Being Different Year 7

First Day Of Hiking

Anne woke up and looked around her in a daze.

“Where are we?” she stammered.

“In a field just outside Lampeter,” said Hermione, “we’re leaving for the Brecon Beacons in an hour.”

Anne nodded and started to get out of bed to get up.

“What’s the weather like?” she asked.

“Shorts and t-shirts its baking out there,” groaned Hermione.

Anne got up and had a quick strip wash with a flannel and the water Charlie had got earlier. She pulled on a pair of denim shorts and a lilac t-shirt before redoing her plaits.

They all had bowls of dry cornflakes for breakfast before packing up the tent and apparating to the Brecon Beacons. Anne didn’t have an apparition license unlike Hermione or Charlie but that was only because she had only come of age three days ago so hadn’t been able to do the test. She could actually apparate though.

“Well walking the Brecon Beacons is supposed to take a fortnight,” said Harry.

“We should go through everything carefully though, explore all the paths off the beaten track,” said Charlie.

“Should we call it about a month then?” asked Harry.

“Sound’s good to me,” said Harry as they started walking.

“How will we know when we’ve actually found it?” asked Anne.

“It will probably have a deatheater patrolling,” said Hermione, “it’s protecting a horcrux and somebody has to feed it.”

“Anything else?” asked Anne.

“They like the dark,” said Charlie “it might be hiding in a cave or underground.”

“So, anybody could find it?” asked Harry.

“Muggles could find it?” asked Hermione.

“It might have some extra protection, maybe runes or something to actually get into the cave or the den.”

“There are a lot of mines in Wales, could it be hiding there?” asked Hermione.

“The mines are too well regulated by the Muggles,” said Anne, “most of them are tourist sites.”

They spent the afternoon walking main path, occasionally going off the main path to check for caves where the dragon might be hiding. Although they walked ten miles, they only actually walked two miles of the actual Brecon Beacons as they kept on having to check for caves. This was going to take them four times longer than it should have done because they had to search so thoroughly.

As sunset approached, they found a campsite to set up camp. Harry set up the tent whilst Anne found water and Hermione put up the wards, and Charlie started a fire.

They had pasta with tomato sauce for dinner with tinned peaches for pudding. They were going to be living off their stockpile of canned, jarred and dry food for as long as this took. They had enough supplies to last them six months.

As Anne finished off her dinner, one of the many coins she kept in her pocket began to feel warm.

She pulled it out and found out she had another message.

“Don’t use You Know Who’s name, its taboo, pass it on, Legolas.”

Anne shook her head.

“I’ll give it to him, he’s very clever,” muttered Anne.

“What?” asked Hermione as she looked up from her peaches.

“Tom’s name has been made taboo, Legolas just told me.”

“Are you going to tell us who the fuck Legolas is?” asked Harry.

“He’s a friend,” smirked Anne.

“A pretty bloody important friend,” muttered Harry.

“What did you say that code name was?” asked Charlie.

“Legolas,” said Anne as she started collecting the dishes to wash.

“Sounds like one of the characters from the books that Perce used to read when we were kids,” chuckled Charlie.

And then Charlie stopped laughing his face in realisation.

“Important in the ministry and friends with you,” he muttered, “its Percy isn’t it?”

Anne blushed slightly before nodding.

“Yes, its Percy,” Anne admitted.

“Why didn’t you tell us who it was? He’s the reason all the muggleborns are in safety!” said Harry.

“He helped get my parents to Australia,” added Hermione.

“He didn’t want me to tell anyone,” said Anne.

“Then why did he agree to help you?” asked Charlie confused.

“Because it was the right thing to do,” said Anne, “also Penelope’s a muggleborn.”

“You’re hiding her too?” asked Harry.

“Percy and Penelope are looking after four muggleborns,” Anne explained.

“The point is,” said Anne firmly, “we need to let people know about the taboo, imagine how many people they can catch using it.”

“Oh right yeah,” nodded Harry.

They washed up the dishes and then all headed into the tent to call everyone on the mirrors, it was half past ten at night so they didn’t know who was going to pick up.

They tried Remus first but there was no answer, Sirius didn’t pick up either.

“Irwin!” Anne called clearly, “Irwin!”

“Annie?” said Irwin frantically.

“Annie you’re ok!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah we’re fine,” said Harry.

“Oh, thank Merlin,” muttered Irwin, “Sirius flu called this morning and told us about the deatheaters, I’ve been panicking for nearly twelve hours.”

“We’re fine Irwin,” assured Hermione.

“There’s something important we need to tell you and you need to pass it on,” said Harry.

“I’m all ears,” said Irwin.

“You Know Who’s name has been made taboo, you can’t use it,” said Hermione.

“The sneaky fucking bastard,” muttered Irwin.

“Very clever Tom, very clever.”

“Anne had the exact same reaction,” chuckled Charlie.

“You’ve got to admit only people who aren’t scared of him use his actual name,” said Irwin.

“Which is what makes it so clever,” said Anne.

“Anyway,” interrupted Harry, “can you pass it on?”

“You got it” said Irwin putting his two thumbs up.

“So where actually are you guys?” asked Irwin.

“We can’t say,” said Charlie.

“Give me any clues?”

“Gyrmu,” said Anne smiling smugly.

“Ah!” exclaimed Irwin.

“Wales bach!”

“Spot on,” chuckled Anne.

“Well, say hi to the country of her birth for my Mum.”

They talked for a while longer, but Anne eventually started to fall asleep.

“Irwin mate I’m sorry but we’ve got to go,” said Harry, “Anne’s starting to drop off on my shoulder.”

“Goodnight my beautiful goddess,” said Irwin waving and blowing her a kiss before putting the mirror down.

“Bed!” said Harry firmly.

Anne grumbled slightly but went off to go and find her pyjamas and get some sleep before they started covering more ground the next day.

Anne managed to get a few hours’ sleep but still woke up at before five o’clock in the morning.

She did some studying before the others woke up, she needed something to occupy her mind and found herself starting to read her NEWT textbooks.

She took another strip wash and they got walking again.

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