Being Different Year 7

The Battle

There was a ringing silence as they waited for them to arrive, they had the upper hand, they were ready to fight, now all they had to do was wait for the opposition to arrive.

There was a loud crack as ten snatchers apparated just outside the Hogwarts grounds.

“What the!” stammered one of the snatchers as he saw just over a hundred wands pointed at them from various parts of the school.

“Go inform your superiors,” said Snape clearly who was standing at the front of the courtyard near the boundary with his duelling partner Mandy Brocklehurst.

“You can tell Lord Voldemort, that Hogwarts is ready to fight,” said Snape.

The leader of the group seemed to look around assessing the situation before he and the other Snatchers dissappareted.

“And now,” said Remus as Anne sat down in one of the widows of the astronomy tower, “we wait.”

Professor McGonagall made sure that the statues and suits of armour were ready for battle whilst Sprout and Neville got ready the dangerous plants to throw at them like bombs.

Anne stared out the window as the sun set and the moon began to rise. A few snowflakes began to fall as the moon began to rise and Anne did up her coat properly before it started to get too cold.

She watched out the window looking for Irwin where he was waiting with Landon. They were standing together in the courtyard waiting for the Voldemort and his army to arrive.

She looked a bit further and saw the flying squad which for now were hidden at first site, so that Voldemort might not think they had as many fighters, but they were ready to spring into action the moment they were needed.

After an hour or two of waiting, there was already an inch or two of snow on the ground, when she started to hear the sound of the approaching army.

Anne stood back up and retook her defending position in front of the window. She and Remus gripped onto each other’s wrists as they waited for Voldemort and his army to reach the school boundaries.

Voldemort had about thirty ministry workers, and another thirty snatchers, as well as about fifty deatheaters, he also had three or four giants and a swarm of dementors.

“So,” said Voldemort in an amplified voice as he reached the top of the hill facing the school, “you think that you can defeat me?” he sneered.

“You are foolish to even try, give up now and I will let you all leave without being harmed, just give me Harry Potter.”

“You think all of this is just because of Harry?” shouted Irwin looking around at the hundreds of people who were ready to fight.

“So be it,” said Voldemort coolly as he turned off the Sonorus charm.

The deatheaters began casting charms at the boundaries and it was slowly breaking, but that was only to be expected, the wards could only hold up so long. Voldemort was wielding the Elder wand and was making some pretty significant damage to the bubble around the school. The progress was slow but steady.

Remus and Anne gripped onto each other’s wrists silently with their wand free hands as they watched Voldemort’s army break down the protective wards.

“You ok sweetheart?” asked Remus.

Anne looked nervously over at the swarm of dementors and the huge giants. This was the best chance they were ever going to have to beat him though, if they weren’t ready now, they never would be.

She also knew though, that by the end of the night, the likelihood was that Harry would be dead. They had known that Harry was a Horcrux for nearly a year. Tom couldn’t die until Harry was also dead.

She looked at the snow that was by now steadily falling. The first snow of the year, it looked so beautiful but by the morning it would be splattered with blood, whether it was theirs or the deatheaters.

“Hmm” she muttered, “I’m fine.”

As the snow steadily fell the cracks in the wards became bigger, but the Hogwarts army weren’t wasting time. McGonagall was setting up the first line of defence, the statues and suits of armour.

Now the ghosts were helping as well though, they had already died once so they couldn’t die again. Some of the ghosts were helping professor Sprout with the plants, that they were going to throw at the deatheaters. Some of the others were helping Trelawney with the crystal balls which they were going to throw like bombs.

Eventually the wards around the school finally broke down and Voldemort’s army charged down the hill.

Anne and Remus started to aim spells at the opposing army charging down the hill.
They were trying to stun as many deatheaters and snatchers as they could before they even reached the school.

But it was no use, the deatheaters were running too fast to get a decent shot. Then Anne had an idea.

She put her wand away in her coat pocket and held out her two hands.

