Being Different Year 7

Dinas Emrys

Anne woke up and pulled on a homemade Ravenclaw jumper which had blue and bronze stripes before pulling on a pair of jeans and her hiking boots. She did her hair in one long plait straight down her back and read a book on advances transfiguration whilst she waited for the others to wake up.

“You ok Annie?” asked Harry as he ate a bowl of dry cereal.

“Yeah I’m just not hungry,” she muttered as she kept reading her book.

“Harry,” she called.

“Yeah?” he asked as he pulled on a second jumper.

“I’ve got a feeling about today.”

“Good or bad?” asked Harry nervously.

“I don’t know,” she muttered shaking her head.

“Come on Sis,” said Harry, “we need to get going.”

Anne pulled on her coat, hat scarf and gloves and then helped Hermione take down the wards as Charlie and Harry packed away.

They all took hands and apparated to Llyn Dinas.

Anne knew within seconds that they were getting close now, this was the lake she had seen in the crystal ball.

“It’s close,” she told Charlie.

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yeah,” said Harry, “I can feel it.”

They walked around the lake for a few hours but couldn’t find anything.

“What’s that?” asked Anne pointing at a large hill near the lake.

“I don’t know,” muttered Charlie, “but there’s only one way to find out.”

They climbed the hill and found themselves by a hillfort.

“Surely Tom wouldn’t have hidden it where the muggles could find it?” asked Harry incredulously.

Anne was a bit distracted though she had been reading a sign.

Welcome to Dinas Emrys.

There was a large section about the history of the hillfort and the archaeological discoveries. But that wasn’t what interested Anne the sign had a picture of two dragons.

There was also a section about the mythology of the hillfort. Apparently, the fort had something to do with Merlin and two battling dragons. One of the versions of the story was about two battling dragons that had been terrorizing the countryside, so someone tricked the two dragons into drinking a cauldron of mead which transformed the dragons into pigs. The legend was that the dragons had been buried under the fort.

Anne pointed at the section about the legend.

“What a load of rubbish,” said Hermione with her arms folded, “dragons turning into pigs!”

“Well for a start Hermione,” Anne whispered, “we know that Merlin wasn’t a myth.”

“And secondly,” said Charlie, “this is the biggest lead we’ve had in months.”

They walked to the top of the hillfort, fortunately it was late November so not exactly peak season time, so there weren’t too many muggles hanging around.

They started looking for clues about where to possibly find the dragon.

As the sun started to set at half past five they were about to give up when Anne cleared some ivy off of one of the stones. The stone had some very strange markings

“Hermione!” she called frantically.

“Yeah?” said Hermione who had been looking for her torch.

Anne pointed to the strange markings.

“Runes!” exclaimed Hermione leaning down and trying to translate them.

Harry and Charlie tried to check that no muggles were watching as Hermione tried to figure out the runes. All of the muggles had already gone home as it was starting to get dark.

Hermione made some strange mutterings in a foreign language and then waved her wands in some intricate movements.

The stone moved aside and revealed a staircase that would lead them down into the hill itself.

“Wands out,” said Harry before they started down the stairs.

The four of them pulled out and lit their wands before heading down the stone stairs leading into the hill.

Harry went first, then Hermione, then Anne and then Charlie brought up the rear. The stone slid closed as Charlie started to descend the staircase. They must have walked down at least two hundred steps before Harry reached the bottom of the staircase.

They had reached the beginning of a dark winding stone passageway, which they started to walk down. The stones on the wall had pictures engraved on them. Some of them showed a pair of dragons fighting in sky or men riding on the back of dragons. Other pictures showed wizards fighting each other with staffs rather than wands.

As they reached the end of the passageway where there was a set of torches lit, they could see a stone boulder with strange engravings again.

“Whats it say Hermione?” asked Harry.

“It says it wants a blood payment,” she grimaced.

They could hear echoed footsteps along the passageway coming from the opposite direction.

“Shhh!” muttered Hermione before they all turned off their wands which were lit up. Harry, Anne and Hermione hid under Harry’s cloak and Charlie cast a disillusionment charm on himself.

A very disgruntled looking man levitating two dead sheep came into view. He looked vaguely familiar to Anne from his wanted posters, that was one of the two Lestrange brothers.

He was muttering darkly as he approached the boulder.

“So the dark lord wants a bloody dragon?” he grumbled.

“Fine with me I don’t blame him, but it’s not him who has to look after it.”

“Its an honour Rabs,” he shrieked in a voice that was a scarily good impression of Bellatrix Lestrange.

“Yeah well Bella,” he muttered as he let the sheep down and pulled out a silver dagger, “you’re not the one who has to look after his pet.”

Rabastan Lestrange pricked his finger with the silver dagger and allowed a few drops of the blood run into the cracks in the boulder where the marks were engraved.

The boulder started to move aside instantly.

“Not so fast!” said Harry coming out from under the cloak with his wand drawn.

