Being Different Year 7

Preparing For War

Irwin put an arm around Anne’s waist and they headed down to the Great Hall, Anne had taken off her coat, hat and scarf but she was still wearing her homemade Ravenclaw jumper.

If McGonagall had been surprised when Harry had shown up and casually told her that he and Snape had tied up the Carrows and locked them in a disused classroom she had been shocked to say the least. But now she was just flabbergasted, there was a lot of confused students sitting at the table who had no idea what was going on, there was also a good dozen students who weren’t even supposed to be at school this year, the muggleborns Lisa, Dean, Justin, Hermione, Olivia and Colin and then Anne showed up as well, not to mention over a hundred ex-students and order members, and there was more arriving by the minute.

“What the hell is going on Severus?” she asked finally finding her voice.

“We’re preparing to fight,” said Snape matter of factly.

Harry nodded next to him

Not only where Harry and Snape agreeing over something, but they were about to take on Voldemort together.

“Silence!” Snape called using the Sonorus charm. You couldn’t have heard a ruddy pin drop.

“Thank you,” said Snape,

“I am sure that you are all aware that, the Dark Lord has taken over the Ministry and consequently the school. For those of you who are not aware, we are going to be fighting the Dark Lord and his supporters here tonight.”

There was a huge outbreak of muttering and whispers from amongst the students and staff.

Snape looked to Harry as if giving him permission to take over.

“The first thing we need to do is to get the younger students, and those students who do not wish to fight into safety,”

“Anyone below sixth year has to go into safety,” said Harry firmly, “sixth and seventh years it’s your choice.”

“What about the Slytherins?” shouted one of the Gryffindors, “they’re going to join him!”

Snape gave them a glare that could have killed, and the Gryffindor sat back down again.

“That would be their choice,” said Snape,

Draco Malfoy had died suddenly in August. Voldemort had tried to make it look like a broomstick accident, but Severus knew that Draco had been killed by Voldemort himself. Voldemort hadn’t wanted the possibility of a stronger man than himself, the man who killed Dumbledore eventually stealing some of his supporters.

The majority of the elder Slytherin’s when given the choice between fighting with their school, against their school or hiding in safety took the middle option, not because they couldn’t fight but it was a choice between fighting their friends and fighting You Know Who, not fighting seemed to be a very good sounding option.

All of the Gryffindor sixth and seventh years stayed, and quite a lot of the fourth and fifth years as well, but McGonagall ushered the younger students to the other side of the hall.
With the Ravenclaws and the Hufflepuffs is was about half and half, they wanted to help protect their school, but this was You Know Who they were talking about.

This meant that about a thousand students went to the second-floor corridor with Harry and he opened the Chamber of Secrets and sealed them all in properly, leaving the older students in charge.

Professor Sprout and Neville went through the greenhouses and tried to gather the most dangerous plants that they could find to defend the school.

Hagrid, Ron, and Charlie organised the ‘flying squad’ as they called it, fighters on brooms, Thestrals, and hippogriffs. Their thinking was that if You Know Who could fly why shouldn’t they be able to?

McGonagall enchanted all the statues, and the different suits of armour, from around the school to protect Hogwarts.

Fred and George blocked off the secret passages into the school.

Everyone else helped Flitwick put up the extensive wards around the school, even if it only gave them a little while longer, every second was worthwhile.

Once all this had been done then Harry and the prefects had returned from the Chamber of Secrets.

“Alright!” called Moody, as everyone regathered in the great hall.

“Alright, we’re fighting in pairs,” said Moody.

“One student and at least one adult per pair,” said Kingsley.

“You protect and defend each other,” said Moody, “your lives depend on each other.”

They all nodded as they started to divide into pairs.

Remus walked over to where Anne was sitting at the Ravenclaw table with Irwin.

“You want to pair up Anne?” asked Remus.

“Dora will bloody kill me if you don’t come back in one piece.”

“I trust you with my life Remus,” said Anne.

“Literally,” they both finished.

Irwin paired up Landon and Rolf with Gwen. Sirius paired up with Harry.

“Ok now we all know the plan,” said Harry, “watch you watches.”

“So go spread out,” said Moody.

There was about fifty pairs of fighters and then about two dozen people on brooms, and another half a dozen each on Thestrals and Hippogriffs. Hagrid was helping people with the animals and Luna was riding a Thestral, looking as though she had been born to do it.

Remus and Anne headed towards the top of one of the Astronomy Tower and placed themselves at one of the windows with their wands drawn.

From the look of out the window it looked like the sun was trying to set over a huge bubble which was the school ward enchantments that they had just put up.

Remus was watching his watch and counting down the seconds until six o’clock.

“Five, four, three two, one,” he muttered.

“Voldemort!” was called from throughout the school.

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