“What are you doing!” yelled Remus as he cast stunners at the advancing army.

“Stalling,” said Anne.

She held out her two hands and tried to clear her mind so she could concentrate on the falling snow. She managed to change the direction of the wind so that instead of the snow falling straight onto the ground, the snow was now blowing straight into the faces of the opposing army. It didn’t make much difference, but it slowed them down.

Even with Anne changing the direction that the snow was falling the deatheaters arrived at the courtyard far too soon.

“We need to move,” said Remus, now that the Deatheaters had actually reached the castle, they weren’t as useful at the top of the astronomy tower, they had to go and help the others.

Anne pulled her wand back out and they both started to sprint down to the courtyard where the main fighting was going on. They passed Anthony and Persephone on the second floor where they were guarding the door to Myrtle’s bathroom which contained the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.

They only very narrowly avoided a venomous tentacula that Neville was throwing from the ramparts with a quick shield charm.

When they arrived at the courtyard it was chaos, blood had already been spilt in the snow on both sides. Snape was duelling Bellatrix and Rodulphus Lestrange single handedly. Mandy was already lying unconscious in the snow.

Anne was fairly sure that she saw the body of Colin Creevey looking up at her as she and Remus ran past.

Grawp was trying to fight Voldemort’s giants, with help from the flying squad who were trying to cast conjunctivitis curses at their eyes. The flying squad led by Charlie, Ron and Oliver Wood were also aiming spells at deatheaters and dementors and acromantula from above.

Remus spotted Lucius Malfoy and Antonin Dolohov who were trying to terrorize some of the students, and they started to run over to them.

“Well,” sneered Lucius as Remus pointed his wand at him, “if it isn’t the wolf and the freak.”

Anne pulled out her wand as Dolohov tried to aim a curse at her.

Remus duelled Malfoy whilst Anne took on Dolohov.

Anne had several near misses as Dolohov tried to aim curses and hexes at her, but she always managed to either jump out of the way or block them. But Anne was giving as good as she got, and eventually managed to hit Dolohov with a well-placed Stupefy.

Dolohov was lying on the ground unconscious and Anne managed to tie him up.

“You’re going to regret that you little freak,” said Malfoy shaking his head at her.

“Crucio!” Malfoy called pointing his wand at Anne now.

She very nearly avoided it, but her body was hit with a brief but painful shot of the torture curse.

Anne was kneeling on the snow-covered floor of the courtyard panting slightly as the torture curse was lifted off her.

She pulled herself back of the ground instantly and pulled her wand back out, Malfoy was fighting both Remus and Anne now though.

But Malfoy had had enough of playing silly games.

“Avada Kedavra!” shouted Malfoy pointing his wand right at Anne’s heart.

“No!” yelled Remus.

Anne and Remus both put up shield charms, and the killing curse bounced straight off their shield charms and rebounded back to its owner.

Malfoy tried to block it, but it was too late, the killing curse hit him straight in the chest and Malfoy keeled over. Lucius Malfoy was dead.

Remus and Anne left Malfoy and Dolohov lying where they were in the middle of the courtyard, Dolohov was unconscious and tied up, and Malfoy was dead.

They ran off to go and fight some ministry wizards but suddenly Voldemort’s voice could be heard echoing throughout the school. Remus gripped onto Anne’s shoulder tightly.

“You have fought, valiantly. Lord Voldemort knows how to value true bravery. You have sustained great losses. If you continue to resist me you will all die, one by one. I do not wish this to happen, every blood of magical blood spilled is a waste. Lord Voldemort if merciful. I command my forces to retreat immediately. You have one hour dispose of your dead with dignity.”

“I speak now Harry Potter directly to you. You have permitted your friends to die for me rather than face me yourself. I shall wait in the Forbidden Forest. If at the end of that hour, you have not come to me, have not given yourself up, then battle recommences. This time I shall enter the fray myself, Harry Potter, and I shall punish every man, woman and child who had tried to conceal you from me. One hour.”

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