Being Different Year 7


They took a day off as Anne clearly needed to recover from the excitement of that day.

She slept for a few hours and then woke up in the early afternoon.

“You ok Sis?” asked Harry who had been sat on the sofa with Charlie looking at a map of Snowdonia.

“Hmm,” she muttered.

“Don’t scare us like that again alright?” asked Charlie.

“Yeah,” muttered Anne as she summoned some textbooks from her bedside table.

Just because they were on the run from Tom didn’t mean that she was going to fall behind on her studys.

She moved over to the sofa and leaned against Harry’s legs as she went through her potions textbook.

“Annie you know those books back to front and you know you do,” said Harry shaking his head.

“Well the most obvious thing to start off with is Mount Snowdon,” said Charlie looking at the map.

“There’s a lot of other big mountains on this thing,” muttered Hermione leaning down next to the map.

“And all the names are equally unpronounceable,” sighed Harry, “I mean come on who can pronounce these things, Carnedd Llewelyn, Elidir Fawr, Aran Fawddwy, Moel Siabod.”

“Yes well at least it’s not as long as that one,” chuckled Charlie pointing at a small town in North Wales called Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

“So, we start off with the mountains,” nodded Charlie, “I just wish we had some way of cutting this down, Snowdonia is 823 square miles!”

“And that’s if the cups even in Snowdonia,” nodded Harry.

Anne took a quick glance over to Hermione’s bag where her Divination supplies were kept.

“No,” said Hermione firmly, “We are already relying enough on Divination as it is and I have always found it a very woolly subject.”

Anne sighed and went back to her potions book.

“Ok, said Harry trying to diffuse the tension, “this guidebook says these are the ten biggest mountains in Snowdonia.”

“I’d give them a day each to climb,” said Charlie, “and another two days each to explore them thoroughly?”

“So, thirty days?” clarified Harry, “well that will take us another month.”

“I still wish we had more of an idea,” muttered Charlie shaking his head.

“Look,” sighed Hermione reluctantly, “if we cover all ten of those and we haven’t found anything, we’ll pull out the crystal ball or something else ridiculous.”

Anne nodded in agreement.

“I used some Polyjuice potion earlier and went to muggle supermarket,” said Hermione.

Anne and Charlie went through the shopping and found that Hermione had picked up a loaf of bread, two cartons of eggs, two packs of sausages, a few dozen apples, a bottle of blackcurrant and apple fruit squash, a large box of tea bags and bottle of milk, she had even managed to get half a dozen large bars of chocolate because their emergency chocolate supplies were running low.

“Tea!” exclaimed Harry who hadn’t had a cup of tea in over a month.

Charlie built a fire and put the kettle on, it was his turn to do the cooking tonight. For once their pasta with tomato sauce had some protein with it that hadn’t come out of a can because they had some sausages, they saved the other pack for tomorrow.

Anne was listening to her Walkman drinking a mug of hot blackcurrant and apple squash whilst Hermione took her turn at the washing up.

“Hey,” said Harry, getting the radio out, “Potterwatch is on tonight!”

“What did Sirius say the password was tonight?” asked Charlie.

“Ariana,” said Harry tapping the radio rhythmically.

The radio whirred into life and Anne took off her headphones as the four of them gathered around the radio.

“Good evening my fellow listeners, welcome to PotterWatch!”

“Hi Lee!” Harry waved as Anne kneeled down next to the radio and the others sat down on the sofa.

“Today I am joined by some of our regular contributors, Royal, Romulus and Raving.”

They knew that these meant Remus, Kingsley and Moody.

“Evening River,” chuckled Remus.

“Evening,” growled Moody.

“So, as all know school reopened a few days ago,” said Lee, “some of our sources from inside the school have been reporting back to us on the ‘new Hogwarts.’”

“The Chief Deatheater or Tom as we call him,” said Kingsley, “seems to be staying out of the running of the school rather deciding to leave his deatheaters the Carrow siblings in charge.”

“It has now been confirmed,” said Moody, “that blood quills are being used as a form of punishment.”

“We urge you,” begged Remus, “if there are any students listening to try not to upset the Carrows, we have enough innocent blood being spilt as it is without adding torture onto the list.”

