Being Different Year 7

Order Assemble

(They're not quite the Avengers but imagine if they were!)

“So,” muttered Charlie as they watched the dragon fly away, “what do we do next?”

“We move onto stage two,” sighed Harry.

They all clutched onto each other and apparated to just outside Hogsmeade.

Anne felt a slight chill as they arrived, and it wasn’t just that it was the first of December in the Scottish Highlands, she associated this feeling with dementors.

They quickly took some Polyjuice potion and turned into four random Welsh muggles and trekked down to the village. According to Neville, Aberforth had an entrance into the school.

Harry looked around shiftily as they approached the pub and knocked on the door.

“For Merlins sake!” grumbled Aberforth as he opened the door, “the pub doesn’t open until eleven, its only nine.”

The four of them slipped inside the pub before Aberforth shut the door.

“What the?” stuttered Abeforth.

At the moment however the Polyjuice potion began to fade and Harry, Anne, Hermione and Charlie were standing in his pub.

“You’ve done it?” he grumbled, “whatever it is you were meant to be doing.”

“Yes sir,” nodded Harry.

“I’ll just be a moment,” said Aberforth shaking his head slightly.

He came back a minute later with four plates of eggs and bacon.

They tucked in ravenously, they had been so busy fighting a dragon they hadn’t eaten in twenty-four hours.

As Aberforth brought over a pot of coffee Anne started riffling in Hermione’s handbag and pulled out a small bottle.

“If we’re ever going to be needing this,” she said holding up her vial of Felix Felicis she’d had for well over a year, “it’s today.”

Harry nodded and added the vial of potion to the coffee leaving a few drops left in the bottle which Anne drank because she didn’t like coffee.

Anne had been watching a painting, there had been a young girl in it, but she had walked out of the frame. The girl was starting to walk back to the front of the picture, but she wasn’t alone this time.

The portrait swung forward and there stood a very battered and very tired looking Neville.

“Hi guys!” he beamed.

“Nev!” Harry exclaimed jumping up from the table to give him a hug.

“Coffee Neville?” asked Hermione passing him a cup

“So, is it now then?” he asked as he took a quick gulp of coffee.

Harry nodded firmly.

“Well then what are you all sitting around for,” said Abeforth exasperated, “get going.”

“By the way they,” said Neville as they started to climb into the passage, “there might be.”

“A few more people I know,” said Aberforth, “try a whole army’s worth.”

Charlie quickly gulped down the last of his coffee before following htem through the passage.

“Everyone’s so excited to see you,” said Neville, “we’ve planning for over a month but most of them don’t even know if youre still alive or not you know.”

“Yeah I know,” muttered Harry as they started the steep climb up to the school.

Neville spent most of the walk telling them about the Carrows. After a while passage became less steep and they reached another door.

“Wait here,” Neville whispered beaming.

“Hey guys!” Neville called walking into the other room.

“Don’t tell me you’ve got more of Aberforths cooking,” they heard Seamus grumble.

“Not exactly,” said Neville opening the door.

They found themselves looking at a huge room filled with about fifty assorted camp beds, sleeping bags and toilets. It was a Saturday morning so they didn’t have class and were all still in the room or requirement, this meant there was about fifty or sixty students staring at them in shock.

“Harry!” yelled Ron getting up from where he had been sitting to give his best friend a hug.

“Hermione,” he stuttered gulping.

Ron and Hermione looked at each other awkwardly for a few moments, there had been a small amount of chemistry between them, but that had been six months ago.

Then Hermione threw caution to the wind and pulled Ron in for a quick kiss on the lips, which soon turned into a very long snog.

“I’m glad he didn’t welcome me like that,” muttered Charlie in relief.

Anne had just pulled herself out of the passage last and was looking around the crowd frantically.

She could see a couple of Ravenclaws including Luna, Mandy, Michael and Terry standing on the edge of the crowd.

“Hi Annie,” said a soft voice.

She whipped her head around and saw Irwin standing only a few metres away, his red curly falling in front on his eyes.

“Irwin,” she whispered.

Irwin pulled her in close and they kissed like they had never kissed before.

“So are we fighting then?” asked Anthony.

“You bet,” said Ron.

“We need to contact the Order,” said Harry.

Michael nodded and put on a headset and held up a microphone, whilst Terry operated the radio.

“The eagles have landed; this is not a drill. The eagles have landed; this is not a drill,” Michael called repetitively down the microphone.

“So what’s the plan Harry?” asked Seamus.

“Well, you lot have been doing most of the planning but the first thing we need to do is get the younger ones safe.”

“In the Chamber of Secrets,” nodded Luna.

“Not going to be much of a secret once we hide nearly a thousand kids down there,” muttered Mandy.

“But the first thing we actually need to do is sort out the Carrow’s and Snape,” said Harry, “the rest of you start gathering the kids in the Great Hall.”

“We getting the dream team back together?” asked Ron excitedly looking from Ron to Hermione.

“Let’s go get some deatheaters!” said Harry pulling out his wand.

Most of the students left the Room of Requirement to go and find the all the others, the only people that were left in the room were Anne, Irwin Ginny, and Charlie, that is apart from Michael and Terry who were still operating the radio.

“I’ve missed you so much Annie,” said Irwin as he gave her another hug.

