Being Different Year 7

In Which Hermione Gives In

By the time that they had finished the ten highest mountains in Wales they had been camping for well over two months and it had hit October. The nights were starting to get colder.

Harry had told Remus he would keep an eye on Anne as she didn’t know how long they were going to gone for. He tried to make sure Anne was eating properly but she didn’t always finish off her meals, as for sleeping Anne usually got at least two or three hours of sleep a night but between the nightmares and missing her friends and family she could never sleep much.

She only slept as much as she did because she was so tired from walking so far, each day.

Only when they had been camping for over two months did Hermione finally give in and let Anne get out her crystal ball.

Anne was sat in the tent on rainy evening in late October.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” grumbled Hermione.

Charlie dimmed the lights whilst Anne set up the crystal ball.

Before long the ball filled with fog and Anne cleared her mind before staring into it whilst the others watched.

“Do you see anything Annie?” asked Harry.

“Give me time,” muttered Anne as she stared into the fog.

“There’s a dragon,” nodded Anne.

“What kind?” asked Charlie, “what colour?”

“A green one.”

“Good,” nodded Charlie, “a Common Welsh Green not as dangerous as other dragons.”

“Any ideas on location.”

“I see a large expanse of water,” she muttered still looking into the ball, “possibly a lake.”

“Snow and an arrow pointing down.”

“Snowdonia!” whispered Hermione getting interested.

“Anything else?” asked Harry as he wrote everything down.

“I see some strange markings,” said Anne, “they might be runes.”

Anne had never taken Ancient Runes, but she knew that Hermione had done so they’d be alright if they needed them.

“Is that all we’ve got Annie?”

“I think so,” said Anne as the shapes disappeared from the fog.

“Well that was helpful,” said Harry enthusiastically as Anne put away the crystal ball and Charlie turned the lights back on.

“At least we know what kind of dragon we’ve got now,” nodded Charlie.

“The only bad thing is,” sighed Anne, “according to this guidebook, there are two hundred and fifty lakes in Snowdonia.”

“Well,” said Charlie flicking through the guidebook, “if we cover a few lakes a day and explore for signs of dragons, it should only take us a few months to find it,” beamed Charlie.

As Harry Charlie and Hermione were starting to plan which lakes they wanted to visit first, Anne practised her wandless magic using the water from the washing up after dinner.

There was a slightly dirty water dragon flying around the room blowing soap bubbles instead of fire.

“That is adorable,” chuckled Harry.

“I wish the real dragon was going to be that cute,” said Charlie.

“If we start off with Llyn Tegid,” said Hermione, “that’s the largest, we could easily spend a week trawling around there for the cup.”

Charlie and Harry nodded in agreement as one of the mirrors on the coffee table began to ring.

“Hello?” asked Anne picking up the mirror.

“Hey Annie!” beamed Irwin.

“Irwin!” Anne squealed, “I have missed you so much!!”

“I’ve missed you too Annie,” he chuckled, “you lot still in Wales?”

“I’m afraid that information is classified,” smirked Hermione.

“So how goes the resistance movement?” chuckled Harry.

“Great!” said Irwin, “we’ve been really busy, teaching them all how to defend themselves and stuff.”

“How are the others?” asked Hermione.

“They’re right here, that’s why we rang you,” said Irwin as he showed the mirror around.

Ginny, Ron, Neville and Luna were all in the room with him.

“Where are you guys?” asked Harry as he looked around the room they were in. That wasn’t any of the classrooms or Common Rooms. It clearly had at least a few beds and three house banners.

“Our secret hideout,” said Ron touching his nose.

“Room of Requirement,” nodded Ginny.

“It’s the same DA classroom from back in fifth year but theres a secret panel which let us in here,” explained Neville.

“But what are you guys doing there?” asked Charlie urgently.

“We’re hiding like you lot,” said Ron.

“Hiding?” asked Anne nervously.

“The Carrows,” groaned Neville.

“They aren’t very nice people,” said Luna shaking her head.

Anne noticed that Irwin, Neville and Luna had black eyes, Ginny had some strange scratches down one side of her face and Ron had what looked like a bad burn mark on his right cheek. Not to mention that they all had marks on their hands which meant they had all been forced to use blood quills.

“Are you guys alright?” asked Harry frantically.

“We’re fine,” said Irwin, “we just got caught trying to release some first years from shackles.”

“We’re ok guys, the Carrows can’t get in,” said Neville, “the room keeps moving.”

“We only leave here for class,” said Irwin.

“And in the meantime,” beamed Ron, “we’ve been doing some planning.”

“Planning?” asked Hermione.

“Battle planning,” nodded Neville.

“We think the best place to try and fight him would be at Hogwarts,” said Ginny.

“We’ve been talking to Moody and Kingsley and they agree with us,” nodded Ron.

“Hogwarts?” shouted Harry.

Ginny gave them a firm nod.

“Its got great protection and if we’ve got time to set up properly Tom won’t stand a chance,” said Irwin.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Harry shaking his head, “what about the students?”

“And the Carrows, and what about Snape?”

“We haven’t figured out about the Carrows yet and we don’t know about Snape,” admitted Neville.

“But we’re working on it,” said Ron.

“As for the students, there’s always the Chamber of Secrets,” said Luna.

Harry looked confused before his face lit up.

“You’ve got a point there Luna!” he exclaimed.

“Well it sounds like you lot have been busy,” said Harry, “keep up the good work.”

“Hurry up with whatever you’re doing Harry,” said Ron, “we want to kill some deatheaters!”

“Don’t worry,” said Harry shaking his head chuckling, “we will do.”

The four of them apparated to Llyn Tegid the next morning and they started looking through the different lake in Snowdonia slowly ticking them off the list.

As October slowly moved into November, they had to start wrapping up even more, Anne was now having to wear a jumper, a coat, scarf, hat and gloves every single day.

Even though they spent every day worried they were going to run into Snatchers or deatheaters, Anne noticed that Wales was a beautiful country. She would love to come back here someday when all this nightmare about Tom was over and appreciate it properly rather than searching frantically for a Horcrux or a dragon.

By late November they had covered over half of the lakes and were trying to decide which one to visit next.

Whilst they had been camping in Wales everyone had been very busy, the DA where busy battle planning with help from the order and learning how to defend themselves. Remus and Sirius had been teaching the muggleborns how to duel properly so that the ones of sixteen and above could help with the fighting if they wanted to.

Anne was staring into the fire with an overly large jumper pulled over her knees as she pulled her knees into her chest. She was watching the flames crackle, she just couldn’t wait till they found the cup, then they could get to Hogwarts and start fighting and kill Tom.

“So where we going next?” asked Anne looking over at her brother.

“Llyn Dinas,” said Harry pointing on a map.

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