harry called “it’s the mirror!”

Hermione came running in from inside. Anne was still sleeping lightly, and Charlie was reading a book on the sofa

“Hello?” said Harry picking up the mirror.

“Harry!” breathed Remus in relief.

“What happened?” asked Hermione.

“Everyone got out, they interrogated us for hours, Dora and I only just got home.”

“What did they want?” asked Harry fearing the worst.


“Well,” sighed Remus, “more specifically you and Anne.”

“Thank God we got you two out when we did,” muttered Hermione.

“Is there anyone missing?” asked Harry.

“Charlie Weasley,” said Remus, “he disappeared in the middle of the chaos, nobody knows where he is.”

“It’s ok Remus,” said Charlie heading over to the mirror, “I’m here.”

Remus sighed deeply in relief.

“Thank Merlin,” he muttered, “you do realise Molly is going crazy?”

“Yeah I know,” said Charlie, “but if I’d told I was going with this lot she would have tried to stop me.”

“I’ll let her know that you’re alright,” nodded Remus.

“Where’s Annie?”

“She’s asleep,” said Harry, “I had to give her a calming draught.”

“But she’s alright?”

“Yes, Remus she’s fine,” nodded Charlie.

“I’ll tell the others you’re all alright, don’t forget to watch the coins, Moody’s going to try and set the radios up within a few days,” said Remus.

“Go get some sleep,” said Harry, “you look exhausted.”

“We all do,” said Charlie firmly.

“But firstly, we need to figure out where we’re going,” he said pulling out the map.

“Can we cut it down at all from you know the whole of Wales?” asked Harry.

“Well the biggest mountains seem to be in two national parks, Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia.”

“It could take us months to get through all of Snowdonia,” muttered Hermione.

“Yeah,” agreed Charlie, “and the dragon might not even be very far up in the mountains.”

“I think we should stay away from the Berwyn hills,” muttered Charlie, “that’s where the dragon reservation is, You Know Who keeping a dragon there would just be too obvious.”

“And if it’s not in Brecon Beacons or Snowdonia?” asked Harry.

“Then we’ll have cut out about half the places it could actually be,” shrugged Charlie.

“You two need some sleep, I’ll take guard duty,” said Hermione who had already got a bit of sleep.

Harry and Charlie both nodded.

“We leave for Brecon Beacons in five hours,” said Harry as he headed off to bed.

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