“You been eating properly?” he muttered looking her up and down.

“Not of upmost priority right now Irwin,” chuckled Anne shaking her head.

Irwin had just pulled her in for yet another kiss when the passage from the Hogs Head swung open to reveal Landon, Gwen and Rolf.

“I will never forget this moment as long as I live,” chuckled Rolf.

“Fuck off!” scowled Irwin.

“Boys,” said Landon.

“Are you trying to tell me,” said Irwin with his eyebrows raised, “that you have no problem with us fighting deatheaters, but we’re not allowed to swear at each other?”

“Fight all the deatheaters you like, but bad language is where I draw the line,” said Landon firmly.

“Hi Gwen,” said Anne laughing at the boys.

“Anne!” said Gwen pulling her for a hug

“So when are you going to become my daughter in law then? asked Landon.

“Once Tom’s been dealt with,” said Irwin.

“And we’ve got our exams,” nodded Anne.

“Sounds reasonable,” shrugged Landon.

“Hi Anne,” said Bill as he helped Fleur into the room of requirement, “there a lot more coming, the passageway is starting to get a bit blocked.”

“Charlie!” said Bill patting his eldest brother on the back, “you been keeping an eye on this lot?”

“No mate we’ve been freeing a dragon and killing one of the Lestranges.”

“I sincerely hope you’re joking son,” chuckled Mr Weasley as he followed Bill and Fleur out of the passage.

“Is that Charlie?” screamed a voice from inside the passageway.

“You might want to run mate,” muttered Bill.

“Charles Weasley,” said Mrs Weasley climbing out and getting out her wand.

“We had no idea where you were!” she screamed pointing her wand at Charlies chest. “How could you be so irresponsible! And taking three children with you!”

“They were of age mum,” Charlie stammered.

“I don’t care they haven’t left school,” she said firmly before bursting into tears and pulling him in for a hug.

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed, “its just you disappeared during the raid, anything could have happened.”

“We’re fine mum,” said Charlie patting her on the back.

“Make way,” said Lyall as he got out of the passage, “the lot from Finch Fletchleys are coming.”

It was a good thing it was such a big room because it was getting more and more crowded by the minute, it was just a constant stream of muggleborns, and order members flowing out from the passage.

“I see you two have found each other,” chuckled Justin as he and Lisa came out together.

Irwin beamed as he put an arm around Anne.

“Annie!” yelled Remus clamouring out of the passage after Dean Thomas.

He pulled Anne into a slightly bone crushing hug.

“Thank Merlin you are ok, I’ve been so worried about you.”

“Dora’s ruddy furious,” said Remus chuckling as he released Anne from the tight hug.

“Angry?” asked Mr Weasely.

“She wanted you to try and hold of the battle until after she’d had the baby, you should just see she’s only a few weeks away from having that baby.”

Once everyone was there, at least a hundred of people from up and down the country they were about to head off down to the Great Hall when there was the voice of one more person heading through the passage.

“Come on Pen,” called an earily familiar voice, “if we don’t get a move on all the good deatheaters will be dead!”

“Well I’m sorry if I was reluctant to leave the kids behind,” said Penelope as she came out of the tunnel followed quickly by a very frantic Percy both with their wands out.

“Oh dear,” muttered Percy.

He had at least two thirds of his family glaring at him, the only one not there was Ron. Mr Weasley looked like he was one second away from exploding, Mrs Weasley looked like she was on the verge of tears, Bill was having to stop Fred and George from launching themselves at Percy, but Bill didn’t look too pleased himself, Fleur was standing next to Bill and looking slightly confused and Ginny was scowling at him hissing like a cat, Charlie on the other hand was waving at him.

“Hi Perc,” said Charlie beaming at his brother.

“Um hi Charlie,” muttered Percy.

“Let me at him Bill,” Fred yelled trying to pull out his wand.

“Boys please don’t fight,” begged Mrs Weasley who was just happy to have her son back.

Anne ran over quickly to try and help the situation where she could.

“I think theres something you lot need to know,” said Anne as Fred tried to push himself in front of Bill.

“Anne,” said Percy, “you promised.”

Anne shook her head she loved Percy like a brother, but he was just so bloody stubborn.

“Percy is Leoglas, he’s my secret contact within the Ministry,” Anne explained, “he switched to our side six months ago, if it wasn’t for Percy everyone in this room and countless others would be dead.”

“You helped Anne get all the information about the muggleborns?” asked Mr Weasley confused.

“Yes but for all the wrong reasons,” said Percy holding onto Penelope’s shoulder.

“It doesn’t matter what bloody reason you had Perc,” said Bill shaking his head, “you should have told us.”

“I couldn’t, look I’m sorry,” Percy took a deep breath, “I’m sorry Dad you were right, I have put too much trust in the ministry.”

The whole family looked at Mr Weasley anxiously waiting for his reaction.

“Come here son,” said Arthur holding his arms open.

“Oh Percy,” exclaimed Mrs Weasley as she joined Mr Weasley and her third son in a hug.

“Did I miss something?” asked Ron as he came back with Harry and Hermione.

There was a huge group hug including Fleur and Penelope in the centre of the crowded room.

“Percy came back,” Anne explained.

“Oh well great,” beamed Ron, “but we all need to get down to the Great Hall.”

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