“We appreciate,” said Lee, “that it must be difficult for you at school, some of your friends are missing and the school is changing, just try not to get into too much trouble.”

“In further news,” said Kingsley, “there are even more Snatchers up and down the country, trying to find muggle borns and enemies of the new regime on the run.”

“Although not all of these people are particularly bright,” said Moody, “that does not mean that we should assume this of all of them.”

“Constant Vigilance!” shouted Moody down the radio.

“Keep yourselves protected, learn decent warding.”

“And most importantly,” said Kingsley, “never use You Know Who’s name, they’ll find you within moments.”

“In other news,” said Remus, “there have been a few sightings of Tom or the Chief Deatheater abroad.”

“I honestly cant blame him,” chuckled Lee, “if I had just taken over the wizarding world I might enjoy a nice little holiday myself.”

“Yes well,” grumbled Moody, “that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t all keep your guards up.”

“Constant Vigilance!!” yelled Moody and Lee simultaneously.

“Yes River,” said Kingsley, “Constant Vigilance, Tom has his spies everywhere, you can never be too careful.”

“We regret to inform you however,” said Kingsley, “that today the deaths of Ted Tonks and Dirk Creswell were both reported.”

Anne stared at the radio in shock, she couldn’t believe that Ted was dead. Harry gripped firmly onto her shoulder as tears began to run down her cheeks.

“Our thoughts are with all their friends and families, they didn’t die in vain,” said Moody.

“We are pleased to inform you though that none of the muggle borns from school age have been found by the Snatchers, your friends are safe,” said Lee.

“As for Harry and Anne Potter,” said Kingsley, “there have been no sightings, this is a good thing.”

“If Tom did know where they were, he would be publicising their deaths,” said Moody.

“Harry, Anne,” said Lee, “if either of you are listening, we hope you’re both ok.”

“We’re all behind you,” said Kingsley.

“And so, for now goodnight,” said Lee, “keep safe out there, and most importantly.”

“Constant Vigilance!” called Lee, Moody and Kingsley.

The radio whirred into silence.

“Ted,” Anne whispered.

“Come here Sis,” Harry said kneeling down on the floor next to her and opening his arms wide.

Anne fell into her brothers’ eyes and burst into tears.

Ted, who had laughed at Dora’s wedding, Ted who shared the same eyes and smile as his grandson Teddy. Ted was dead.

“We should call Remus,” said Hermione gently after a while.

“We need to check in on Remus and Tonks,” said Charlie.

“Annie,” said Harry stroking her hair, “do you want to call Remus?”

She nodded uncertainly and Charlie went to go get out the right mirror.

“Remus!” Harry called having placed the mirror on the table.


“Anne?” asked Remus appearing on the mirror.

Remus’s face was tear-streaked; he had clearly had a long day.

“We heard about Ted,” explained Hermione, “on the radio.”

“How’s Tonks?” asked Harry.

“She’s upset obviously,” Remus sighed, “she’s with her mother, Andromeda’s moving in here so they can be together.”

“Are you ok Remus?” asked Anne turning towards the mirror.

“Yes I’m fine sweetheart, Ted and Dirk aren’t the first we’ve lost in this war and I’m sorry to say they won’t be the last.”

“The sooner we get this job done the better,” said Charlie.

“The sooner we find it the sooner we are one step closer to killing Tom,” nodded Harry.

“Are you four ok though?” asked Remus.

“Yeah we’re fine,” nodded Harry.

“Just getting through one day at a time,” agreed Charlie.

“I should get back to Teddy and Dora,” he said sighing slightly.

“Night Remus!” Anne called still crying slightly.

“Look after each other.”

“When don’t we,” said Harry.

“Night,” said Remus before disappearing from mirror.

“I’m going to get some sleep,” said Anne getting off the floor and going to bed, she was already wearing her pyjamas.

She tried reading some more of her potions book by wand light under her bedcovers but she just couldn’t manage to read anything.

She eventually gave up the book as a bad job and curled up with her knees pulled into her chest sobbing.

Eventually Anne fell asleep and Harry tucked her in properly before taking over on guard duty.

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