“If it isn’t Harry fucking Potter,” smirked Rabastan, “the Chosen One, the Boy Who Lived. How’s that working out for you?”

Rabastan poked his wand into Harry’s chest.

“The Dark Lord is going to be very happy, when I bring you to him, but you won’t be alive to see that, it’s just you and me Potter.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” said Harry shaking his head as they both jabbed their wands into each other’s chests.

Charlie had walked up behind him and had just lifted his disillusionment charm and was pointing his wand at Rabastan’s throat.

Hermione and Anne were also pointing their wands firmly at Rabastan.

“I see you’ve got your freak sister with you,” chuckled Rabastan, “I’m surprised she hasn’t found herself in the same ward as the Longbottom’s yet.”

That did it, not only did Rabastan help put Alice and Frank into thatstate but he almost seemed to find it funny!

“Move aside Harry,” she muttered.

Harry and Charlie backed away from Rabastan seeing the look of fury on Anne’s face.

Anne and Rabastan were only stood a few metres apart but the others backed away to give them space.

“Expeliarmus!” called Rabastan.

Anne’s wand tugged itself out of her hand and started to fly towards Rabastan. She gestured towards her wand using her hand and her wand flew straight back to her.

Rabastan seemed to be slightly confused as to what had just happened but shook himself out of it.

“Avada kedavara!”

Anne blocked the spell easily.

“Stupefy!” she called.

But Rabastan blocked that spell too.

Anne looked around quickly, it was time to try and put her elemental magic as Sirius called it to work.

There was several loose medium sized rocks on the floor on the passageway.

Anne lifted her hands and levitated the rocks, which she then sent flying straight at Rabastan’s chest.

Rabastan keeled over as the rocks hit him in the stomach.

“Incarcerous,” said Anne pointing her wand at the deatheater.

Ropes came flying out of her wand and tied up Rabastan within seconds.

“Pertrificus Totalus,” she finished.

“Well that’s the security dealt with,” said Harry.

“Now for the dragon,” nodded Charlie.

The boulder was still moved across from when Rabastan had moved it earlier.

“I’ll guard him,” said Hermione indicating Rabastan and giving him a small kick.

“We’ll be needing these,” said Charlie levitating the two sheep corpses, “the dragon will be hungry.”

As they walked into the other passage past the boulder the passageway was lit by torches on both sides.

Harry Anne and Charlie all kept their wands out as they walked along. As they got further along the rumbling of the roars grew steadily louder.

A burst of flames shot through from around the corner in the passageway.

“I’ll go first,” muttered Charlie.

They walked around the corner with their wands drawn, all three of them had shield charms up as Charlie had told them to so they could protect themselves from the dragon’s flame.

“Woah there,” said Charlie carefully.

“Here,” he said levitating over the two sheep corpses.

The dragon sniffed at them cautiously before licking at one and then ripping its teeth into one of the sheep.

The dragon was attached to several long chains to its legs and arms.

The bright green dragon was lying on top of a huge pile of treasure, goblets and coins, necklaces, rubies and sapphires, emeralds and diamonds.

Anne saw a bright gold cup with a badger engraved on it.

Charlie was trying to keep the dragon calm and was stroking it’s nuzzle as the dragon ate. Charlie really did know his thing with dragons.

Anne edged her way towards the cup and picked it up and pulled on a basilisk fang out of coat pocket that she had kept in there in case they had found the Horcrux.

“Do it Annie!” called Harry.

Anne kneeled down and lifted the basilisk high above her head. She pierced the cup with the fang and a piece of Voldemort’s soul came flying out of cup and tried to attack her. She plunged the fang further into the cup and the Horcrux was gone.

“Well done Annie!” said Harry picking her up for a huge hug.

Anne merely shrugged and tgave him the cup with the hole in it.

“What are you doing Charlie?” asked Harry as he put Anne back down.

Charlie had been fiddling with the dragon’s chains.

“Freeing a dragon,” said Charlie as if there was nothing more normal in the world.

Charlie jumped onto the back of the dragon and pulled Harry and Anne up after him.

“Come on girl,” said Charlie gently as he directed the dragon to the exit of the hill

They found Hermione and Charlie pulled Hermione onto the back of the dragon too.

“What should we do with him?” asked Harry, looking at Rabastan who was still tied up.

But the dragon answered that question for him. Dragons didn’t usually attack humans, but the dragon clearly had a grudge against one of the wizards that had been keeping her prisoner for years.

The dragon opened its mouth and let out a huge gush of flame setting Rabastan on fire and burning him to a crisp.

“Good girl,” said Charlie giving the dragon a stroke.

The dragon gave some sort of weird purr as Charlie stroked it and the dragon flew them up to the exit. The stone barrier at the top of the hill opened automatically as they approached and then finally landed so they could get off.

“Well done girl!” said Charlie as they got off the dragon. Charlie gave the dragon yet another pat.

“Go,” said Charlie softly stroking it on the nose, “you’re free.”

The dragon nodded its head slightly and started to flap its wings as it flew away into the sunrise.

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