Being Different Year 7

The Fallen Thirty

Anne just stared at the falling snow as the opposing army retreated.

“It’s ok Anne,” said Remus putting his arm around her, “he’s not going to get Harry.”

Anne just nodded as Remus put his arm around her protectively and they both put their wands back away.

They started their way back to the Great Hall were everyone was gathering.

“Are you alright?” Remus asked.

“Yeah,” Anne muttered, that had been a pretty close call, it had nearly been her dead instead of Malfoy.

They stopped when they passed Hestia Jones’ dead body. She was lying with her wand still drawn and her eyes were completely blank. Parvati Patil was lying next to her, her mouth slightly open in shock.

Remus tried to choke back a sob, as he saw one of his only friends, he had from the first war left, lying in the snow completely lifeless.

“Come on Remus,” said Anne gently as she knelt down to try and help Remus with Hestia’s body.

Terry and Michael came to help by taking Parvati’s body.

Remus and Anne slowly made it through to the Great Hall carrying Hestia between them. They lay her down next to Snape’s body who had fallen whilst trying to duel the Lestranges.

Anne looked around the hall, so many people had died, she just couldn’t believe it, and Harry had to die too.

She noticed that Sirius, Harry and Kingsley were all standing over a body, exchanging looks of shock.

Remus and Anne walked over, passing Colin Creevey who was even more tiny in death, and Sirius’ friend from the Order Mundungus Fletcher.

She certainly hadn’t expected to find Moody amongst the dead. Sirius had his hand on Harry’s shoulder and was shaking his head in shock.

Moody’s eye had finally stopped moving, it seemed that even his eye had died along with its owner.

“Moody?” stammered Remus.

“He took down one of the giants with him though,” said Kingsley with a hint of pride in his voice.

“Where’s Ron,” Anne whispered to Harry.

Harry merely indicated his head to the other side of the hall where the other bodies were laid. The Weasley’s were all gathered in a group.

Anne walked over nervously, George was sobbing hysterically over the body, Mrs Weasley was trying to comfort him. Charlie had his arm around Ginny as tears ran down her face. Mr Weasley had his arm around Ron and Bill was looking at the body hoping that it was just a dream.

It was only when Anne got close enough did, she realise that it was Fred. Fred was lying on the floor his last smile on his face.

But where was Percy?

Percy was kneeling down next to a body, but it wasn’t Fred’s.

“Percy,” Anne called softly as she kneeled down next to Percy and Penelope.

“I just can’t believe it,” Percy stammered as he cried over his girlfriend’s body, “we’ve been through so much together.”

Anne pulled Percy in for a hug, and Percy sobbed into his chest for a while.

“Its ok Perc,” said Charlie kneeling down next to them on the floor and taking over from Anne.

“Annie,” Irwin called gently.

Anne looked up at him wearily. Irwin had tears on his eyes, but he was trying to hold himself together for Anne. There was clearly more bad news.

He reached out his hand and helped pull her up off the floor.

Irwin put his arm around Anne’s waist, it had reached the point where she was beyond words now.

They walked back past Moody and Snape until they reached two bodies that hadn’t been there earlier.

Terry, Michael, Lisa and Justin were all kneeling down next to two new corpses which had just been found.

Anthony and Persephone.

They had their hands reaching out for each others. They looked so peaceful, they could easily have been asleep, but she knew that they weren’t.

Anne collapsed onto her knees next to Persephone’s body and burst into tears, apart from Luna Persephone had been her best friend in the world, she had been for seven years.

Only then did Anne finally break down into tears, she was sobbing uncontrollably as she held Persephone’s lifeless hand.

Irwin knelt down next to her and put his arm around her.

“What happened?” asked Irwin tears running down his face looking at Lisa and Justin who were kneeling at the end between the two bodies whilst Michael and Terry mourned Anthony.

“They were trying to guard the Chamber of Secrets,” stammered Lisa.

“They didn’t get in,” Justin assured, “they didn’t even make it into the bathroom.”

“Who did this,” muttered Irwin darkly.

Justin took a deep sigh and tried to avoid Irwin’s eyes.

“Who did this!” Irwin shouted in rage.

“Umbridge,” said Justin.

“The Chamber?” asked Irwin trying to keep calm for Anne’s sake.

“Is safe, Umbridge didn’t know what they were trying to protect, Voldemort called them back anyway.”

“Ernie, Susan, and Hannah have taken over guarding the door,” explained Lisa.

Irwin nodded slightly as he calmed down.

Anne’s tears had been starting to slow down slightly, whilst this conversation had been going on.

She looked up and saw Harry who was trying to edge his way out of the hall and was talking to Neville.

Harry looked over at Anne before he left and they both gave each other a nod of understanding.

Anne got up and went to go and stand on the opposite side of the hall from everyone else. Her hair was starting to come loose from her plait that she had tied two days ago before they had gone to Llyn Dinas. That had been less that forty-eight hours ago, they had freed a dragon destroyed a Horcrux, and thirty good people had died.

“You seen Harry?” asked Sirius.

Anne shook her head slightly.

“He’s gone to find Voldemort hasn’t he?”

Anne didn’t answer him.

“Anne!” said Sirius firmly shaking her slightly.

“He’s gone to find Voldemort hasn’t he!” he shouted shaking her more vigorously.

“Sirius!” shouted Remus pointing his wand at his best friend.

“Calm down.”

“He’s gone to find Voldemort,” sobbed Sirius collapsing onto the stone floor and bursting into tears.

“Are you alright?” Remus mouthed at Anne as he crouched down to comfort Sirius.

Anne nodded her head as she sat down next to Sirius and put an arm around him.

Sirius looked at her curiously, Anne had never been overly close with him. It had always been Remus that Anne had been closer with. But here was Anne comforting him.

Sirius, Remus and Anne sat leaning against the wall for a while with their arms around each other. They had lost so many people that night, Hestia, Moody, Mundungus Colin, Snape, Fred, Penelope, Persephone, Anthony.

Anne was taking a moment to think about all she had lost that night, but how the war was still not over when she felt a sharp pain in her chest.

She grimaced slightly in pain, but the second the pain was there it was gone again. Then she felt slightly empty as if she had lost a part of herself, but then it came back stronger than before.

“He’s dead isn’t it?” asked Sirius seeing the confused expression on Anne’s face.

“I don’t know,” muttered Anne.

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