Being Different Year 7


Tom Must Die!

Anne had a strange feeling in her chest, one moment it was like Harry had died and then not a minute later it was like Harry had come back stronger than before.

She tried getting up to go and talk to Irwin who was sitting with Neville and Luna.

“It’s really weird,” she said trying to explain the feeling, “it’s like one moment he was there and the next he just wasn’t, and then he was back again.”

“You’re probably just tired Annie,” said Irwin.

“No surprise,” muttered Neville, “its half past four in the morning.”

“Maybe what you felt was Harry passing on to the spirit world?” suggested Luna.

“Not helpful Luna,” muttered Irwin.

No one had seen Harry in an hour, and everyone was worried that Harry had gone to go and find Voldemort.

“I’m sure he’s fine Annie,” said Irwin, but he wasn’t so sure himself.

It wasn’t that Anne was worried that he was dead, she knew that Harry had to die. She and Harry had known that Harry was a Horcrux for other a year. No, it wasn’t that, she had a weird feeling that he had died but now he had come back.

Suddenly Voldemort’s amplified voice rang through the school again.

“Harry Potter is dead.”

Irwin clutched onto Anne’s shoulder so tightly what he was saying just couldn’t be true, Harry couldn’t die.

“He was killed as he ran away, trying to save himself while you lay down your lives for him.”

“Liar!” shouted Ron furiously.

“We bring you his body as proof that your hero is gone.”

“The battle is won. You have lost many fighters. The Boy Who Lived is finished. There must be no more war. Anyone who comes to resist, man, woman or child, will be slaughtered, as will every member of their family. Come out of the castle, now, kneel before me, and you shall be spared. Your parents and children, your brothers and sisters will live, and be forgiven, and you will join me in the world we shall build together.”

Remus and Sirius looked at each other in confusion, could Voldemort really have killed Harry?

Remus took Anne from Irwin and put his arm around her shoulders and Remus, Sirius and Anne walked out to the courtyard, followed by the rest of the people from the Great Hall.

“Not Harry,” Sirius was muttering hoarsely as they walked back out into the snow.

It had finally stopped snowing for the night but there was still a good couple of inches on the ground, some of which was splattered with blood. It wasn’t five o’clock yet so it would have been dark outside, but the moon and the stars were shining brightly.

The opposing army were getting closer and were triumphant having killed the Boy Who Lived. Hagrid was sobbing as he carried Harry.

“No!” screamed Professor McGonagall.

“Harry!” yelled Sirius.

Sirius tried to run towards him, but Kingsley and Rolf had to restrain him.

Anne was shaking, Harry was dead she could feel it, then why was Hagrid carrying his lifeless body?

If it hadn’t been for the fact that Remus was gripping onto Anne’s shoulder, Remus might have tried to run towards Voldemort as well.

“Get your hands off my Godson!” yelled Sirius as Kingsley and Rolf struggled to restrain him.

“Silence!” called Voldemort setting off a bang from his wand, and silencing the crowd.

“It is over! Set him down Hagrid, at my feet where he belongs.”

Hagrid who was still sobbing huge tears over Harry placed him down in the snow in front of Voldemort.

“You see,” said Voldemort pacing back and forth. “Harry Potter is dead! Do you understand now, deluded ones? He was nothing, ever, but a boy who relied on others to sacrifice themselves for him!”

“He beat you!” interjected Ron, breaking the silencing charm.

“Four times!” yelled Irwin.

Voldemort had to set off a second bang to silence them again.

“He was killed while trying to sneak out of the castle grounds, killed while trying to save him.”

“Ignore him Annie, hes lying,” muttered Remus in barley above a whisper as he gripped tighter onto her shoulder.

“You fucking liar!” yelled Neville breaking free of Seamus’ and Dean’s restraint.

Neville charged straight at Voldemort with his wand drawn.

Voldemort pointed his wand at Neville and knocked Neville over and disarmed him.

“And who is this?” asked Voldemort in a hiss like whisper. “Who has volunteered to demonstrate what happens to those who continue to fight when the battle is lost?”

“Neville Longbottom,” cackled Bellatrix, “the son of the aurors.”

“Ah yes,” sneered Voldemort, smirking down at Neville who was getting back to his feet in no mans land, “the Longbottoms.”

“But you’re a pure blood aren’t you brave Neville?”

“So what if I am?”

“You are a brave young man and come from noble ancestry. You will make an excellent deatheater, Neville Longbottom.”

“You think you can kill my friends and im just going to join you?”

