Being Different Year 7


Within a few weeks they started to fall into a routine.

Anne would wake up at just before five o’clock in the morning. Read her textbooks for a few hours. Take a strip wash with a flannel water and soap and get dressed. Have a dry bowl of cereal for breakfast.

Start walking at just gone nine, walk for most of the day. They would only cover about two or three miles of the main path a day though because they were so busy searching so thoroughly for a dragon, they couldn’t miss it, it was too important. When they were walking Anne would have her headphones plugged into her Walkman so she could listen to her music as they walked.

Set up camp at about five or six in the evening. One would put up the tent, another would find water, another would start a fire and the last one would put up the wards. They would take it in turns to cook dinner usually something like baked beans or pasta with canned vegetables. Occasionally they could get some fish from a river but not often enough.

Then they would draw up a guard duty rota between Harry, Hermione and Charlie. Harry had promised Remus that Anne would sleep the best she possibly could, so she didn’t get put on guard duty.

Usually, in the evenings they would try and call someone on one of the mirrors and then maybe listen into the new radio program PotterWatch which was run by Fred and George.

Then Anne would go to bed at around ten, try and get a decent night’s sleep and start all over again the next morning.

On the evening of the Second of September, they had nearly finished covering the Brecon Beacons. They had been there for four weeks and Charlie thought that one more day should just about do it.

They had just finished a dinner of fried fish and pasta with tinned peas.

“Should we try and ring Irwin?” asked Anne.

“He should have just finished his first day back in class,” said Harry.

Anne went to go and find her mirror so she could call Irwin.

“Irwin!” Anne called, “Irwin!”

“Hey Annie!” beamed Irwin, Irwin was sat in the dorm with the curtains closed on the bed. None of the other boys were up yet as it was still fairly early

“How’s school?” asked Anne.

“A living hell,” groaned Irwin.

“You’ve only been back in class one day!” exclaimed Charlie.

“You haven’t met the Carrow’s,” muttered Irwin.

“We’ve heard plenty of rumours though,” said Harry.

“So how bad are they?” asked Anne.

“Well you guys know that Snapes been made headmaster?”

“Yeah?” said Harry and Hermione.

“Well he hasn’t really done anything yet, just staying in his office.”

“So whats wrong with that?” asked Charlie.

“It means the Carrows have free rein,” said Irwin raising his eyebrows.

“Alecto has made muggle studies a compulsory subject for everyone, she teaches us about how they are pigs and aren’t worth the dirt of the earth.”

“Expected about as much,” said Harry.

“Amycus teaches defence which is bad enough but he’s also in charge of all punishment.”

“Oh dear,” sighed Charlie.

“There are some nasty rumours that he’s trying to bring back blood quills,” Irwin grimaced.

Pain shot through Anne’s hand at even the thought of those blood quills.

“Are you ok though Irwin?” asked Harry.

“Yeah I’m fine, we’ve only been back a day,” Irwin shrugged.

“You lot ok?” he asked.

“Yeah,” said Harry, “just getting through one day at a time.”

“Fair enough,” chuckled Irwin.

“I’m going to try get some sleep,” muttered Anne going to go get out some clean pyjamas.

“Night Annie!” called Irwin as she left.

Anne got into her pyjamas and tried to get some sleep, she started having nightmares about Umbridge and her blood quills.

She woke up in a cold sweat and found that Harry and Charlie were both fast asleep.

It was two o’clock in the morning, but she felt like she needed some fresh air.

She hopped out of bed and pulled on her Wales rugby top and a pair of jeans and trainers. She plugged her headphones into her Walkman and turned on some Beatles music.

She walked past Hermione on her way out of the tent and saw that Hermione had fallen asleep on guard duty.

She was going to take over from Hermione on guard duty but she felt like going for a walk on her own. She was with the others all the time and she never got any alone time. She made sure that her wand was in her pocket and she borrowed Hermione’s torch.

It was only four o’clock in the morning, but she just wanted to be alone for a bit, she knew where to find the others when she needed to get back.

She turned her music up and turned the torch on so that she could see where she was walking.

She had been walking for an hour or so and hadn’t bumped into anyone along the path. She saw that it was five o’clock, she should start heading back before the others started to worry about her.

She changed the Walkman and put on some Roy Orbison. She was about to turn around when some people came around the corner in the opposite direction.

There was three of them and they were all wearing leather jackets. Some of them had very unkempt hair and they all looked very fed up.

“What’s the betting,” grumbled one of them, “that we make it all the way through yet another day without finding any off the list?”

“We’ll find some,” assured one of the others, “now that schools gone back.”

“And who are you?” asked one of the men leering at her.

“I’m sorry?” asked Anne pulling off her headphones.

“I said who are you ginger?” he said looking her up and down properly.

“Why does it have anything to do with you?” asked Anne in an offended tone.

“Because we’re wondering whether you’re a little witch or a muggle.”

“Whats a muggle?” asked Anne trying to act innocent.

“We should just obliviate her Redg, she’s clearly a muggle.”

“Or not,” said Redg who seemed to be the leader of the gang.

“She looks the right age for a student,” muttered Redg walking around her and sizing her up and out.

Anne just stood completely frozen as we leered at her.

“Yeah she does look young, fourteen maybe fifteen,” nodded one of the others.

“And if you were a muggle,” smirked Redg, “then why would you have this?”

Redg pulled out her wand which had been sticking out of jeans back pocket.

“So, you’re a little witch, then aren’t you?” chuckled Redg.

“Whats your name girl?” asked one of Redg’s friends.

Anne had to think quickly, these must be snatchers she had heard about on PotterWatch. She would have to give them a name that would be on the list but not her own.

“Brenda Potger,” Anne stammered nervously.

“Blood status?”


“Oh so you’re a mudblood?” asked Redg.

“Well that’s ten galleons for a start,” said one of the others beaming.

“She on the list?” asked Redg.

“You bet,” said the last snatcher.

“Well then we know what to do,” chuckled Redg.

Redg aimed a fist at Anne’s face and the next thing she knew she’d been knocked out cold.

Anne looked around nervously, she was in a tent but not her tent. She had been tied up but she could see all her possessions including her wand lying only a few metres away.

There were several frantic voices coming from outside the tent.

“I say we take her in,” said one of the voices.

“I say we wait until we’ve got more of em,” said another, “it’s only seven o’clock in the morning, we could find more.”

“Yeah we could take em in together at the end of the day!”

Anne shook her head at how stupid they were.

She untied the ropes around her wrists and ankles wandlessly and grabbed all her things off of the table next to her, including her, torch, headphones and Walkman.

How stupid were they, they’d even left her wand behind!

She grabbed her wand and stood behind the three snatchers and cast Stupefy nonverbally. She then obliviated their memorys, when they woke up they would never remember any of this.

Then she legged it and sprinted away from the tent as fast as she possibly could. The landscape was familiar she was still in the Brecon Beacons.

She must have kept running for at least ten minutes straight.

Suddenly she heard voices calling for her in the distance.

“Anne!” Harry was yelling at the top of his lungs.

Anne ran as quickly as she could to Harry.

“Annie!” said Harry pulling her in close.

Anne was completely out of breath after having run at least two miles.

“We were so worried,” he sobbed, “let’s get you back.”

Harry put his arm around her waist and led her back to the tent.

“Oh, thank Merlin,” muttered Charlie collapsing onto the sofa in relief.

Harry passed Anne a large glass of water and a calming draught.

“What happened Sis?” asked Harry.

“We all woke up and you’d disappeared, you can’t just do that,” said Hermione who had been close to tears. It was Hermione after all that had fallen asleep on guard duty.

“I woke up and I wanted to get some fresh air, so I got dressed,” said Anne trying to keep calm.

“I grabbed her headphones, Walkman, and wand and headed outside of the tent. When I got outside, I wanted to be alone, so I decided to go for walk.”

“For God’s sake,” muttered Harry putting his head in his hands, “you can’t just wander off on your own.”

“I needed to be alone” she sobbed, “there’s always someone else there I just wanted to go for a walk.”

“This isn’t the end of the story though is it?” asked Harry nervously.

“If it was the end of the story you wouldn’t have come running back breathlessly.”

Anne shook her head and there was now tears streaming down her face.

“I,” she stammered, “I ran into some Snatchers.”

“What?” asked Charlie getting up from the sofa in shock.

“We need to move!” said Charlie as he started getting up to put away the tent and take down the wards.

“I stupefied them and obliviated them,” said Anne, “they’re really thick.”

“Are you sure?” asked Charlie looking at her straight in the eye.

Anne gave him a very firm nod.

“What happened next Sis?” asked Harry.

“They asked me if I was a witch or a muggle, they were about to obliviate me thinking I was a muggle, when they found a wand poking out of my pocket.”

Hermione looked at her nervously.

They asked me for my name and blood status. I told them I was Brenda Potger, and a muggleborn, fortunately they believed me.”

“Then?” asked Harry wondering how much bloody worse this story could get.

“The leader punched me and knocked me out cold. When I came to I was tied up in their tent, they had left my wand, torch, headphones and Walkman on the chair next to me.”

“You’re right Anne,” nodded Hermione, “they really are quite stupid.”

“They were arguing outside the tent about what to do with me. As they were arguing I undid the ropes wandlessly and grabbed my things before leaving the tent and stupefying and obliviating the three snatchers.”

“Then?” asked Harry one more time.

“Then I fled from the tent and started running back, eventually I found you,” she finished.

“Come here sis,” said Harry holding his arms open for her.

Harry pulled Anne into a huge hug.

“This is all very touching,” said Charlie “but we need to get moving.”

Charlie, Hermione and Harry packed everything up and then they apparated to the bottom of Mount Snowdon.

“I think we need a day off,” said Harry.

Charlie nodded in agreement and they set up camp and put up the wards.

“Annie,” said Harry as he put his sister to bed.

“Don’t you ever do this to me ever again,” he said shaking his head slightly.

Anne lay back on her pillows tiredly.

“Promise?” asked Harry.

“Promise,” she said half asleep.

“If you don’t tell Remus I won’t,” said Harry as he tucked her in under the covers as she fell asleep.

“He’ll never know,” said Hermione.

“I mean why should he need to?” asked Charlie, “she was only gone a few hours.”

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