“Fuck you! Dumbledore’s Army!” cheered Neville picking up his wand and punching his fist in the air.

“Yes Neville!” cheered Irwin.

“Long live Dumbledore’s Army!”

Voldemort’s silencing charms didn’t seem to be working anymore.

“Very well,” said Voldemort in a voice full of malice, “if that is your choice then so be it.”

Voldemort summoned the sorting hat from the headmasters office.

“There will be no more Sorting at Hogwarts School,” said Voldemort holding up the hat. “There will be no more houses. Everyone will wear the colours and crest of my noble ancestor Salazar Slytherin.”

Voldemort petrified Nevilles body and levitated the hat onto Neville’s head.

He set the hat of fire on Neville’s head and Neville’s screams filled the air.

Sirius finally stopped trying to escape Kingsley and Rolf’s restraints as he listened rigidly to Neville’s screams filling the night air.

“Neville!” Hannah Abbot screamed running towards Neville.

Bellatrix was about to curse Hannah when they heard the distant rumble of hundreds of people clamouring over the castle walls pelting towards the castle. The people of Hogsemeade had come to join the battle.

Then came the centaurs who had finally decided to join the battle and were aiming arrows at the deatheaters.

“Harry!” Anne screamed as Remus went to go and join in the continuing battle.

“Wheres Harry!” she screamed.

Harry’s body had suddenly disappeared.

But Anne was soon distracted from Harry’s disappearance when Neville picked up Gryffindors sword and sliced off Nagini’s head.

That was it. The final Horcrux. Now Tom could die a mere mortal man.

Deatheaters and Snatchers were dissaperating left right and centre.

Anne pulled out her wand and followed the rest of the crowd back into the school.

Voldemort was more than outnumbered now, he could only have fifty people left, most of them were even dead or had fled the scene.

Anne was looking for Voldemort but she passed Julian who was duelling a masked deatheater.

Julian cast a spell at the deatheater and his mask and hood came flying off.

“I knew it!” yelled Julian as he looked at the face of his stepfather Fabian Selwyn.

“You are never going to hurt,” said Julian casting curses between every single word.

“My family!” he grimaced as he put the full body bind curse on Selwyn.

“Again!” he shouted as he tied him up.

“Need some help there?” asked Percy shaking his head slightly as Rolf helped Julian carry Selwyn over to the other tied up prisoners including the two Carrow’s and Antonin Dolohov.

“Fifteen years I’ve been wanting to do that,” said Julian grinning, “and it was bloody worth it!”

The Great Hall had never been so crowded, it was full of duellers and prisoners.

Voldemort was standing in the middle of the hall duelling McGonagall, Kingsley and Slughorn.

Bellatrix and her husband Rodolphus were duelling together against, Irwin, Rolf, Landon, Neville, Sirius and Mrs Longbottom Neville’s grandmother. It seemed like the families of the Lestranges victims had finally had enough and were enjoying some payback.

Anne was about to go and help duel Voldemort when she saw Bellatrix miss Irwin with a killing by a fraction of an inch.

“No!!” she screamed running over to Irwin who lay panting on the ground but was getting back on his feet.

“You take my wife!” said Landon aiming curses even more furiously than before.

“But you will not touch my son!”

Anne stepped in to help with the duel.

“Oh if it isn’t the freak of the family,” chortled Bellatrix as Anne joined in the duel.

Rodolphus merely smirked at her.

“Speaking of family,” said Anne casually as she blocked several curses and looking directly at Rodolphus, “have you seen your brother recently?”

Rodolphus looked confused for a moment. She was right. Where was Rabastan?

That second of confusion was all it took, Rodolphus had let his guard down and Sirius aimed a well-placed killing curse straight at him, and Rodolphus was too distracted to block it. Two Lestranges down, one more to go.

“You!!” screamed Bellatrix turning to face her cousin as her seven opponents formed a close circle around her.

Half the hall were watching the fight between Bellatrix and Sirius as Bellatrix screamed at the top of her lungs.

“How dare you kill your own family!”

“You’re not my family,” said Sirius shaking his head, “family wouldn’t have tortured my niece for hours or tortured my friends into insanity.”

“I am blood,” insisted Bellatrix.

“You’re bloody crazy is what you are,” said Sirius pointing his wand at her as the other six opponents stepped back slightly ready to step in if they were needed.

That did it, he had said the C word.

Bellatrix starting firing killing curses at her madly.

Landon and Augusta put up shield charms around the others in case any of Bellatrix’s spells were miss aimed.

For a woman who was trying to prove to everyone that she wasn’t crazy, she wasn’t doing a very good job of it. She was frantically firing spells at Sirius many of which were wildly off target, she didn’t care who she killed.

But Sirius was giving the best that he bloody could.

“You and your friends have ripped the only family I ever really had apart!” yelled Sirius as he cast spells at his cousin.

“They aren’t blood!”

“When are you going to learn Bella,” said Sirius shaking his head as he continued to shoot spells at her, “blood doesn’t bloody matter! It doesn’t matter if you’re a pureblood or a muggle born, it doesn’t matter who you’re related to, its what you decide to do with your life that matters.”

“You tell her Sirius!” shouted Ron who had been watching with intrest.

“Enough talking cousin,” said Bellatrix grinning, “let’s finish this.”

They stopped circling each other and firing curses randomly. They both stood still and pointed their wands at each other’s chests and each cast a spell nonverbally.

Two shots of green light shot through the air, one hit and the other missed its target.

Bellatrix was lying dead on the floor, and Sirius was staring in shock. He’d done it, he’d finally got rid of Bellatrix, what he had wanted to for the past twenty-five years.

Neville Anne and Irwin had been watching from behind the shield charms, Sirius had just killed two of the Lestranges. Anne ran forward to try and give her Uncle Sirius a huge hug, but the battle wasn’t over yet, there was still one more opponent to face, and he was fuming.

“No!!!” screamed Voldemort blasting Slughorn, McGonagall and Kingsley off of their feet.

Voldemort was furious he was looking for a good target to attack and then his eyes latched onto Anne, and he started to walk towards with fire in his eyes.

“Protego!” called Harry appearing out of nowhere and casting a shield charm around everyone else in the Great Hall.

There were screams from around the hall.

“He’s alive!”


“That’s my boy!” called Sirius with a huge beam on his face.

“Harry!” said Anne as Harry gave his sister a quick hug, “I knew you weren’t dead,” she muttered into his chest.

“Lets finish this bastard,” said Harry taking his sisters hands.


“Together,” he nodded.

“I don’t want anyone else to help,” said Harry as he and Anne stood opposite Voldemort still holding hands in their wand free hands.

“So are you going to use your sister as a human shield today then?” sneered Voldemort.

“There are no more Horcruxes Tom. Neither can live while the other survives, and one of us is about to die for good.”

“One of us?” sneered Voldemort, “the only reason you are still alive is because of accidents!”

“Accident when my Mum died to save me and Anne?” asked Harry, “Accident that I survived in the graveyard? Accident that I didn’t fight tonight and I died but here I am fighting you?”

“Accidents!” screamed Voldemort, “you let me kill greater witches and wizards for you so you didn’t have to!”

“You wont be killing anyone else tonight,” said Harry shaking his head, “or ever again. I was ready to die to stop you hurting these people.”

“But you didn’t die!”

“I meant to. They are all protected from you. None of your spells are binding, you cant torture them, you cant touch them. You don’t learn from your mistakes Riddle do you?”

“You dare?”

“What dare to call you be your real name?” asked Anne laughing.

“So why did you even survive Harry?” asked Voldemort getting impatient.

“I’m the Horcrux you didn’t mean to make,” said Harry simply.

Voldemort’s mouth opened in shock, but he decided to ignore this, Potter was going to die now and he wouldn’t come back this time.

“Lets finish this Tom,” said Harry.

Voldemort nodded and he got out his wand.

“Avada Kedavra!” said Voldemort trying to get rid of Anne first as she was the weaker of the two.

Anne blocked the curse and looked at her brother who gave her a slight nod. Harry let go of his sisters hand.

Anne put her wand away in her coat pocket and Voldemort looked at her slightly confused.

“Expeliarmus!” called Harry.

“Avada Kedavra!” called Voldemort pointing at Harry this time.

The two beams of light met in the middle but Voldemort was slightly stronger as he had the Elder Wand but that didn’t matter though.

Anne raised her two hands and summoned the broken glass from the shattered windows around the hall.

A thousand tiny pieces of glass rose into the air and gathered in front of Anne.

Voldemort was so confused that he started to lose concentration and Harry began to win the duel.

She formed the tiny pieces of glass into a huge glass dagger wandlessly and she sent the dagger flying straight at Voldemorts chest.

Voldemort tried to block the dagger, but it was too late. The glass dagger hit him straight in the chest and Voldemort keeled over and lay on the floor.

Tom Riddle was dead.

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